Chapter 10

Hestia's walking towards the office of Warren's grandmother as she saw how elegant and... Pink her office was. She walked towards the seat in front of Mrs. Villaflors' table quietly as she gazes towards the big windows which shows the view from the building. Mrs. Villaflors' smile grew widely as she watch as Hestia's eyes twinkles

"You like the view dear?" asked Mrs. Villaflor as she went to sit on her table

Hestia was a bit surprised as she heard Mrs. Villaflor talking to her. she thought that she's quite strict but on the inside she's a sweetheart. Hestia saw how her eyes almost turned into nothing as she smiles with her white teeth showing. Her old age wasn't evident on her skin as she looks younger than her age.

"Yes Ma'am" said Hestia as she's a little shy in front of Warren's Grandmother and nervous at the same time. she felt quite guilty for lying to her about their relationship. She saw how her eyes twinkle the moment Warren introduced her as his girlfriend and now she's feeling guilty because of it.

"You know, you can always come to visit me. I'll inform the desk downstairs. And don't call me Ma'am, just call me Mommy" said Mrs. Villaflor as she smiled and took Hestia's hands on hers

"Thank you, for changing Warren" said Mrs. Villaflor as she smiled sincerely towards Hestia. But she was quite confused as to why they were shocked to see her laugh at Warren and now his gran- Mommy is thanking me for changing him

"If you don't mind, can I ask what happened to him?" asked Hestia as Mrs. Villaflors' smile vanished as she looked emotional

"Warren's parents, my Son and my Daughter In law had an accident just a while ago." said Mrs. Villaflor as she tries to stop her tears

"They've lost their lives during the accident and, someone's behind it" said Mrs. Villaflor as she sighed

"Warren lost her parent and almost lost the company. but he changed. His bubbly self changed to a cold one. he's always angry and even with one mistake he's sending employee's home crying. That's why we were shocked to see that he didn't do anything when you laughed at him" said Mrs. Villaflor with smile in her face, gratitude was evident on her face as she held Hestia's hands tightly

"I'm sorry for your loss" said Hestia but Mrs. Villaflor shook her head and smiled instead

"We should celebrate because he found you" said Mrs. Villaflor as Hestia looked quite confused on her choice of words

"Found me?" asked Hestia as Mrs. Villaflor panicked. She knows Hestia since she was a kid and she also know that Warren's hiding his identity at Hestia because if she knows, Hestia would not feel distant towards them

"I said, we should find a good restaurant to celebrate" said Mrs. Villaflor said as she stood up and looked at her secretary who smiled at her

"Find a good restaurant for us Immediately" said Mrs. Villaflor as Hestia stood up, waving her hands as a no

"N-No, that would not be necessary" said Hestia as Mrs. Villaflor looked at her with confusion

"She doesn't like fancy restaurant Mommy" said Warren as he walked inside the office and next to Hestia

"She prefers fast foods" said Warren as he winked at Hestia who in return blushed at his actions

Mrs. Villaflor blinked at his words as she looked at Hestia. Hestia on the other hand looked nervous as she thought that maybe she did something wrong. But she was shocked to see that Warren's Grandmother smiled at her warmly and looked at her secretary once again. Hestia looked over to Warren worryingly as she thought she might have done something but Warren shook his head in return and smiled

"I want you to order three of each possible Menu in McDonalds" said Warren's Grandmother making Hestia look at her in shock. Hestia had her mouth open in shock as she thought that she really is Warren's grandmother

After waiting for 30 minutes of laughter and conversation, the order finally came as they had a hard time preparing the food all at once and a big company ordered them. As the food were placed at the long table they all found their spots and slowly eats the food on the table. Warren looked over to Hestia as he saw her munching on the burger on her hand. He saw a smudge on her lips and Warren tapped Hestia's shoulder making her Face Warren

Warren extended his hands and wiped the smudge on her face with his thumb making Hestia blush shades of pink. She immediately turned towards the tables to hide her red face. Hestia's heart were beating at an alarming rate as she thought that Warren could almost hear them. Hestia placed her food at the table and abruptly stood up and excusing herself while the rest laughed at her actions

As Hestia left the room, she went to find the comfort room and saw a sign that the comfort room was at the employee's floor making her enter the elevator and pressing the said floor. but what she doesn't know is that there's a comfort room inside their offices. As the door opened, the employees lined up expecting to see the Chairwoman and instead, Hestia popped out

they sighed in relief and a large man went up to her, grabbing her by the arm but not too tightly and dragged her out of the elevator, she was shocked to see this kind of reaction. the Man dragged her to what seems like his office and closed the door as the employees shook their head as they already know what will happen next. The man then faced Hestia with a mad face as he began to walk over to her

"Did you know that you could've gotten us fired?!" yelled the man as she trembles in fear. No one has ever shouted at her like this before.

"How could you use that Elevator?! That's for the chairwoman! and the President! Are you out of your stupid mind?!" yelled the man as she fought her tears from falling

"the President has his Girlfriend over that's why we need to be cautious! what if she's like those arrogant bitches huh?!" yelled the man as she lowered her head

Hestia heard the man sigh and walked over to his table to fetch some tissues. He went back to approach Hestia and extended his arm to give her the tissue. Hestia looked at him nervously before the man nodded and looked at her with a calmed expression. Hestia took the tissues and wiped her tears as she waited for his reaction

"Sorry, I was just stressed over as these employees here tossed everything to me" said the Man as he went back to his seat and offering Hestia a seat

Hestia saw the Section Head on his table as she sat on the chair and looked at the Man

"My Name's Charles, and you are?" asked Charles as he looked at Hestia, waiting for an answer

"H-hestia" said Hestia as she stuttered on her words

"B-But why did they tossed you everything?" asked Hestia as she looked at him

"Because I'm fat" said Charles as he sighed in dismay

"Ever since I was promoted they've tossed the workload to me. Look at them, they're even watching anime on the screen" said Charles as he looked at the piles of folders on his desk

Hestia saw this and thought of an Idea. She stood up and smiled at Charles

"come with me" said Hestia as she took Charles by the hand and dragged him out of the office. She stood in front of the Elevator as Charles grabbed her by the wrist to stop her. But Hestia was persistent. The moment the elevator opened she got inside and told Charles to wait for her there. A few minutes passed by and Charles saw the light in the elevator stop at their floor. He was confident that Hestia's behind the elevator and got scolded, but he thought wrong. Instead, Warren and Mrs. Villaflor stepped outside the elevator with her

"Warren, Mommy, this is the guy that I told you about. And there's something you need to see" said Hestia as she had her arms wrapped on theirs as she walked over to Charles house and the Employee's panicked as they hide their personal belonging as Warren and his Grandmother saw everything and shook their head in disappointment

Hestia opened the door to his office and revealed tons of files on his desk

"Why is all these papers on your table?" asked Warren as Charles couldn't speak in shock

"Your employees tossed everything to him since he got Promoted" said Hestia and Warren nodded

"No one will get off work today until everything in this desk is finished and clean your tables! this is not a pigsty!" yelled Warren as the Employees stood behind them to get the files on Charles' office. Charles felt grateful as he looked at Hestia who winked at him and smiled. Charles couldn't contain his emotions as a tear left his eye.

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