I should’ve packed an aspirin for the trip. On the contrary, I hadn’t thought my night would turn out the way it had. All the alcohol and the beat of the music left me with a heavy headache.

I pulled myself up from the bed and looked around, trying to sniff through my jammed nose, as memories of last night knocked on me. Vincent Brown. The bite. The sex.

I glanced to the side of the bed, which was empty. It didn’t surprise me, since I was the one who had wanted him gone soon after the sex, but it made me a little upset. I had wanted to get him out of my system, but hadn’t thought of the possibility of him playing with my mind even after.

The red dress I wore to the club lay on the edge of the bed while my bra and panties clung to my body, untouched. My brain had no recollection of what had happened last night after coming to my room, but the sensations of Vincent's subtle touches and the warmth of his kisses still lingered on my neck and lips.

I wanted to remember every little detail, but at the same time, I didn't. This was all horrifying for me. He was the first man in six years whom I had allowed to touch me, whose hands on my skin hadn't bothered me at all.

Had my fear of being touched faded? Or was it just Vincent?

I walked into the shower, my head still throbbing. My mind kept drifting back to Vincent’s eyes and smile. He was something. No wonder women couldn’t resist his charms.

Wrapping the only towel left in the cabinet around my body, I went back into the room. There were no extra towels. Good, I needed towels and some Advil. As soon as I picked the cell up to call for room service, a voice coughed behind me, making me jump out of my skin. I whirled around in my usual defensive position—my hands fisted and crossed over my chest.

Those agonisingly beautiful eyes. That devilish smile. Standing in the room with me was Vincent Brown in a white T-shirt and black trousers, his hair gelled to the side.

“How did you get in?” I drawled, “Unless you never left.

“Oh, I did leave. I went home, got changed and came back. The cleaning staff saw me last night and, with a generous tip, they let me in.” He held some towels out to me and said, “Here’re your towels and some Advil for the headache.

My eyes narrowed at the bottle in his hand. “How did you know I needed meds?

“Um, because you weren’t the only one drinking at the club last night.” He shook the bottle. “I always carry a stash of much-needed meds for emergencies.

“Suddenly you sound like an old man.

I looked down at my body only wrapped in a bloody towel, and my eyes widened. I hovered toward him, snatched the towels from him, and pulled my trolley bag into the bathroom with me.

“Why are you still here, V?” I asked through the closed door, curious why he was still in my freaking room.

“I know we made a no-fraternising pact, but you never told me I had to leave at the break of dawn.

“But it doesn’t explain why you’re back.” I tried not to sound sanctimonious.

“Well, I remember you saying the work you were here for is done and I was wondering how long you’ll be in Paris.

“Till tomorrow afternoon.

“Then we’re both in luck.” I snickered at his words while applying foundation in front of the mirror. He went on, “Since we have an entire day, why not we tour this city together? Only if you're willing, that is."

I paused and stared blankly at my reflection. I wanted to join him. But then there was a ninety percent chance of us ending up having sex again, which was a no-no from my side. The thought of getting entangled with him in anything more terrified me.

Slipping into a pair of blue skinny jeans and a white shirt tucked in, I brushed my long waves before hoisting them up in a high ponytail. Simple and presentable. Putting on a slight touch of makeup and a thin layer of eyeliner, I stepped out of the bathroom.

“The idea’s good, but I don’t think we should,” I said, not looking at him.

Even without seeing him, I could feel his gaze burning on me. I mentally picked names for his powerful stare. Undressing-you-with-my-stare sounded more than perfect, right?

“Why do you think we shouldn’t?

“Look,” I finally twisted my head toward him, “last night was fun and all. But we were drunk and childish. Now we’re sober, so we should just call last night a splendid memory and move on.

“Why do you seem so opposed to the idea of us touring together?

Because you’re you? I inhaled a deep breath. There was no proper answer to it. “I’m not opposed to it, but I just don’t think we should.

“And my question is why?

“Why are you so hellbent on getting me to say yes? Are you insinuating that a guy like you doesn’t have friends in Paris to hang out with?

“No, none in Paris. The one I went to the club with is probably still in bed with that chick he took home. And my answer is going to be very simple. I want you to agree to this because I want to go out with you.

Butterflies erupted in my chest at his words. I could see on his face that he meant it.

“Now tell me why you are not saying yes.

“Because I’m dealing with a lot in my life right now and I do not want it to get more complicated by including the stranger I had a one-night-stand with.

“Wow, you certainly hurt this stranger. Tell you what. Let us not know each other. You’re Joy and I’m V. Let’s check the city out as we are. No strings attached.

I huffed. His persistence was rubbing off on me. I was seconds away from saying yes, but then Bea’s voice called out in my head. Shit, she didn’t know of my escapade last night, which I was sure she would tell my dad if she found out. She had promised to take me out as well, so that was a big reason to say no.

“I’m sorry I can’t. I promised my dad’s assistant I would go out with her.

I watched as his face filled with disappointment and his smile subdued. I grabbed my cell from the bedside table and my heart quickened seeing Bea’s name on the screen.

Bea: I have an urgent meeting to attend before we leave tomorrow.
I hope you do not mind.

I know I was supposed to take you on a city tour, but I’m so sorry.

Was she seriously ditching me? I frowned at my cell.

Bea: Please don’t get mad.
I swear I’ll make it up to you.

Now, this was a big concern. I had nothing to do for the entire day, and I was in the city of love. Was I supposed to just sit quietly in my room and keep ordering room service like a child?

I looked up at Vincent's agog expression and said, "On second thoughts, I'll take you up on that offer. Bea cancelled our plan and I’ve got nothing better to do the whole day. I'd rather have you take me on a tour than be alone all day long."

“See what I told you about fate?” A grin took over his lips and his eyes lit up. He was masculine and handsome, but when he laughed or smiled heartily, he was the enigma of cuteness. “You should just give up already.

“Alright, wiseass, you win. But the wall still stands. No querying about real names or asking about where we live or anything significant.

“You got it.

I shoved my cell inside my pocket and asked, "So, do you have a guide planned out or something? Or preferably someone who could show us around?"

He shook his head. He reminded me of my father in more ways than one. A downright workaholic.

“Don't tell me you were so consumed with work that you forgot you’re in Paris?” He shrugged like it was a light matter. “God, you’re horrifying. Fine, let's decide on a place first." I sat on the edge of the bed. "But wherever you plan on touring, Eiffel Tower should be a must-visit on the list."

"Okay . . ." He pulled out his cell and browsed through. "We can do one thing. Let's go to Parc des Buttes-Chaumont first, and then we can head over to the Eiffel at the time of sunset. I’ve heard the view is to die for."

I was way too eager and voluntarily wagged my head with excitement. I couldn't understand if it was the thought of being able to tour Paris or being with Vincent that pleased me more, though. Vincent Brown waltzing into my life was definitely the surprise of my life, but for the first time, I appreciated the unexpected.

My stomach grumbled. "But first, let's go get something to eat. I’m starving."