Bound By Marriage

Chapter 1- Unexpected News


Have you ever seen the really seen it? The Sun appears to kiss the Earth...but it never really does so. My life is just like it. For outsiders, my life seems to be marvelous though it is anything but marvelous.

I am Veronica Finlet, daughter of Joffrey Finlet, CEO of Finlet co. being a daughter of a very intimidating person one would guess me to inherit his intimidating character but alas I'm rather shy in public. I'm not much of a talker and use to hide in the contentment of books. The library has always been a place of tranquility for me. Being a daughter of a rich man will always make you a target of others and being kind of nerd won't really make your situation any better.

I was always bullied till the day I met Selena Montex, my best friend. She was my hero back in school. It’s as if just yesterday when I first met her. As always I was bullied that day and pushed to the ground by a group of mean girls- I know cliché but yes I too had been victimized by a group of mean girls. They were making fun of me as I quietly picked up my books. After having their fill for that day, they turned to walk their way when someone pushed their leader down. She stood up quickly and raised her hand to beat her. But she shrieked with pain when the new girl bend her hand and warned her from pulling such stunt with anyone else. She didn’t help me pick up my books though but she became my hero since then.

Luckily for me, she was the new girl who was transferred to my class. So at first she actually ignored me. I was the shy one but hey she was my hero so I actually followed her like a lost puppy till she finally agreed to be my friend and since then we were BFF. From sharing secrets to being together for each other through our dark times, She was always there protecting me like a sister. She is now following the footsteps of her mother and is now blossoming in the glittering world.

I have completed my study and currently work at Finlet.Co. Our company deals with the production of textiles and has its share here and there in different fields. Our biggest rival Covet .co. is becoming a challenge. They are interfering in every other deal we have our eyes on.

Last week Magnus Covet, CEO of, had visited Dad's office. I was curious about the visit but could not voice my curiosity to dad.

The whole week dad seems to be quieter than before. It was until yesterday when I finally got to know what was going on with him.

I knocked on the door. "Come in." I went inside and took a seat on the couch already hating the atmosphere in the room.

"Veronica what I'm about to say will not abate my love for you. Our company can no longer compete with Covets'. A few days ago Mr. Covet came to my office with a proposition. A proposition of partnership that will benefit both parties but had a condition..." he looked at me as if asking for my permission to continue.

"..A condition to marry my daughter with his son. I thought a lot about it and gave my answer. I'm sorry to do this to you sweetie but you need to understand I got no choice. Please forgive me."


Well, that brings me to my current situation. I'm watching the sunset from the rooftop like I always do when I feel down. I know how much this company means to dad and I also know how much I mean to dad. It's the kind of dilemma where none of the choices he makes will make him feel any better.

He has done a lot for me... now it's my turn to pay back. I will accept it even...even if it means the end of my happiness. At least I will bring happiness in the life of people I love.

I looked down at the file.

"Nicholas Covet, soon to be CEO of Covet. CO.

Height: 6'1

Hobby: extreme sports


Relationship: in relationship with Teresa Pummel..."

I called Selena and after it rang for a few seconds she picked up. “I am getting married,” I said in a single breathless whisper.

“Wait! What?” she all but screamed and I had to remove the phone away from my ears.

Taking a deep breath I started, “Yes, you heard it right.

“Who is the guy? Why didn’t I hear about it sooner?

“My dad arranged it for me. I just heard about it yesterday. I am getting married to Nicholas Covet. …”

“Wow, hold on, Ver. You are getting married to Nicholas Covet, as in son of Magnus Covet of … One of the most eligible bachelors of Chicago, the Nicholas Covet?” and there goes my eardrum. I am going to miss you, my hearing. She interrupted me again.

“Will you keep quiet for a moment or shall I leave you to do all the talking? I snapped. After a moment of silence and making sure that Selena will keep quiet I began my sad life story.

“It was our father who arranged it for us. I have not met him yet. But the thing is…he is already in a relationship and by the looks of it, it looks pretty serious to me. I do not want to marry him but the current circumstances have bound my hand. Our business is undergoing some financial crisis so I really can’t say no. So, my only hope is that he will say no to this arrangement. I mean, after all, he is the one who is in relation, right?

“Honestly, Ver. I don’t know….may be. But if in case he won’t then that means he is not in a serious relationship as you think he is. And that my friend means that you are getting blissfully married to Nicholas Covet one of the eligible bachelors of Chicago. Always see the bright side of the light, right?

“Hmm… hope so.” I tried to be more optimistic but even as I said it, I can’t help the troublesome feeling that I am feeling right now.



"How could you do it, dad? You know I'm in a relationship with Teresa but still, you did what you wanted to do," I yelled with rage.

"Low down your tone when you talk with me Son." He said in a commanding voice.

"I can't and won't marry that Finlet girl. I love Teresa and will only marry her whatsoever," I said strengthening my resolve. I made my way towards the door.

"Before you storm out the door hear me out, son." I stopped on my track.

"I have never interfered in your life before because I knew you have made the right choice but this time I'm afraid to say you are the wrong son. Teresa is not good news. Her father's firm is about to sink and..."

"Exactly dad! I have to be with her. I have to help her by any means possible." I interjected him.

"And that's the exact reason why I'm marrying you off with my rival company's daughter. This way I can kill two birds with a single stone. Your grandma is arriving tomorrow and..."

"No-no-no! You are not pulling grandma card again." I interrupted him with sudden rage that surged through me and stormed out the door.


The next day I was in my office working on a presentation. "Don't be too engrossed in work pumpkin or one shall soon be confused between yours and my age," Grandma said with that I-know-it-all smile playing on her lips.

"Please, grandma, don't call me by that childish nickname of yours," I whined knowing it well what’s coming next.

"Oh shush down. I will call you pumpkin as many times as I want and it's not childish at all. I have always called you pumpkin when you even didn't know to change your diaper." Grandma retorted rolling her eyes. I raised my hands in surrender to which she gave a victorious smile.

I was around two years when my mom left us to follow her passion. My dad was devastated by her decision. She was the love of his life and when she left, something changed inside him. He started to spend more time in the office. Always working overtime so, it was mostly grandma who raised me into who I am today. I never got a chance to see my grandpa as he passed away even before I was born. But spending time with grandma and listening to her share her love story I wish I could have met him.

I prepared myself for the war that I am bound to lose as her words are like law for us and we always stick to it.

"So..." she started and I knew this is it." I heard what your father got to say. Now let me hear what you got to say about it." I sighed.

"Grandma I love Teresa and want to spend my life with her and even if I get married to Finlet girl I will be still in love with Teresa. Three lives will be destroyed by my single decision. Please grandma don't make me take a wrong decision." I said her honestly.

"There's no doubt about how you feel for her pumpkin. But never forget 'Everything that glitters are not gold'. Sometimes we have to let things as it is and stop trying to mend it as our desires. Your father loves you, son and he will never make any decision that will hurt you by any means. I won't force you any further about it but please trust me on this one." I nodded my head.

"Well... I guess my work here is done. And thank you pumpkin for agreeing to think about it. We shall respect whatever decision you will make." And then I was left alone with my thoughts ready to devour me.


Now standing in front of dad I'm ready to announce my decision. The only other sound one can hear in the room is the sound of the clock making us known about each passing seconds full of anticipation of what my decision will bring. As the second hand made its click the silence in the room was finally broken with the much-awaited decision.

"I will marry Veronica Finlet but before that...I want to meet with her.

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