Chapter 2

Kate and I walked past the streets, and as we went nearer the college area, I heard the sounds of the party. Loud music had been perfectly heard even from a distance.

“So, what’s our plan for tonight? Are we mingling or just having fun?

“How about both? I think most of the older students already arrived... Actually, I hope to meet some guys from the football team. If we are lucky, Jones will be here. He’s gorgeous and hot! Even one look at him makes me wet, and I am sure I am not the only one!

“Who is Jones?” I arched my eyebrow at her with a question in my eyes.

“Becca, I can’t believe it! Your ignorance is amazing!” Kate laughed and rolled her eyes at me. “Jones is the star of our college’s football team; he’s the best quarterback in several years! I heard that after graduation, he could be even drafted to the NFL.

I flinched after I heard the word “quarterback”. The memories of Adam flooded my mind. He was my boyfriend for two years and also was a quarterback in our high school football team. He was my first serious boyfriend. I gave him all of myself and was sure that he was the one for me. How stupid was I? Very. He started cheating on me a short time after I lost my virginity with him. Our relationship ended with my heart being broken when he dumped me one month before graduation. He told me that I just couldn’t satisfy him in bed, no matter how hard I tried. So he just chose the best for him and dumped me for one of the meanest girls in our class. They were fucking behind my back for several months before Adam finally decided to be honest with me. How generous of him! Fucking asshole!

“Becca, are you still suffering because of dickhead Adam Farrell?

“No, Kate. Honest. You remember, that everyone expected from me to have a public breakdown, that I will be crying and other bullshit. But I held my head high and didn’t show any of them how painful his betrayal was for me. This helped me to overcome this pain. But it’s just strange. He was a big part of my life for two years, and I loved him. I thought that we’re fine and our sex life was perfect... I was wrong both ways, and now I think that maybe I am frigid or not sexy enough... Ugh, I don’t know! But every time, when I hear the word... My mind is blank, and “I am not sexy enough” like diner’s ad flashes there.

“Don’t you see yourself in the mirror? You’re stunning with your big emerald eyes! You have a perfect and curvaceous body. Your body like a guitar! I even envy your boobs and long legs! And ass!” She linked our arms and tugged me closer to her.

“I know how I look. I know that I am beautiful. But what if I am not good in bed? What if Adam was right, and I can’t satisfy any men?

“Adam is a jerk, and he didn’t deserve such precious girlfriend like you! Believe me, Becca, I have a feeling that you will find your perfect guy here. I don’t know why. But you know my intuition. It’s always right!

“Here is hoping.” I hugged my best friend and smiled at her. “So, I guess you want to get laid tonight? Maybe I could talk you out of it? Just drinking and dancing?

“Nah. I was waiting for this party for too long. And Becca, I know that there is no sex for you tonight. But at least, promise me to have fun?

“Sure do, Kitty Kate, sure do.” I laughed at her pouting lips and marched us to the front door of the fraternity house. People were everywhere; they laughed and drunk from their red cups.

Kate and I were almost 40 minutes at the party, and we already received attention from two guys. I wasn’t interested in any of them, but Kate found one of him attractive, so I shut my mouth and tried to be nice. I guess one of them was Liam, and another was Caiden, but I am not sure who was who. As I said, I wasn’t interested. Kate dragged me to dance a little, guys followed us here, and soon enough, Kate was locking lips with her admirer. I saw the other guy looking in my direction with a suggestion, and I decided to go to find the bathroom.

After I wandered a little through the house, I finally found it. Thank goodness, it was empty. When I was on my way back to the living room, where Kate was, I saw the room in the right corner. The door was open, and the lights dimmed. I heard laughter. I was curious, so I walked to this room and stopped, leaning on the doorframe. There were people all around the room, but my attention was caught by a group resting on two couches in the middle of it. They were playing cards, were drinking, and didn’t give a damn about people around them, who watched them play. I don’t know what made me stay here, maybe the atmosphere of this room or guys, playing cards. I just stood there with a red cup in my hand, taking each of the guys on the couch in my view. Definitely, they were sportsmen, probably football players. They all looked muscular and almost huge. They were popular and were loved by girls. I could tell it, just observing them. Some of the girls were sitting on the laps of guys, some on the back of the sofa, few girls lingered near the walls, observing over this group. As I kept looking at everyone from the group, guy with shortcut hair, who was sitting his back to me, shifted a little, and my eyes landed on the most gorgeous guy in the world.

He had been engaged in the game, with a concentrated look on his face, but at the same time with a huge smile on his lips. The guy had strong jawline with a little stubble, his nose was straight but slightly crooked, and as for his lips, they were deliciously full. And God, the guy had dimples, so cute and so unbelievably sexy. He was relaxed, but still, his bulging biceps were on display, and I even caught the sight of the tattoo on his right forearm. His muscular chest was visible through his tight white t-shirt, which hugged it perfectly and gave me a wave of electricity as my eyes roamed over his body. His hair was dark brown, and it was cut short, but still a little messy. I didn’t have the slightest idea, who was he, but I knew one thing. He was a leader among this group, a star. Fellow guys looked at him with almost admiration in their eyes.

I was staring at him for too long, that he finally locked his eyes with mine. I lost myself in them. They were almost black and with thick black eyelashes. I held his gaze like it was the most important thing tonight. He blinked. I won. But his eyes just went down, roaming over my body, lingering a little on my chest and my long legs, then they were back to bore into my eyes again. I felt hot, like the air in the room became charged with heat. As we continued staring at each other, I felt another wave of excitement, but this time between my legs. I felt as my panties started to become wet, my clit was aching with desire. I wanted this guy. Badly. I never felt like this before. I knew nothing about him, but it didn’t matter. He could walk to me and took me right here at this door, and I wouldn’t say a word of protest. Shit! What is going on, really? He just looked at me, what will happen if he will decide to talk to me? I crossed my legs and shifted a little; I needed to take control of my stupid body. The guy saw my actions and smirked. He was totally aware of his effect on me. Asshole!

The blond guy, who was sitting near the guy with dimples, clapped on his back, returning his attention to the game. I felt so weak in my knees, so I didn’t even have the power to leave this room. I stayed. More people arrived in the room, some came, others left, and I just stood there, trying to roll my brain over what happened here. The guy didn’t look my way anymore, and I honestly felt disappointed. He obviously liked what he saw, the way his eyes were lingering on my body. So why didn’t he try to approach me? I didn’t understand anything right now. I was confused.

Just then, I felt someone’s hands landing on my waist, pulling my back to someone’s chest. I had no idea what was going on, but I was scared. I felt that the guy holding me started grinding me over his arousal. I tried to wiggle out of this embrace, but it was no use. The guy behind me was too strong. I felt hot breath on my neck, caught a scent of alcohol, and fear inside me started to mingle with anger.

“Hey, hey, babe. It’s me, Liam. Why did you leave me all alone for so long? We were having a good time together, so I thought maybe you were lost, and apparently I was right.

Who the hell was Liam? And then I realized it; he was one of the guys from the beginning! But there is no way. I don’t want him! He was the reason why I left the living room and stayed here in the first place. Anger started to overcome me. I tried to push his hands from me, but his grip only tightened. He firmly held me on the spot. I felt he became harden behind my back, and my cheeks flushed. His one hand stayed on my belly, another one cupped my breast and squeezed it hard. I flinched. He was groping and harassing me in a fully crowded room, and I couldn’t even say a word! When I closed my eyes to calm down and to collect my strength to push this freak away from me, I sensed someone’s presence before me. Then I heard a deep and low voice; it sounded demanding.

“What’s your problem, Matthews? This girl doesn’t look like enjoying your attention.

I opened my eyes and felt relief. It was the guy I watched. He was taller than me, around 6 feet three inches, I guess, with broad shoulders. His hands were folded over his chest, showing every biceps they had. He wasn’t relaxed now, he was tense, like a predator, ready to strike. Despite all this stress, I felt the heat between my legs again. I couldn’t believe myself. This guy had been making me hot and in need only by his presence. I was imprisoned with his eyes before, and now I felt intimidated by his presence. This feeling was too new to me, and I didn’t understand it—the only thing I wanted right now – to run away from this party.

Liam’s hands dropped from my sides, but only to tag me to his hips. I felt dizzy and nauseous. The need to run away was only intensifying with every minute.

“You’re wrong, dude. She’s just new in town and a little shy. Give me some time alone with her, and she will be begging for my attention.

“I don’t think so. Let her go, Matthews.

His voice was calm, but with notes of power. Shivers run down my spine. I took a moment and looked him over again. He was stunning, all in his look was about masculinity and pure sex. And also, there was his natural charm with his damn dimples. I was attracted to him on the animal level, so raw and so unpredictable. I was sure now that he was a football player, all in his physic was screaming about it. I imagined him without this t-shirt, and I swallowed, my breathing became rough. I would have given everything in the world to have him. My body arched to him, acting on its own. For now, I don’t have any power over my fucking body. The desire was painful, and it overwhelmed me. I was going nuts. The atmosphere was intense, and I was fantasizing about this gorgeous man before my eyes. These feelings started to freak me out even more than this creep near me.

“Bro, what the fuck? There is no way to talk like that to your guest.

Finally, Liam let go of me and stared at the guy. But he wasn’t alone already, blond guy and guy in a cap stood on both sides of him. Wow, talk about stunning guys. The blond guy was different from the guy with dimples, but he was dangerously gorgeous too. Looking at him, you just knew in an instant that he would bring troubles with him. That he will break your heart and will move on, not even looking back at you. The face of the guy in a cap was hidden, as also here wasn’t enough light in this room. But he wasn’t smaller than the other two. I think they all were more than 6 feet 3 or 4 inches with hot and muscular bodies. This trinity looked impressive; they were the real deal.

“Exactly. This is our house. You do as we say or get the hell out of here.

“Whatever. She’s obviously not worth it.” Liam spat these words and turned to leave. I sighed with relief and relaxed in an instant, leaning again to the doorframe. All three men were looking after him; everyone in the room was quiet.

“Go after him. Make sure he’s out of here.” The dimples guy said to the guy in the cap. I didn’t even know their names, so I gave them nicknames. The blond looked me over with a seductive grin on his lips and a strange glint in his eyes and returned to the couch. I brought my gaze to the one who was studying me this whole time.

“Are you okay? He didn’t hurt you, right?” I felt kindness in his words and smiled. He was a good guy. I just knew it. He cared.

“Yeah, thank you.

He shrugged his shoulders, to show me it wasn’t a big deal. The problem was on the surface. His actions were a big deal to me.

“I don’t remember seeing you before.

“Well, he was right in one thing. It will be my first year here. Guess it starts not so good for me.

“Don’t let one asshole ruin your first college’s party.

He smiled at me. Damn, with this smile and his dimples, he was even hotter. His eyes imprisoned me. I wanted him to kiss me, to devour me with his luscious lips. I imagined his big arms cupping my ass or his tongue on my breasts. We were silently staring at each other for a few minutes already. I saw that his eyes weren’t black as I thought before; they were brown with hints of gold. And what I saw in them, gave me goosebumps. The guy wanted me. His desire was almost the same as mine. As I realized this, the heat spread through my whole body. I was ready to tell him “yes”, as soon as he decides to ask me, but then I heard a voice. The blond was calling him back to the game. The moment was ruined.

“Logan, are you planning to stand here all night? We were in the middle of something if you forgot this already.” Okay, at least I will know his name. It’s Logan.

“Prepare your ass to be kicked, Drew, because I will win. Again.

The blond was Drew, point taken. Logan answered without even looking back. He nodded at me, and next moment I was all alone at the doorframe. I stayed. I was waiting for him to invite me to the couch. He didn’t. I waited for him to look at me again. He didn’t. He acted like I didn’t even exist anymore. I was nothing to him. These words echoed in my mind as I rushed to leave this house. Tears streamed down my face when I was on the street. The fucking Adam made me questioning myself, made me feel vulnerable before men. Even if I was beautiful, even if I worked hard over my body, it wasn’t enough. I knew that I saw the desire in Logan’s eyes, but I guess it didn’t matter.

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