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This book is unedited. Read at your own risk. What will you do when an ancient vampire queen was accidentally brought back to life? Follow the journey of Evangeline and her friends where they have to deal with a vampire who lives thousands of years ago in this adventure, anthropology and history-pack book.
How would you react when the person you had one night stand with is actually the emperor of the country and you know about the emperor's secrets?
Marcia Hanson, 18 year old, is an orphan who stayed with her older brother and sister in law together with her nieces and nephews. Marcia excels in everything including academic, sports, and she even rules the school. Marcia also is known for her troublemaker status that made every teacher, the student council members and also the principal as her target. Because of that, she was forced to repeat her senior year. Erika Larove, 17 years old, the third daughter of Jerome and Edvina Larove. It was an easy win for her when she's the first Larove to ever compete in the school's student council presidential position. Because of her charming yet stoic appearances, she was dubbed as the school Iron Lady. She was instructed by the principal, her own aunt to stop Marcia's pranks once and for all. But little did they know that that meeting leads to another part of their life they never knew even existed before. Read to find out more.
This book is unedited. Read at your own risk. This is a story about Eloise and Claudette. Two different women from two different background and status who both has a different view of their own current life. This is when life takes a turn for the worse because of one simple action.
Carmen Larove, a rebellious 16-year-old girl with a secret, master in martial arts and she doesn't give a damn about what others think about her. After her recent fight that she started in a boarding school, she was kicked out and her parents force her to enter a public school where her older twin sisters go to. Carmen is also an openly lesbian girl. Larissa Vincent, a 16 year old cheerleader who is openly bisexual. She came from an average family and open-minded. She is one of the most popular girls in school but she's not the Queen Bee. She also has to work in a local coffee shop after school to help her dad support her 2 little sisters, her sick mother and to pay the bills. What happen when a rich rebellious girl met one of the school famous cheerleader? Will there be spark between them? Or will there be chaos? Read to find out.
This book is unedited. Read at your own risk. "She is not a 'thing' you could just throw away after you used her up! Get on your knees and beg for forgiveness, NOW!" Violet screamed after she saw the woman she crushing on since junior high were treated like rubbish. Read to find out what happens next!
Three girls, fate and lots of bumps in the road. Simera is just an ordinary girl, her mother making her move to a new school after her father's accident and her life just got weirder. Two girls who are Simeras mate. One haunts her dreams. The other is kind to her but something dark and possessive forms inside of her.
Freya Undyne Morgenstern, manages to kill Voltur, The Evil One, and stop his wrath from destroying the Underworld. But, in order to do that. She has to absorb Voltur’s soul. Once that happens. Everything changes. Both the Underground and the human world.
This is futanari/GL genre book. Sophia Clarke a 24-year-old single mother who was divorced by her husband. He abandons his only kid, Sabrina and let Sophia care for their child alone. Sophia decided to move in with her little sister after her ex Husband, Brian threw her out of their house. Newly single Sophia makes use of her finance degree and decided to take her friend's suggestion to be an interview in a multi-billion company to support her 3-year-old daughter. Everything was perfect when a certain high profile woman got a glimpse of her beauty and will not stop to make Sophia hers. Charlie Avilia, a 23-year-old CEO of Avilia Corporation, the largest aviation industry in the world. She inherited her parents' wealth and businesses after a tragic accident that killed them. She was only 12 years old and was taken care of by her older sister, Andrea. One day, like any other working day, her eyes landed on a beauty. A beauty that made her heart race. A beauty that change her way of thinking about life. B
This book is unedited. Read at your own risk. This is a story about a vampire named Kairos finding its path in life. After enrolling into Orman Academy, she found out that the academy has been keeping a secret. And she determined to find out why.
This book content futanari/GL scenes. If you have no idea what futa means, google it. hehe After being banished from the underworld by Satan himself, Helvisa Balzac, together with her friends joined together in their journey to a place they called as Earth. Knowing that they need to get a job to pay for their place to stay and other essential, they were forced to worked as a waitress in a local restaurant in a trade island of Gavreau. After months of pointless chores and being treated as peasant by the female owner because of their good looks, they decided to take a job as a Royal family personal chamberlain. They didn't even know such a small island has its own royal family until then. As they were hoping to have an easy job, reality slapped them on their faces when they have to followed orders from what they referred to as brats and a king that can't even put his own hands on himself.
This book is unedited. Read at your own risk. Read I DONT DATE CHEERLEADERS, A LITTLE PIECE FROM HEAVEN, ALLESANDRA and I DONT DESERVED TO BE LOVE before reading this. *16 YEARS LATER AFTER EMERSON & CLARE WAS BORN* READ THIS ⤴️ READ THAT ⤵️ SURPRISE!!!! Read to find out. (This is a Futanari/GirlxGirl genre story.)
In the vibrant streets of the Philippines, heartbroken Cally seeks solace in Star Cafe, where she encounters Jj, a charismatic flirt entangled in a committed relationship. Their playful banter ignites a hidden connection, challenging loyalty. Trina, Jj's partner, becomes aware of their interactions, leading to a confrontation. However, Trina suffers a life-altering accident, losing her memory, and an unlikely friendship forms between her and Cally. Cally finds solace in a blossoming romance with Jake, a college professor, while Trina's relationship with Jj crumbles under the weight of past transgressions. Tragedy strikes when Jake loses his life on the way to their wedding, causing Cally to withdraw from the world, shutting out Trina. Cally escapes to Japan for a fresh start, but she receives a devastating cancer diagnosis. Urgently seeking a life-saving operation in America, she and Trina cross paths in a hospital. Trina's condition worsens, intensifying her feelings for Cally, while Cally is torn between
This book is not edited. Read at your own risk. It's exactly been five years since 'I Don't Date Cheerleaders' takes place. HOPE LAROVE is now 17 years old and a senior in Xander High. As she was growing up, she finds herself dealing with a lot of interesting people. That is one of the reasons why her classmate finds it easy for them to talk to her. One day, like any normal day in school, she met a girl who changes the way she view people around her. Since then, she's been trying to get her attention. BELLA WHITE. A cheerleader, a genius and also the most popular girl in Xander High. She is known to be a bitchy and a rude girl with a very annoying attitude to whom that doesn't know her. She never dated anyone but she has a lot of suitors. She came from a poor family and because of that, she was bullied endlessly before she became popular. A person caught her eye and suddenly make her heart race. The thing is, she's a girl. She never feels anything toward any girls before but now she questions her sexuality
Volin Women's Academy is a prestigious institution for the gifted. Well known for its beautiful and talented young maiden, the student was put into a strange entrance exam. Inside of the famous exterior, it is also known for creating and shaping young ladies to become the world most dangerous assassins. Irina Audra, a 21 year old female who was chased out by her father after an unwanted incident that claimed someone life so dear to them. Irina accepted her faith and decided to called her mother, who divorced her father many years ago. She accepted Irina with open arms but Irina has to follow whatever her mother told her and that is to enroll in Volin Women's Academy. Irina has a secret that only her family and staff know that she is known as the Seraphim Blade, the world most dangerous and fearsome assassin. The whole school was on high alert when they were told than the infamous Seraphim Blade will be joining them. But none of them ever know how the Seraphim Blade looks like.
He is the biggest mafia in the world ,people shiver even at his name..on the other hand there is a innocent girl who is lovely and wants love in her life.. Mafia Manik Malhotra married that innocent girl Nandini Murthy but why? Did he fall in love with her or he wanted some Revenge? To know the answers of your questions peep into my story
This book in unedited. Read at your own risk This is book 3 of Larove Series. *10 YEARS LATER* Allesandra @ Alle Larove is now 22 years old. Because of her genius mind she the youngest student graduated from CJBS (Cambridge Judge Business School) and top of her class, she's ready to work beside her older Sister, Hope. Everybody see her life as perfect just because she's a Larove. For Alle, it's not complete. Like her mother's and Sister, she found love from her female Best Friend, Kylie. After the death of her girlfriend in a tragic accident, she shut her heart completely. She blamed herself for the lost of her beloved Kylie. She changed from a very cheerful person to a cold, moody and impatient person. She feel like she's betraying her late girlfriend if she's dating again. Since she started to work for her daddy (Carmen), she met several woman. Some bad. Some nice. Some willing to do anything to be a Larove. Will Alle found love again? Will she open her heart for someone new? Can she move on
This book is unedited. Read at your own risk. Also, this is a Futanari/GL genre. Can't say I didn't warn you. 16 years after the birth of the triplets, The Larove was shocked by another event. After a few months, Fluer, one of the triplets, decided to follow her mother's legacy, to be a St. Miriam's Boarding School student. Once she was in the boarding school, she was greeted by a couple of interesting human beings and become best friends instantly. When Fluer new friends learned that she's from a Larove family, everything's change. Her first week as a St. Miriamian's was horrendous. The Boarding School was not only known as the prestigious all-girls boarding school, but they also are known to be the home of the most notable and mischievous daughters of the nobles and elites. But when Fleur met the most popular tenant of the boarding school, she knows, her school year will be in such chaos after a series of mishaps happening between them.
She was the type to stare herself in the mirror and see someone else stare back. Someone who was free and light, being able to spread her wings like an unbound angel. She was neither chained to Heaven nor Hell. Howbeit, no matter how far she reached into the mirror, she could never step through as her ball-and-chain presented itself in the form of a crown. She was a princess with two faces, desperately trying to have a sense of freedom outside of her royal obligations. She found it in the form of a weakness: a passion with another human being. Her love for him and ballet had kept her chin high; her crown not slipping from her pastel hair. So why, why did it suddenly become so hard when a gothic gymnastic back-flipped into her life? Why were her heartstrings being tugged on by someone of her same gender? Why was it suddenly so difficult, so strenuous to keep living in her pastel world when this mysterious girl brought such bright colours with her?
This book is unedited. Read at your own risk. After the Vera and The Christ Crime Family joining with the marriage of Jac and Natalia, almost every district was controlled by them. Years of marriage they were blessed with two kids, a son, and a daughter. Jacob Christ, 25 years old, following his mother's footsteps in the family business while Kate Christ, 23 years old, an unemployed young adult who decided not to be a gang leader. After refusing her mother's and brother's help in finding a job, she decided to move away from her luxurious life to renting a small apartment with nothing but only her clothes. While searching for a job around town, she came across a little grocery shop that has nothing but a beautiful shopkeeper. Since working in the grocery shop, Kate's life has been turned upside down.
This is a story about a girl Swati who is unconfident ,shy,having low self esteem. She is bullied in College so she became like this ,But only this was the reason for this or something troubling her from past also.Swati is very innocent and good girl,Who is bullied by College's most popular and hot guy Vihan Singhania.He is also son of owner of college. Soon Swati falls in love with Varun but what if Varun was not the right guy for her. He left Swati heartbroken but why? Was Vihan right guy for Swati but how can she love him when he bullies her.Eventully Vihan got to know about Swati and she also opend up with him and soon they fell in love with each other. Vihan taught her how to be confident and he transformed her into a new person who is now stronger and more confident .Finally they get married with fighting with their families and Swati was able to set up her business independently and lead a good life .How Vihan gave her confidence ,How she turned into a stronger person,To know all this read my story an
Perfection; According to the dictionary, perfection is the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects. It is the the action or process of improving something until it is faultless or as faultless as possible. The question, with that being said, is that, does perfection exist?
After an accident, Roseanne Pierce lost her memories. With time, they start coming back to her, all but the ones from her childhood. It's as if her brain built a defense mechanism shielding her away from memories that could potentially hurt her. But at night, she keeps having the same dream, though, she is not alone. There's another person with her, who she can't identify. As the new school year starts, Roseanne's dreams begin to change, and each time she gets a better glimpse of her past, however, the person in her dreams remains a blurry figure. Roseanne finds herself on a path to retrieve her lost memories as well as identify the person in her dreams, who she seems to hold close to heart. On top of that, she battles developing feelings, as two people appear in her life, with one of them possibly holding the key to her past. Will she be able to remember, or will she be kept in the dark forever? And how far is too far when it comes to learning the truth.
The world has changed. Peace was forsaken. Unity is too fragile. Silence has too much uncertainty. And loyalty was exchanged for safety. The lives of people are always in danger. The number of crimes increases, the death rate increases, and the trauma to people increases as well. There are more lose than gain, more pain than pleasure, more hatred than love. Everyone is horrified with the unfair judgment of the world. They fear to die. They fear to be guilty for something they didn't do. And they fear to have no one who will believe in them. However, during darkness, a beacon of light appears. There is hope in every worst situation. There are still people who fight for peace and order. They are called secret agents of World Black Organization. They were filtered to become bravest, strongest and genius who will rule the world with good intentions. They show no mercy yet they fight for justice. They are killers yet they kill to save lives. WBO secret agents are all fearless, fierce and undoubtedly ruthless. B