Bound By Marriage


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Veronica Finlet...
No matter how much I think myself as an ordinary girl but the thing is I am not and being the only daughter of a business tycoon is just a cherry on the top. Soon to be married to the guy named, Nicholas Covet, son of the owner of rival company Covet co. is really not helping my situation. And the best part is he likes or rather should I dare say "is in love" with someone else but is bound to marry me. Believe me, you are not the only one to foresee the great end of this soon to be a relationship. (P.S. note the sarcasm )
P.P.S. might contain some mature scenes so read at your own risk.



Vic Thorn

Hello Nikita, I am interested in this work of yours, and I'd like to discuss an offer to you. Is there an email where I can be in touch with you? Thanks

2021/9/23 Reply

Angel D Pajares

new reader here. looking for its good storyline

2021/8/27 Reply

Trixy Trix

good story and plot. love it

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Azaan Kh


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Zara Kham


2021/8/11 Reply

Sushila Kanta

good book

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Haq Hassan

can't wait to read this story

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Venkatesh Jamalpur

nice story

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Akshaant Jamalpur

nice story

2021/8/2 Reply

Akshaant Jamalpur

nice story

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