Marriage proposal

Author's p.o.v

Bhabani Gupta is in her office room. She is pacing here and there. Looking at her face anyone can say that she is depressed.

Her whole mind is occupied by the fact that her company is bankrupted. Her all shares have been bought by some other company. She hasn't paid two months salary to her employees. She is completely devastated by all these things.

This company is the only earning source of her. If she loses this company totally than she will come on the road. She is trying her best to save her company. She has already requested other companies to share with her company but no one is showing any kind of interest.

And she knows that someone is intentionally doing all this to her. But she isn't sure yet. She is thinking all this when her manager Nikhilesh entered into her room hurriedly.

His face is looking tensed. Sweat beads are visible on his forehead. He said," Mam, we have bad news. Our company is now totally bankrupted. We are said to leave this company within one day. If we don't do this then they will call the police."

" But, this company is the most precious thing to me. What should I do? How can I just give my company? Bhabani said. Her voice became heavy like anytime she will cry.

Her manager was silent for some time and then he said," Mam, do you know who has bought all our shares?

Bhabani looked at him raising her brow. She also wanted to know who is that person who is after her company like a mad dog.

" Mam, it's Abhinav Agnihotri. Chairman of" Agnihotri Enterprise".The richest businessman in India right now. I have heard that he is also connected with the mafia", Nikhilesh said.

Listening to him, Bhabani is confused. Why a great businessman like him is after her small company. She said," Whoever he is I don't care. Right now I only want to save my company. Do you have any idea what should I do?

"Mam, as Mr Agnihotri has bought all our shares, I think you should meet him once. If you talk with him about your problems than I am sure we will find any way to save our company". Nikhilesh explained everything to Bhabani.

She is too much determined to save her company that she didn't think twice and immediately agreed to meet Abhinav Agnihotri.

She said, " If it's the only way. Then I will do it. Arrange a meeting with Mr.Agnihotri. I will meet him anytime".

Nikhilesh nodded his head and went outside. He called someone on the phone and said," Sir, The work is done. She is ready for the meeting."

The other person said something and Nikhilesh only said," Yes, sir. I will do anything for you". Saying that he cut the call.

He informed Bhabani that Mr Agnihotri will meet her today. He has agreed for the meeting.

Bhabani thanked God that Mr Agnihotri agreed. She is now hoping that everything will be ok.

Abhinav's p.o.v

After Nikhilesh's call, I am feeling a soothing feeling in my heart. Finally that bitch is in my clutch. Well, about Nikhilesh? He is that person who helped me leaking all the information about her company. I have to just lure him with money and like a greedy dog, he changed his side.

Right now, I am in my office room waiting for that bitch. She doesn't know what's waiting for her. I lit a cigarette and started smoking. Today I am feeling too much happy. I can't wait to share all these things with ma.

Suddenly someone knocked at my door. And asked for permission. It's my P.A. He informed me that Bhabani Gupta is here. I told him to send her in. He nodded his head and left the room.

After a few minutes, I hear a woman's voice asking for permission. I said with my cold voice," Come in".

And that bitch entered. After many years seeing her I got stiffed in my place. My body became cold but a rage of revenge started flowing through my full system.
But I controlled my anger and told her to sit.
She sat in front of me.

She started saying," Mr Agnihotri,  I think you know why I am here. I will not waste your time and will come to the point directly".

I said nothing. I am clenching my fists tightly and hearing her all words. She said," As you know that my company is bankrupted. And you are the one who bought all my shares. I request you to help me coming out from this situation ".

Well, I was waiting for this line. I said," I see. Ok, I will help you but I have a few conditions ".

She blinked her eyes a few times. I know she is confused. She asked, " What kind of condition?  I will do anything to save my company. "

I nodded my head and said boldly," Well, I want 80% ownership of your company".

Hearing me, she stood up from her seat and almost yelled," it's not right. 80% ownership means you will be the real owner of my company and I will be an owner just in name. I don't agree to this condition!".

I slightly leaned to my chair and crossed my legs. I said," If you are not interested in my condition then get lost from here. And prepare yourself to live on the street from now on."

Hearing me, I saw some tears in her eyes. She was silent for some time and then said," ok. I agreed to your condition. After all my children will not have to live on the street.".

I mentally smiled that my prey is now in my clutch. She was going to ask me something when I said, " I have another condition ".

She said nothing but raised her brow in a questioning manner. I said," You have to marry off your elder daughter with me".

This time, hearing my condition she dropped her file from her hand. She couldn't believe that I will ask something like that.

She said," Mr Agnihotri, I think you are crossing your limits".

I stood up from my seat and yelled, " If you are ready to agree with my conditions only then I will consider your company. Otherwise get lost from here and don't waste my valuable time ".

She isn't saying anything. She is standing like a wax statue. She never expected that I will ask for something like that. I can see her vulnerable condition. Yes, that's what I always wanted.

After some time she broke her quiteness and said with a heavy voice," Ok. I agree with your conditions."

After hearing her, a wicked smile formed on my lips. I said," Then, I promise you that tomorrow you will get the news that your company is ok".

She said a small thank you and left my office. I can't believe she loves this company that level that she agreed to marry off her daughter with me without any thinking. Well, that's good for me. What can I expect more from a bitch like her.

Author's p.o.v

Devika is in her room studying very attentively. Suddenly, the doorbell rang and she run towards the door to open it. She opened the door and found her mother who is looking very tensed and tired.

Devika hold her mother and helped her to sit on the couch. She run towards the dining space, poured some water in a glass and gave the glass to her mother. Bhabani drank the water and relaxed for some time.

Devika asked," Ma, are you ok. Is everything alright?

Bhababi looked at her and said Devika to sit beside her. Devika sat beside her mother and asked," Ma, is everything ok?

Bhabani holds Devika's hand and asked," Dear, can you do a favour for me?

Devika is seeing her mother with weird expression because she never saw her mother like that or saying something like that. Devika said," ma, I will do everything for you. Just tell me what I have to do?

This time Bhabani couldn't hold back her tears and started crying.  Devika is trying to console her but she is crying continuously.

Devika wiped her mother's tears and said her mother," Ma, tell me what I have to do?

Bhabani couldn't hold anymore the words and said," You have to marry someone".

Devika frowned her brows. She can't believe her ears what's her mother is saying.

" What are you saying ma? I can't understand anything.

And then, Bhabani narrated the whole story in front of her. Listening to her, Devika understood everything but she is confused why that man wants to marry her.

Devika said," Ma, I am understanding everything and I can do anything for you but at least tell me who is that man? Whom I am marrying?

Bhabani replied, " He is the richest businessman in whole India right now. He is Abhinav Agnihotri "

A sound of glass breaking echoed through the whole room. Devika dropped the glass from her hand listening to Abhinav's name. She got stiffed on her place. She is not saying anything like she has lost her words.

This time Bhabani said," Please, dear. Do this favour for me".


It's 2 a.
m and Abhinav is again playing the same tune on the piano. Some memories are flashing in his mind. He is closing his eyes and continuously playing the tune.


"You are the son of a whore.
Don't you know what your mother does? She is a whore" a boy said to Abhinav and started laughing.

Abhinav punched that boy but then more boys come and joined with that boy and started saying the same words.


Abhinav is playing the piano with too much force that his fingers started bleeding.
But he is still playing the piano.

After a few moments, he stopped and opened his eyes. His eyes are bloodshot like he will kill anyone right now. He said with full rage on his voice," everyone will pay for their sins".

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