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When fire meets ice, When rich meets poor, When fierce meets simple. When love stroke three hearts, it resulted to a combustion of feelings. Sadiqu, Mimi and Maleekah were trapped in the love triangle. Mimi and Maleekah were like sisters and came from rich family. While Sadiqu was just a poor boy from a poor background. As love steered between the three , several things happened. And they had to choose. Opulence or penury. Read the story of Sadiqu, his family versus Maleekah , Mimi and their families.
"You ever seen Groundhog Day? That's what this is like, every day." In which Oscar wakes up in every year except 2020, seemingly following a mysterious, yet handsome stranger throughout time.
When Alisha, a 17 year old girls suddenly found herself dreaming the same man every night. Was there a reason ? Or it was just a good old dream of her dream man.
A fiction of Greek Mythology Goddess Athena in Modern World GODS, do they really exist? There is a belief they died because the mortals lost faith in them, some said that they're just from old story in rusty Mythology books. You might say that "I don't believe in Gods, they're just fiction characters created by our Ancestors" but How would you react if you saw one of the Greek goddess in person?