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18+ Mentions of Graphic Sex and Violence AELIN REDFORD, was living with her elder brother, who was her only family. But everything in her life changed, when her brother disappeared and his mutilated body was found days later. Trying to survive alone, she witnessed something forbidden for the eyes of Normal people like her. Not finding any way out of the danger, a mysterious man came her way and offered her the protection; she seeked. What she didn't know was...He was not the angel, she thought he was! ~SNEAK PEEK “ Protecting people is not what I do, Cucciola! ” He whispered in her ear, giving her a new nickname just like he always did and took her ear lobe between his teeths, biting it harshly, drawing out blood, that trickled down his lips. “ But I will protect you! ” Chuckling out, he pulled away from her; meaningfully. She knew the meaning behind his words and she had never hated anything more than this. More than him... A story of EVIL AGAINST EVIL!
Bad boys are kind of Azaireyah Calhoun's thing. Rough, tough, hardcore, drug-dealing, prison-time bad boys. She wants to help them change. Time and time again she is disappointed. The final straw is when her boyfriend tries to get her convicted when he goes to jail. She can't take it anymore. Weary from failed relationships, Azaireyah ends up dragged along to her best friend's church. Life seems to make a miraculous 180. Maybe it's the church, but maybe it's the boy she meets at church. The pastor's son, Saturniano 'Santos' McDaniel, might just change her perspective of things. However, her relationships so far have been built on materialistic things. Giving up that life style is harder than Azaireyah suspected. Now she's faced with a choice: a whole new life with Santos or a life filled with fancy jewelry and jail-time boyfriends. She isn't the only one with a choice though. Santos has to make one too: his father's approval or the girl that he needs.
Cambria has always followed her own sets of rules, unlike her mother who believes catering to her husband is what will make him stay. Having dinner on the table at the same time every night, dishes done, house clean, children attended to, and being a stay at home mom. Also, believing that girls don't go to college. These things are not what Cambria wants for her life. She wants to go to college to be somebody and not depend on a man. However, her plans are put to a halt when her mother decides to marry Cambria off to Fiacre Ellison.
Back in the previous world wars, Germans are known for their guts when it comes to an outraging war. For all of the years of peace and security, the country once again strikes tyranny among Manila’s chaotic streets. Thousands of citizens had been washed away right at the wager that the Germans made. The capital, the city of hopes and dreams, became the beasts’ habitat and drove the innocent townsfolk now hiding among the shadows for means of survival. The general, whose mind is set for the bioweapon he ought to use to cast domination and apocalypse across the world, made him search all corners of the land to find the biologists for his outrageousness. However, his descendant might be the one who will go against his plans and save the beloved land from its fall. And love will mold his way towards the common good.
Chia Burton is just a typical school girl. One and only daughter of Hemwort Burton and Addy Burton, the owner of one of the biggest publishing companies in the country. Chia is not the type of girl who seeks for someone's attention. She doesn't wish for fame, nor wealth and, money. Chia is a friendly kind of person. She's also a writer, who writes everything that was from her true to life experiences in the past. She's just a normal school girl not until... She met Finley Coffey. Finley Coffey is a playboy. An arrogant playboy, tho. Finley is also one of the heirs among the family. He has been into many different relationships and in the end, he broke up with them. A playboy, isn't he? Now, let's begin their story of love. This is a Work of Fiction... This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely
Emersyn transformed from a pauper to someone close to a princess overnight when her wealthy biological Father(whose existence she didn't know of) took her in after her mother and stepfather died in a fire, where she was the only survivor. Branded as a murderer, she tries to survive her new life by laying as low as possible. But this is no easy task, especially when the most popular guy in her new school was always around her. Can he not leave a girl alone in peace?!
Emma Grant Not the typical innocent girl. She is popular by her own works and being born in a rich family adds the popularity. But she isn't that type of a girl who after her father's money. While studying itself she made her own money through part time jobs. Devyn Nichols Arrogant. Handsome guy.. Again born in a rich family. He has everything in life. Even his own huge mansion. And did I not mention he is a famous player. TYPICAL RICH BOY! So through a business deal Emma and Devyn meet each other in a short time and marry in a short time! Well what's gonna happen between them? Because one thing that they mentioned before marrying each other is that the hate each other. WELL READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN !!!
Judith Drakeyer, a 5 foot Junior of Westview high had one goal. To be the best female basketball player and prove to all that her miniature size wasn't a fault to be reckoned in the sport that favoured height above all. Throw in a med school student who loves boycotting his classes and asks Judith to do the same with her practices. Travis hadn't always been such a difficult kid but something has made him to start retaliating. And it seems Judith is the only one who can get through to him. But in doing so she is growing further away from the one thing that is giving her an identity. Basketball Is her dream just a passing passion that could be forgotten, or is her drive to be the best player too passionate to let a boy get in the way? After all Judith had always preferred sneakers over heels hasn't she?
WARNING [R-18]: STORY WITH MATURE CONTENT: The heart may already know what the mind cannot determine. And that's what happened to Tim. When he woke up in the hospital without remembering, a beautiful face greeted him. He later learns that she is the sister of her late girlfriend, none other than Ysabella. Ysabella had previously pretended to be Ara before his accident. And now that Ara is gone, will Ysabella be enough to replace the love of his life? Is he willing to make new memories and leave his painful past behind?
Kaidic and Amethyst's wedding day was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives but it became the worst.
Venessa foster 18 years old cute, naive, and kind-hearted person, she is a brilliant student who was living a normal life with good grades until she meets a devil living in a greek god-like body. Lorenzo Francisco, 26 years old ruthless, cold, unforgiving manipulative and merciless businessman. As C.E.O of Francisco group's, he has billions on his name. The wind carries the way he kills and manipulates people making everyone tremble in Los Angeles. He was envied by men and wanted by women. Dominance or submission? Which will win this game?
“ It all started with a private text”. ~**~ They were two strangers. They met on WhatsApp group. He fell in love with her over time. She liked him but did not believe in love. He would do anything for her happiness. She would be happy to be with him. But... He was married and had a son. She was single but not wanted to mingle. He was in his early thirties. She was in her late teens. He was a Hausa. She was a Yoruba. Follow both strangers in their relationship from strangers to friends and from friends to lovers. In the midst of love, hatred, jealousy, obsession, betrayal, lies and diversities... ©Adeyemi Mariam (hardeynyhun)
He was a campus icon and quite famous among the students. She was a “Cinderella” who lodged with his aunt’s family. When the wealthy and influential boy courted her suddenly, she had no chance to think. No matter it was a trap or a true love, she had already become the enemy of all girls in school.
A pure love story of a fulani girl Falling in love with a suave man named Abdul. They had always dreamed and planned to get married. Everything was going perfectly fine and as planned but things changed in just a blink of an eye and she was married to her cousin whom she never loved. Will Abdul ever get her back when she’s already married? How will he cope when he finds out about his beloved wedding? Find out how their love story would end.
Five years later, she came back with her lovely baby. He said grimly, "Since you gave birth to a child, let's get married." The baby said, "So you are the one who bully my mom! Get married? No way! It is not so easy!"
We had been searching for our mate for over two years now. But we weren't going to lose hope. Me and my brother both knew that she was somewhere out there, we just had to look harder. And then that one day at the little coffee shop we went to... That's when everything changed. The rewriting of this book will be uploaded on Wattpad The sequel "Loving the little one" will be uploaded on Wattpad
Librarian Sandra Dennis is a small-town girl who has always dreamed of visiting France. After winning the trip of a lifetime she finds herself exactly where she wants to be; two weeks in paradise and nobody to tell to be quiet. What more could a girl want? Suave, handsome Creighton Ashford seems to be the answer to a girl’s fantasy. Living on a private luxury yacht, this eco-friendly Adonis has a way of making a heart skip and a mind forget all logic. When Sandra learns Creighton has a mafia king after him, she joins him on a trip across France to find The Don’s daughter and return her to Italy before time runs out and he’s forced to marry her. In his arms, Sandra discovers an exciting world of passion, erotic desires, and thrilling adventures she could never have imagined existed. Will she be able to help in his quest before her vacation is over, or will she lose her heart forever?
🔴A Werewolf Novel🔴                         She was born in the season of death under the layers of hatred. It was said that the moon held nothing in front of her beauty but it was such a shame that she didn't survive. . . Or that's what they think. . . Eva she was born from love and was thrown in the woods in the dead of winter for nature to take her back. But nature had other plans for her. She was the daughter of a Queen who forgot her name. She was the bastard child they thought they got rid of and she was okay with it until he came in front of her, staking his claim on her very being. The one The Moon blessed her with. She didn't want a mate and him being the one she can't use her powers on only made it worst. Darach the unstable Lycan King just wanted Eva for delivering his child, for warming his bed. He wanted to turn a self made Queen into his Mistress.                    ○○○○○○~^~○○○○○○
My name is Roxy Gilbert and I'm apart of The Silent Moon Pack. When I was two years old, we were attacked by a stronger and more powerful pack. They took our home, our people, our land and our dignity... And I'm getting it back. *** Roxy and her twin brother, Aiden, have been training their whole lives to go undercover as spies in the pack that overthrew them. Their aim is to figure out the pack's weak spots, get enough information as possible about them, and attack when they least expect it. What Roxy doesn't know is that her mate was the new Alpha of that very pack, which leaves her torn between betraying her pack or her mate. Who will she choose? Let the tests of trust, love and loyalty begin....
Eva Willow, a 17 year old blind girl who moves to a new town with her two sisters to live with her uncle. She has a lot of secrets and wants to lay low through her final years of school and keeping an eye on her sisters. Can she lay low or will she catch the attention of the most popular guy? Asher Moore is 17 year old arrogant cocky boy who can get whatever he wants. Once he sees something he wants he goes for it. What happens when what he wants has a lot of secrets? Will he be able to get her or let her slip through his fingers? Will Asher be able to find out what Eva is hiding? Will she allow anyone to get to know her? Will her life be finally a happily ever after or ending up running away?
Data analyst Prosalie fantasizes her new boss Antwan, a filthy and confident man who’s ten years older than her. One night, she discovers it’s not a one-way street…