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The dagger went into her chest and was scarlet. However, the end of pain is less than one thousandth of heartache. Feng qianchen, you said you would marry me. Why did you lie to me? The days and the earth sometimes end, this hatred is endless ...
Three years ago, she was an arrogant daughter who married the young master of the Lu family. Three years later, as soon as she got out of prison, she learned that her sister was her husband's new fiancee.
One night, she is forced by the burglar to become his woman. After the one-night stand, the world is coming to its end when zombies have occupied every corner. She thinks she will be fine as long as her mother, her only reliance can stay beside her until she witnesses her mother is torn apart by zombies. Now there is no other choice for her, to die for nothing, or to fight the world by standing with him, the one-night man, the father of the unexpected child inside her, and her last hope.
My husband never touched me for three years because ...
I always believe I am the luckiest girl in the world. I find my soulmate and get married with my first love after graduation. What I don't expect is that he cheats on me and has affairs with a girl younger than me after only one year. I have no choice but get a divorce. Luckily, God favors me another time. I meet him. He is a divorce lawyer who helps me deal with all those problems and get out of the painful memories. He even promises me a new life. Should I believe him?
They had an agreement before their marriage: If she didn't pregnant in three years, he would divorce her. But he never touched her, just letting her wait in despair. To fight against the mistress, she drugged him and slept with him ...
Should she just turn around and leave as if she didn't' t see anything, or should she kick the door open and pour all the hot soup she had worked so hard on onto the two? Lan Qin has always been good at math, but he can't do the multiple-choice problem.
Because of her infertile husband, her ruthless mother-in-law forced her to have a child with others. They promised her that they would treat the baby like his biological offspring, but when she came back with pregnancy, she was compelled to get divorced. She was desperate! Two years of love and five years of marriage became nothing! She wanted revenge. She vowed that she would never love anyone in her life anymore, but she fell into his tenderness by accident. "Duan Chengyi, I am a whore that everyone hates." "It doesn't matter, for I am also the bad boy that everyone wants to get away from. We were made for each other!"
When mengmeng made a move, there was no misunderstanding at all! Fight the love enemy, fight the bad guys, find out who is behind the scenes, and give them a bright new life! Baby, hit! Defuse the crisis!
Huo Yunshen, the man who can call the shots. Gu Xiaonian promised to be his lover only for revenge.
An exotic plot to tie them together was meant to take her blood, her body, but she gave her heart to him, not knowing that it was just a scam. Suddenly, he realized that she had left resolutely. He regretted it and went after her again. However, she did not know that there was a time limit for her to love someone.
Ten years of passion, when fantasies are broken again and again by reality. If I could turn back the clock, I would run home in the rain on that hot summer day, and I would miss you! If we don't see each other, how can we owe each other?
Gu Xiaoyou, 20 years old, almost died for a man. When she was 20 years old, she suddenly announced. "The father of my child is Li Junhuan!" As soon as she said that, the whole of Lincheng was in a mess ... Such seniority made the two families become the biggest joke in the city. Behind keren yan ... He pampered her to the bone and gave her the utmost gentleness. However, Li Junhuan did not expect her to carve the jade cicada with her own hands and give it to him to curse him to die ... "I' m not afraid. As long as I have her in my life, I' m willing to give everything I have. She's my benefactor and my woman ..."
"Dad, don't. You can't send me to that kind of person." "Let her go. She's my woman." The man pulled her into his arms. Gu wan looked at the handsome man in front of her and her memories were overwhelming. Five years ago, he was her tribulation, and five years later, she would not give in to him.
A contract, the happiness of the rest of her life is bound to contract marriage. Mr. President, could you please let me go?
Red brocade love Nie Cangming, promise to cure the poison of Charming's broken spirit powder for a year, as long as Nie Cangming marries her. She naively thought her love would move Nie Cangming, but reality slapped her hard.
"Ke Beichen, I'll give you three seconds. If you don't say you will marry this woman, we will take turns to rape her!" "Three." "Two." "One." He just hesitated for one more second for the sake of his mom and they hung up. He had to marry someone he didn't love that day and then he would know where his mom was; but he had never expected he would lose her. He ditched his fiance and ran away from the wedding to look for her but it was too late--she might have been engulfed by the ruthless waves; he just couldn't find her. When his fiance came to his house and accused him of his betrayal, he got several guys to rape her by turns, just like what she did to the woman he loved--but he was even crueler. "Take a video. Make sure her face can be clearly seen. I am gonna play it in front of her mother!"
Parents make a scene at the door, she abdicates to let the hen, complete. Wei yi had never thought that her life would be so absurd and pathetic. At the most helpless time, that man supported her world.
She knelt in the heavy rain with a pool of blood under her feet. She stared at him in despair, "You said you loved me. Why can't you show mercy for our kids?" He laughed, indifferently and mercilessly, "Well. Girls are silly and you are one of them."