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Warning if you would like to read this book you'll need to read the first book 'Nerdy to Badass Werewolf' to understand everything. Enjoy. ____________________________________ Book 3 of the Rejected Series ____________________________________ After being rejected then leaving the only place you've ever known was tough, what made it even harder was finding out you were carrying another life inside of you. Two life's in fact. Callie had been gone for over six years, and in those six years she gave birth to two miracles. Now she'll have to return home, and face the father of her children. Adrian was always the jokester of the group, you would never see him without a smile, but after six torturous years that smile was non-existant. He had lost all trust in the people around him but maybe he'll Trust a Rejected?
Book 1 of The Secret Series Kacper had been counting since he was a ten year old boy. Subtracting years, months and now the countdown was almost over. Kacper was counting just a month before his 18th birthday which would mark the time he finally leaves his pack and join that of his mate. But fate had other plans for him. What happens when unfortunate events result in Kacper leaving home before the assigned time? And what if the idea of getting a loving mate is all but just a shattered dream? How will Kacper face it all? Is he strong enough to stay or will he go? Read and find out! Warning: BoyxBoy Awesome Cover By: SuperSonicPaGer
**This is the sequel to the old I'm The Alpha's Mate** I'm the Alpha's Mate which has been rewritten and published.
"You are ours to love, cherish and protect Crescent, whether you like it or not," Alec whispered in my ear from behind. "No! I am not your mate." I said. "Right, you are our breeder," Xander smirked and kissed me forcefully. ... Alpha Alec and Alpha Xander are twins. They are gifted with looks, body, brain, and power. All pack women throw themselves to twins Alpha, sadly, they are only interested in Crescent. Crescent is a simple, but very beautiful girl in all werewolf community. The pack mates compare her with Angel because of her nature. She is recently turning 18 and can't wait to find her mate. The desperate twins are hoping to be her beloved mate. However, what will happen when the girl they love isn't the one Moon Goddess choose for them?
All my life I wanted to be free. Free from the prison that was made for me by my grandparents, free from being the only werewolf that couldn't shift and free from the lonely misery that was my life. My father despises me, my brothers pretend that I don't exist; and I know that they all blame me for our mothers death. I knew that I needed to make a break for it and start life on my own. So I did. Getting chased down by another wolf that wanted to kill me was only the beginning of my troubles. I thought that my life was finally over. And then I met him. With fur blacker than the darkest shadows and golden eyes that seemed to burn into my very soul. After saving my life and being taken to the pack mansion, I had to turn everything I thought I knew in my head and succumb to the wishes of my alpha. I don't know what my purpose is on this earth, but if there was one thing that i was good at, it was breaking all the rules. My name is Amelia May Hunt. And this is my story.
Luna Greene is a 24 year old girl that has no idea what's going on in her life, until she literally runs into the Alpha of Gray-moon pack. She's terrified of love because of her past, and she treats her mate like he's trash because of it. when she was 4 years old she was put into foster care because they left her at the park all alone and she doesn't know who her parents are or if they were even alive. so if you want to, follow Luna's journey while she figures out who she is.
Alexa, a normal human girl, all her life she had mocked supernatural stories and now on her 21st birthday her life takes a 360-degree turn, thrown into the chaos among vampires, werewolves and a legend, the queen who rules them all... What'll happen when she discovers her true identity? Will she be able to save her loved ones or lose herself to power?
Kellan Woods is the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack. Arabelle Steele is the nerd of the school. What happens when their fates are intertwined forever? But he is her teacher she is his student. What lies next ? Will fate run its course? Will sparks fly? Will they repel till they can't anymore? Stay tuned to find out!!
We had been searching for our mate for over two years now. But we weren't going to lose hope. Me and my brother both knew that she was somewhere out there, we just had to look harder. And then that one day at the little coffee shop we went to... That's when everything changed. The rewriting of this book will be uploaded on Wattpad The sequel "Loving the little one" will be uploaded on Wattpad
🔴A Werewolf Novel🔴                         She was born in the season of death under the layers of hatred. It was said that the moon held nothing in front of her beauty but it was such a shame that she didn't survive. . . Or that's what they think. . . Eva she was born from love and was thrown in the woods in the dead of winter for nature to take her back. But nature had other plans for her. She was the daughter of a Queen who forgot her name. She was the bastard child they thought they got rid of and she was okay with it until he came in front of her, staking his claim on her very being. The one The Moon blessed her with. She didn't want a mate and him being the one she can't use her powers on only made it worst. Darach the unstable Lycan King just wanted Eva for delivering his child, for warming his bed. He wanted to turn a self made Queen into his Mistress.                    ○○○○○○~^~○○○○○○
The biggest dream of werewolves is meeting their mate. The incredible scent, the surreal sparks that lit up on every touch, the contented feeling while in the arms of their mate, the pride of wearing their mark and bearing pup(s) and above all the bliss of unconditional love. Life of every werewolf is a blissful fantasy! But every theory has few exceptions right? This story revolves around such an exceptional she-wolf who had a strong reason to despise the idea of MATES. She has her goal and she wanted to fulfil it without any compromises. But that doesn’t stop the mighty Moon God to bless her with an irresistible mate. Learning from our past mistakes is a good thing. But all the decisions out of such learning need not be correct! Some mistakes will make us happy! Some mistakes lead us to the thing which we have been dying to get. Will she commit the mistake that could fulfil her wishes or will she stick to her decisions to write the pages of her life which has more mysteries than she could eve