9 Mates!Possess Their Mute Slave


4.94k words

6 chapters



Table of Contents


Elizabeth is a wolfless mute slave whose mother was brutally killed to protect her from rape.
8 years ago, the Alpha of the black river pack killed her father and took possession of the blue moon pack.
For revenge, Elizabeth endured endless bullying in the black river pack. She vowed that she would kill the Alpha's families when she got her wolf and leave with her boyfriend.
However, fate played a joke on her.
She discovered that her boyfriend had cheated on her long ago and her fated mates were Alpha's twin sons!
She declared to reject them as her mates, but the moon goddess appeared to have more incredible arrangements waiting for her.
One day she will find out that her mates are not only twins, but also the Alpha of Giant Wolf who is 16 feet tall, the prince of Winged Wolf who lives in a cloud castle, the Beta of Fire Wolf who is covered with fire and cannot be touched, and even the vampire king who is the enemy of werewolf and the Merman who lives under the sea...
Why does she have 9 mates? What should s

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