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Fa Meilin is the twin brother of Fa Mulan and in this story Mulan in fear of her brothers death runs of to take his place in the war which leaves Meilin to take her place as a potential wife of the emperor's son. The Fa family was given the honer of having there daughter selected as one of the potential wife of the emperor's son because of Mulan and Meilin's fathers bravery in the last war. This story will take place in the emperor's castle following Meilins participation in the rase for the princes heart. Just so you know I do not own Mulan but do own the plot of this story and this is a BL story also known as a story about two boys in love so if you don't like that Kind of story then don't read this.
Elenore is thrown into court ill-equipt and unaware. Apon entrance she catches the sight of the King and is thrown into a world of greed, treason and love. Uncovering how achieving her dream of a simple life, is not what she will be getting in the palace of the King of England. COMMENTS AND REACTIONS: Shelby-the-werewolf: THAT WAS A GREAT BOOK!! Its good when a book makes you cry it means you care about the book and charecters in it ~ Arrow the dutch angle Cleopatra1965: Thank you for gifting us with your work 😘 you're a fantastic author Malevolent_Queen09: Damn. Oh my god i loved it!! Jimizy: Hey dis has been my best book ever on watpad plz hurry up and update Katechrystalp: Oh my God! This is so not cliché. I am dying how it will go. (...) I'm so excited!!! 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 Really really love your story. Mikaelaandrose: Amazing book author 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 Cover designed by: @officialrsc © 2016 All rights reserved to @grace034 This book belongs to the author, ther
Liam Drelavine lived her life to the fullest. She went to high school with flying colors. She graduated college as a summa cum laude. She was hired at the biggest company in the country. She worked and promoted as the CEO. She got beauty, brain, wealth, and fame. What else she could wish for in her life? She was happy and contented. She did her best until she died of old age. She knew well she used her life without any regrets. That's why she was shocked when the guardian of the dead lead her to the gates of regrets! I should be in the gate of reincarnation! Why here?! "You cannot reincarnate with so much regrets in your heart. You need to find and fulfill it in these countless worlds. Until you find it you will not be reincarnated." So like that she was thrown to the mini worlds to find out what she regretted to fulfill it. ************ This is my original story and English is not my first language. So pardon me for any grammatical errors. Happy Reading! ^^
She is a Lady, but she spews profanities like they were made for her. She is what you would call....A F*cking Lady. ....••••••.... [FAIRVERSE Book ~ 2] Zylith Sanders A.K.A Fake Lizzy didn't need someone to carry her into the sunset. Neither was she the one to care for someone to meet her halfway. What she wanted, was for someone to join her by her side as she went on her sarcastic mad spree of a crazy venture. An adventure of a lifetime. And thus, the Fair Lady's erratically funny adventure continues.
Lauren has undergone heart surgery when she was eighteen. After five years of staying with her Grandmother in the Philippines, she decided to go back to States to find her Grandmother's lover. Even though she had a little bit of information to find someone in a large country, this doesn't hinder her to find an important person. She had always kept in mind that this was at least what she can do to give her grandma a favor. Luckily, she came to found out that she wasn't alone to do this mission. She unexpectedly met the impulsive and intimidating Gray Maxwell, who's also trying to find the same person, and together, they agreed to each other since she had some information and the other one knows the subject personally. Can they be successful to find the same person together, or consequences will put them into separate ways for the better?
Xia Yu had one dream, to travel the western lands and see what it has to offer. Miyojin had one wish, to live comfortably in the palace with the woman he loves. But one imperial edict ruined all of their plans. Now, they will be bond in marriage and live together in the imperial palace. But Xia Yu had a plan. They will play husband and wife for three years then they'll divorce. Miyojin thinks it is a good plan and very beneficial for the both of them. But the more time they spend together, the more Miyojin realizes Xia Yu isn't someone he should let go. After all the trials, the joys, and the pains, will they be able to let go once it's time for them to part? "When she smiles, she's a sweet delicate fairy. But when she smirks, she's an intimidating strong goddess."
Can you betray love for salvation? Tricked, Lucas Nightwood is cursed to be a Pegasus by day. The only known way to rid himself of the curse is to transfer it to the first person that saw him. Just one kiss will do the trick. Isabelle is a young woman sent back to her Astoria to marry a noble. She still cannot forget the strange animal that saved her from a tiger attack. On an eclipse, she meets with a man called Lucas. Stricken at first sight, will she resist him? They both want one kiss, for separate reasons. one that could curse one and save the other.
After the war between the country of Askati and Kingdom of Asylas that happened during 1950, people from the both nations were covered with fear and devastation. Askatians tend to maintain their distance from Asylas, with the help of a border or mountain range separating their countries from each other. However, a woman named Celestine Marquez; a member of Askati was brought to Asylas by pure fate. There, she met a young and high rank official of Asylas. Together for a short period of time, they gradually became in love with each other despite of their race and nation. As a consequence of their love, they must face tons of hassles and challenges, can they win this fight?
Torn between the man she loves, and the man who loves her.... Cordia Pike has always been strong-willed, but she knows her family expects her to accept the hand of her childhood friend, Jaris Adams, in marriage. As the conflict between the states continues to escalate, Cordia hopes it will last long enough for her to find a way to free herself without breaking her friend’s heart. On the eve of war, Cordia meets a mysterious newcomer. There’s just something about Will Tucker that she finds both intriguing and dangerous. Under the guise of caring for his sister, she makes a plan to write to him. Perhaps by the time the war is over, Will’s feelings for Cordia will have blossomed into the love she is starting to feel for him. But war is evil, and by the time it begins to wind its way through Missouri, one of these men will be dead, and Cordia will find herself betrothed to a man she loathes. Will she have the courage to follow her heart and stand up for what she believes in, or will she do as she is told and a
Forbidden love on the frontier.... Hope Tucker is content staying in her hometown of Lamar, Missouri, focusing on her life as a schoolteacher instead of finding love. But when she hears the truth about her parents' romance during the Civil War, how her mother Cordia set out to find her father Will after a deadly battle, Hope is determined to have that sort of adventure as well. Accepting a teaching position in a frontier town in Texas isn't quite what she was expecting--there are no marauders or gunslingers--but there is one man with a shady past, and when the entire town tells her to stay away from Judah Lawless, Hope finds herself drawn to him. Is Judah dangerous, or will Hope finally find the romance she's been looking for? Cordia's Hope: A Story of Love on the Frontier is a standalone clean romance novel. You don't have to have already read Cordia's Will: A Civil War Story of Love and Loss to enjoy Cordia's Hope
~1841~ Identical twins, Lauren and Sage McCain are born into the upper echelons of Southern society but, through the evil act of a lonely midwife, they are separated at birth. As adults, they have both found love, although they live in completely different worlds. Lauren lives on an affluent ranch and is loved by two brothers–one the father of her child, the other, her husband. One went off to war, leaving his brother to pick up the broken pieces of their lives. Sage has found her soulmate among the Winnebago tribe and cherishes the abiding love from both her husband and children. But the Dakota Uprising in Minnesota has affected her life as much the Civil War has affected Lauren's. Lauren and Sage don’t know their identical twin exists…until Fate steps in twenty years later. Amid the flames of danger and destiny, their lives will be forever changed. + Contains adult language and sexual scenes and is appropriate for adult audiences. + This duet contains unforgettable love stories, suspense, surprise conc
Come along for a free-spirited adventure filled with firey youth and passion and first-time love affairs not to mention a storyline that will leave you laughing out loud and wishing for more.
Being born again as a different, but the same person is called Reincarnation. A girl named Maria is what you can call an old-fashion kind of girl, she loves writing the things that have happened to her in her diary, it is like she can't live without writing anything in it, she preferred handwritten letters than chocolates and teddy bears. She met and continue meeting people who seem so familiar, but she has never seen before. One day she decided to go to one of the places where her memories can be remembered and met someone she never imagined to be connected with her. Do you believe in reincarnation?
An arranged marriage, an abusive family, a dream of freedom in America just out of reach.... After Meg Westmoreland’s father mysteriously dies when she’s a small child, her life quickly spirals out of control. Her mother is mean and manipulative, her uncle abusive in a way Meg won’t even speak of. Getting away from them becomes an obsession. When she discovers she’s been promised to a wealthy American, she’ll do whatever she must to flee the only home she’s ever known, hoping for a new life in America and a chance to start over. Charles Ashton has knowns his father arranged for him to marry Meg. Even though the temptations of being young and rich beckon him, he believes in keeping promises. However, his attempts at meeting Meg are thwarted. Charlie begins to wonder if Meg even exists at all. Ultimately, destiny’s plan will be revealed and their worlds will collide aboard a passenger liner named Titanic. Prelude reveals how Meg and Charlie came to find themselves aboard the most famous ship in history and as
A girl that is in love with the past, that is Astraea Jordan. On one eventful day, she and her friends found something, and with that, she got transferred in the past but named Athena Dela Cruz. Her mission there is to find the answer to the un-answer mystery. If she will not find it, she will be from the start, again and again. Will she find it? Or Not?
Serena was picked from hundreds of Musical Actresses who auditioned for the role of Elizabeth Montecarlo, the most celebrated actress back in 1945. The musical was about the life of this legendary and great musical actress. Serena feels like she's in cloud nine as she finally got her dream role. She was ready to conquer the stage, she's excited and honoured to play as Madame Elizabeth Montecarlo. But as she was trying to be like her,she mysteriously traveled back in time... In the year 1945. As the real Elizabeth Montecarlo.
Raine Brinsley is penniless after her parents drowned at sea. Sent by the local minister to Stafford House, she applies for a job as a servant. Despite the alarm bells going off in her head, she accepts the offer of employment. She has one goal in mind, to return to her beloved grandfather in Maine. Lord of the Manor, Derek Stafford, has his own dilemmas to worry about. His wife committed suicide after several babies were stillborn. Derek and his brother, Lyman, race to produce the first male heir of Stafford House. The winner will receive the title to the eloquent manor and an enormous sum of money from their father. Derek decides the beautiful Raine will make the perfect surrogate. If only he can convince the woman that signing a contract to bear his son will serve them both. She can return to her grandfather and Derek will inherit a life of luxury. Dark stirrings are afoot at Stafford House. A ghost haunts the halls and the spirit is intent on exposing her killer to Raine. Steeped in murderous plo
Zahra’s life was less than ideal. An outcast among her own people denounced a witch Zahra was facing certain death until a barbarian hoard attacked her home. Rescued from her own execution, Zahra finds herself at the mercy of the new barbarian King Cain, who has sought her out for magical skills he believes she has. He demands she save the life of his father, who is facing imminent death. Unable to save the old man’s life Zahra is forced to bide time until she can figure out how to deal with the new King. BOOK ONE OF "THE BARBARIAN KING SAGAS"
In the midst of mass panic, in a time of despair, how far will you go for love, for justice and for the burning of all WITCHES!
Hong Chun, a writer who loved writing tragic endings, is transmigrated inside her very first novel. (Still in its experimental stages, read at your own risk!) #historical #romance #ancient_china
A prison break, a villainous warden…a passion they can't deny. Grayson Drake is sent by a covert spy agency to break Marx Wellbourne out of Elmira Prison. He’s been ordered to return Wellbourne to Richmond so the Confederate Army can pick his brain about enemy battle plans. Wellbourne is an expert when it comes to battle plans and strategy. Upon arriving at Elmira Prison, Grayson is confronted with two problems: Marx has contracted pneumonia and malaria from the horrendous conditions at the prison and is not expected to live through the night. Secondly, the gravely ill man is the one Grayson coveted from afar many years ago in Charleston. Grayson devises a scheme to escape with Marx, but their problems have just begun. The villainous warden considers Marx Wellbourne his prize prisoner and will do anything to bring him back. Pursued by the warden's posse, violence, passion and lust overtake Gray and Marx. The ride back to Richmond is long and hard. Will they make it there alive?
The end of war might not mean all happiness for all but it could mean a great new start once you meet love. Family problems can be hurtful but its always good to have someone who respects you and cherishes you.
A paranormal wolf shifter, Dark Night of the Moon is the sequel to Moon of the Sleeping Bear. Creed Gatlin flees to Arizona intent on eradicating the haunting memories of his brother's wife, Lauren. Brand Gatlin, presumed dead, resurfaces after a long absence and with his reemergence, the destinies of those he loves are altered forever. In a land rife with war and danger, Sage travels to the village of her husband's People, the Winnebago. There, she is reunited with Crooked Back, the ancient healer. On the long trek back to Full Circle, devious plots are underfoot and peril lurks around every corner for Sage, Lauren and Peter Pa. Dark Night of the Moon will take you on an unforgettable journey of war, violence, overwhelming grief, and finally, love.
All his life Tait was told about the evils of the King that had banished him and his mother and told that he was chosen by the Gods to kill the wicked King and usurp his throne. When the day came that his mother said it was time to fulfill his destiny and become King Tait did not question it. When he fell for the King’s only daughter, Tait lost interest in the throne and chose to follow his heart. In doing so, he learns that his life had been a lie leaving him questioning all he had ever known to be true. BOOK TWO OF "THE BARBARIAN KING SAGAS"