Chapter 8

Chapter 8


"Hey Mom, we are about to leave, please don't forget to take my car to the mechanic and have him fix the scratch at the back ... Love you too"

I air-kissed her then hung up.

Megan had gone with Vanessa to explore the master suite while the guys are having a drink. I safely secure King Lee to sleep in one of the seats close to me and then bury my head in a magazine to avoid making eye contact with you know who.

"Can't avoid me for long" I heard JC said as he majestically walked towards my direction.

"You are so full of yourself you know, just because I didn't acknowledge your message gave you the presumption whereas

I have been busy, too busy to text back a douchebag" I laid emphasis by dragging the last sentence.

"So you saw my message" He stuffed his hands in his pockets.

I felt his eyes on me and it made me hot inside but it all turned cold when I saw Megan coming above the magazine.

"Nice to meet you JC" I smiled and gave him the 'get out of here nod'.

"We are about to fly."

The pilot's voice said through the speakers.

"I need a nap" Megan said as she goes to her seat to sleep.

I turned briefly and caught JC still looking at me. I shrugged it off by moving my head repeatedly and then closed my eyes to take a nap too.

I slowly opened my eyes coupled with a soft yawn to shockingly see JC half-naked in front of me. His chest was bare, body well sculpted and his torso had the sex lines you know, the one they call abdominal V, V cuts, V abs or Adonis belt, it's every woman's lust.

I hungrily look at him and as if knowing he suddenly pounced on my lips and stripped me naked at the top within a split second. I looked around to still find everyone asleep.

"Were you dreaming about me?"

I heard a familiar voice say as I continued to kiss JC.

A tap from someone's fingers zapped me out of my dream.

I slowly open my eyes and saw JC again, standing in front of me, only this time he was fully clothed.

Bloody hell! I was dreaming.

I quickly look around mentally thanked God no one's awake.

"Were you dreaming about me?" He said again.

I clear my throat and after what seemed like a little composure I finally replied subtly so as not to wake anyone up.

"Why would I?" I straightened my back.

"Cause while you were sleeping, you had a big smile on your face"

"Do you ever stop making assumptions?"

"Nope" he was blunt.

"Well not everything revolves around you" I scoffed and faced the window side. My body followed suit.

"How long can you keep up with this?" He asked.

"Keep up with what?" I said without looking at him. It's the best way to keep my cool in check or I might be the one to pounce on him.

He leaned close to me and our eyes met.

"Don't pretend you can't feel the undeniable attraction between us" He growled into my ear and I felt the closeness. His face slightly touched mine making me smell all of him including the mesmerizing cologne he used.

The contact heightened my breathing.

"Between who? Us? Don't delude yourself" I smirked and then rolled my eyes.

"That's not a good thing to say to someone who appeared like an angel when you needed one" He said in a theatrical villain manner.

So sophisticated.

"First, that was your own doing, I didn't ask for it. Second, just because that happened doesn't mean you can ever be different before me. You are selfish, arrogant, and extremely..."

He interrupts.

"Now I get where the anger is coming from"

I gave him the 'what look', folded my arms together, and arched a brow.

"You just called me selfish and I'm guessing that's because I didn't give you a full orgasm."

Oh God! Why is he so good at making accurate assumptions.

He placed his palm on my arm, grazing my skin with his fingers. I didn't want to continue but somehow I became numb, too numb to put his hand away. So I verbally refrained him instead.

"We might be seen" I said drawing his attention to the others with my eyes.

"I never get caught, I can fuck you here and won't get caught"

Why does every single word of his have an immediate effect on me?

"Well your theory about the parking lot is not true"

Even I, wouldn't believe what I said. The words came out too feeble.

"If it's not, tell me why you are breathing so heavy? Why do you look flustered and not coordinated? Tell me why your nipples look like a rock beneath your blouse." He continued to caress my arm in a seductive manner.

It dawned on me that I wasn't wearing a bra and that's because the blouse on me is a backless halterneck chiffon top with the strap around my neck. It was perfectly adequate for the trip but if I had known someone would be trying to seduce me on board the flight, I would have worn something with nothing to reveal. Especially my nipples.

But that was a lie, I was enjoying every bit of this tease and I didn't want it to stop. I wanted him to continuously look at me with those lustful eyes like I was a buffet of his favorite fantasy.

"Tell me why you're so tensed under my touch? Give me a logical explanation and I just might believe you"

He stopped his hand movement around my neck.

He was right. How could he be so accurate?

I would have taken him to the toilet and bang him to Oblivion ten minutes ago but I had to think of the consequences. I am a very practical person and not even the edge of a sexual arousal can cloud my reasoning.

First off, we'll see each other almost every day because he owns the building my office is located and for someone like me who is easily drawn to people -call it emotional weakness-, my feelings for him would start to grow and I wouldn't be able to curb it and on the long run, I know for sure I'd fall in love with him. That's why I only see Sean on a sex basis.

JC was just another horny alpha male.

Am I ready to start growing feelings for a man that'll never reciprocate it?

It might start out well sex-wise but it'll end in tears for me.

I was still in deep thought when he zapped me back to reality with a kiss.

It wasn't a dream this time. It was a full-blown reality lip-locking.

His palm secured around the nape of my neck, and his mouth buried in mine. He grabbed my hair so tight and I tilted my head to deepen what felt like the most intense kiss in the history of April's kisses.

It was like a dire need for me and wanted only him to fulfill that burning need.

As he pulled away, our lips made a loud hiss as they disconnected. I looked around to see if it somehow made someone awake.

I felt my body exploding as he studied me with his eyes like a huge textbook.

His gaze went on for about five to ten seconds I presume and if he didn't stop, I might faint.

"I knew I'd win eventually, girls like you act like they don't want something when it's the opposite. You all play hard to get but still want me except you don't wear the same clingy desperation like them which I find very interesting so admit it April Denver, you fucking want me and the good thing is, I"

He uprightly straightened himself and returned back to his seat leaving me to piece together his last words.

I thought the eight-hour journey was going to be the longest- correction- this one week with him around is going to be the longest ride of my life.

What did he mean when he said 'they all want him?'.

Of course I know there would be a long queue of girls waiting for him to sleep with them.

I am not surprised.

A man of such Calibre and physique would be prone to receiving sexual advances from all kinds of feminine figures.

I brought out my phone to input his name on the search engine. Something I should have done since the elevator occurrence.

But I didn't know his full name or what JC stands for. Everyone's still sleeping and I'm too impatient to wait until they wake up.

Plus, it'll put my friends in another suspicious drama and I am not ready for their Q and A.

I started out with matching names with JC to no avail.

Very unlucky.

I was about to give up when I suddenly remembered my place of work address.

Crossfire Tower.

I searched for J Crossfire instead and the search engine solved the entire puzzle.

Jordan Crossfire.

His Jordan made me remember my old-time crush.

JC's pictures surfaced on the screen and I saw a picture I believed was taken this afternoon in front of the building. I clicked on the article attached.

It stated that a girl had come out a few days ago to say she's pregnant for him.

My eyes grew wide in a belligerent manner as I read on.

He debunked the claim in response, stating that the girl in question was clout chasing and intent on ruining his reputation adding that the public should disregard her confession.

I exit back to the homepage and scrolled down to see various images of him leaving and entering clubs and other night functions with different girls. Some even had a different girl coming out of his penthouse.


I look back to see him asleep.

He looked so different with his eyes shut and his relaxed chiseled face.

He looked peaceful and very innocent.

Except nothing was peaceful and innocent about him.

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