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"You are dead today" said Randhir increasing my fear. "I am sorry, please," I said. "I will never forgive you. You are the one who ruined my life. I married you to show how painful it is to be cheated by the one whom we trust," Randhir said coming forward to me. "I have realised my mistake. Please, trust me once," I said, begging him. "You deserve to be hated, punished and thrown away after using you but not to be trust, love or forgive, my beloved," came the immediate reply from Randhir.
Ae-Cha faces a mischievous teacher and unexpected rise as it may stand in her way of getting where she wants in life. She sees who's actually by her side at the end of all this, and continues a beautiful life with the one she loves.
This story is about a girl who falls in love with a man he is her dream guy and though she is only in high school she thinks she is in love with a 19-year-old billionaire that owns his own business.
I am standing in front of the mirror only on my red skirt and blouse.He is wearing me a red saree.Tears are flowing from my eyes like nigra falls.After wearing me the saree,he sits me down in front of the mirror and started wearing me jewellery. He applied red lipstick on my lips and said seductively, "you look very fuckable in red colour."I said crying, please.Let me see my brother.He is very sick.Let me go to the hospital for once".Hearing me, he slapped very hard on my face and fisted my hair tightly.He said anger dripping from his voice,"you dare to talk back.Did you just forget your place in front of me.Tell me who you are?Tell me whom you belong? I hissed in pain and said, I am your doll. I only belong to you. I am only yours". Warning- Disturbing scene ahead. Read at your own risk.
Tara is an orphan girl, who lived her whole life in an orphanage in a small village. she has never been to the city before. A proposal came in for Tara to go to the city to work as a maid in a rich family. What will life be for an orphan maid. She fall in love with one of the sons in the house, Nick fell for her the first time he met her. They got engaged, but faith turned things around were Tara was thrown out of the house by Nick's Mother and siblings. When Nick travel to Canada. she later notice she was pregnant. What will happen next.
Seventeen and pregnant... Emily Wentworth is pregnant by the town's resident bad boy, Jake Melvin. But when Jake is wrongfully accused of murder, Emily must prove his innocence if she ever wants her baby to have a father. The two teens thought their the drama was behind them. Turns out, it's only getting started!
Ivy williams just came back from country A after three years of studies to find out that her younger sister was getting married to the one she loves. Broken-hearted she meets Hugo under uncertain moments. he showed her that there was more to life than tears,he showed her passion and love. This is the beginning of their story. This is more than just a cliche story.
ZERO HE IS DARKNESS.... I am the bad guy of this story. Every story has a villain, and I am that villain. You can call me, Number Zero. Or Zero, for short. Frankly, I don't care. I am a born killer and I'm called The Killer Machine in the dark world, the part of the world do-gooders don't see. Think of every name you would call a professional killer, and give me that name, because you wouldn't be wrong. I would like to tell you that I try to do good, to do the right thing but that would be a lie. I don't see any need why I have to lie here. I am a very bad man, don't go searching for good because it's not there. I have so much darkness in me that if you stay in my mind for a long time, you go dark too. Don't mistake this for a confession because it is not. I'm not seeking for forgiveness and if you give it, I won't accept it. I'm not seeking for redemption here. My sins are my own. The first day I saw her, I just knew something. My new fascination. My first fascination in all my thirty t
Chelsea has always had a secret crush on her brother's best friend, Heath, but he's off limits. Until one impassioned night, when things get out of hand. A few months later, Chelsea realizes she has another secret, the kind that will reveal itself in good time. Will she let Heath know she's carrying his baby or keep her secret forever?
Ever since her parents died, nerdy Amelia Forbes has always been bullied by the school's bad boy and jock, Jason. Ruthless and drop dead gorgeous, Jason makes her school years a living hell. Meaner than the devil himself, he is always sure to ruin Mel's day. One day, they are paired up for a school project and in the process of working on the project at home, Jason forces himself on her. Ashamed, Mel feels disgusted with her inability to stand up for herself and soon, she finds out she is pregnant with her bully's baby. Scared out of her wits, poor Mel is helpless. No one is willing to come to her aid except Adrian, Jason's best friend. And as Jason sees Mel with Adrian, he begins to get jealous and soon, he finds himself falling for Mel. But will Mel ever forgive him? Will she ever forget the wrongs he had done to her?
Georgina Meneses was the woman of the world. She enjoyed life at its finest; international model in the morning and party goer at night. Nothing seems to tame down the half Filipino half Brazilian model not until Jake Contreras saunters in. And Georgina's going to make sure she enjoys the time with the hottie model. But she hadn't prepared herself to the shocking discovery that rocked her world, her heart beating for the guy and a baby on her tummy.
All she wanted was to move to San Rosta and leave with her brother, but seems like life has another thing in stuck for her as she ended up being held as a Ransome for her brothers debt by a feared gangster in San rosta. Not only does she have to work her ass of to pay her brothers debt, she also has to bed the gangleader.
Yna Carson, The daughter of Philippine's most famous business tycoon is kidnapped by her father's enemy. Orland Ashbourne. She can't help herself as she feels oddly attracted to him simultaneously hating him
Christopher is the average rich kid who's father is a successful businessman well known in the state, a strict businessman who puts his job and discipline first. However Chris isn't the happiest of all rich kid, with the constant abuse from his brothers and the negligence of his father he is left broken and shattered in the inside. Not like he didn't try, he had tried but to no avail, the hated him simply cause he was the last baby who took their mother's life. Chris with his small self has no choice than to fight back though it always backfires and he ends up in trouble. But what happens when a saviour comes to rescue.
"Shhh I know you want me too. I can see it in your eyes. And you wearing all those tight office dresses didn't help at all." He connected his lips to her neck, sucking onto it. She let out a moan, her legs barely holding her up. She couldn't resist anymore so she pulled his head from her neck and connected her lips to his in a hungry kiss. "Oh God knows how long have wanted this." He said through their kiss. "You look sexy in that lingerie. But sorry I want it off." She lifted her hands allowing him to take her nightie off. "Damn baby, those breasts have grown so huge. Imagine when I get you pregnant." ***************************************************************************** Leaving home after her parents supported her Elder sister to marry her fiance, Emily had to return after five years to deal her past and move on. Thinking she was done with love and men, she met Shawn. The hot and sexy guy she met in new York who unknown to her is the Roman father of her hometown. On the night of an engageme
An annoying superstar or a cheerful CEO? Between the two of them, who will Elise choose to fall in love with? Especially when one of them is an old flame she loved dearly sixteen years ago.
Julie has been having a hot, secret affair with someone she really shouldn't be having a romance with; David Jackson... AKA... her stepfather. It has been going on for a long time, but after many attempts, Julie finally tells David its all over, but he doesn't want to accept that. It's not until Julie's mother and David's wife announces she's pregnant that David takes Julie seriously, the problem is, the damage has already been done... ...Julie is pregnant too... **This is a forbidden romance with a lot of Erotic chapters**
Getting pregnant by her boss after a one-night stand and suddenly leaving her job as stripper was the last thing Serena had hoped for, and to make matters worse he is the heir to the mafia. Serena is calm while Christian is fearless and outspoken but somehow the two have to make it work. When Christian forces Serena to go through with a fake engagement she tries her hardest to fit in the family and the luxurious life the women live while Christian is fighting as hard as he can to keep his family safe, but everything takes a turn when the hidden truth about Serena and her birth parents comes out. Their idea was to play pretend until the baby was born and the rule was to not fall in love, but plans don't always go as expected. Will Christian be able to protect the mother of his unborn child? And will they end up catching feelings for one another?
He married her for revenge by blackmailing her father. She married him for her dad who loves her so much. He is kind and loving to everyone except to her and her father. She is unable to forget her past love and move on. His anger makes her to scare for him every minute. He forced her to cut all connections with her family. Why a carefree and loving Jay became an arrogant and rude husband? What is his past? Will he torture her to hurt her father forever? Or gives her love? Is it possible for her to move on forgetting her past love and forgiving Jay for marrying her without her acceptance? The story revolves around Jay's revenge on Vidya's father. Vidya becomes a toy in the game of his revenge as her father loves her a lot. Wats the reason behind his revenge will b revealed later. A girl who is loved by her family a lot faces hatred from Jay who makes her life the worst. Is it possible for her to forget her past love n love the one who hurts her every second? How they fall for one another? Let's see how
They say lust is not for love, but what if it is how this couple shows their love to each other—through sex, for they both think that it is the best way to make your partner the happiest.
Elliot Andrews lives at home with her parents, who are always working and she is a senior in a high school she can't stand. The only saving grace are the fact she is trapped here for another year with her best friends Ryan and Louise. That is until the mysterious, young and gorgeous Mr Cartwright comes along. Tragedy strikes early in to the school year and her world is ripped apart, will Elliot get through this? Follow Elliot on an amazing year of tragedy, heartbreak, growth and love.
Seeking out a mysterious woman who came to him in a vision, Daniel Darke is transported to the supernatural realm. Despite being one of Earth's most horrible warlocks, he is welcomed into the North Woods as a trusted friend and protector. After meeting his soulmate, Rosemary, it is discovered she is pregnant with the child of the man who assaulted her on Earth. Worried that Daniel will not be able to love her and her child, Rosemary rejects him and runs away. Vowing to give Rosemary and her baby the life they deserve, Daniel takes back the kingdom of his ancestors. When the father of the true heir returns to take back what belongs to him, Daniel embarks on a dark and ruthless mission to stop him and protect his new family.
No. Don’t, I want to mentally record this moment as you spin for me with your luscious curves being hugged in your sexy lingerie.” His voice is hoarse and his eyes are hooded with pure lust. A surge of seductiveness hits me like a bolt of lightening and awakens the curious inner goddess within me. I slowly start to twirl for him, and slide my index finger between my lips. I lightly run my tongue over the top of it before sticking it fully in my mouth and releasing it with a loud pop. I’m rewarded with a loud growl vibrating off the back of his throat. “Crawl onto the bed and hold onto the headboard with your ass sticking out.” He demands, I stop twirling and turn towards the bed stopping at the foot. “Heels on or off?” I ask breathlessly over my shoulder. “On.” He demands in a heavily rasped tone. It was a one word reply... But it spoke to me on so many levels and it left me feeling exotically aroused for reasons unknown to myself. I have never felt like this so I slowly start to crawl up the bed doing
WARNING: R[18] STORY WITH EXTREMELY EXPLICIT/MATURE CONTENT Joaquin Antonio Jr., A young CEO, handsome, outlet of wealth, and a certified playboy, but a good son. For him, there is no need to take women seriously. There are many of them and they come to him voluntarily, because he has a lot of money. He has agreed to find a bride within two months in order to thwart his father's wanting for him to marry his childhood friend who is secretly in a relationship with his best friend, Patrick. Because of this, he offered marriage to a stranger woman who turned out to be the mother of his own daughter whom he had impregnated four years ago, Lara. But what about his father's reputation? The honorable name of their family that had long kept from being tarnished if the woman he chose to marry for his father would bring shame to their family because she is a scourge and a disgrace? Is he willing to lose everything and this time stand up against his father whom he has always followed for the only woman wh