7: His Name

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"What shall we do? I wonder what kind of calamity is this. We need to take her to the hospital," Umma roared, glaring at Abba and Tahir piercely.

Her shout vulgarized Abba and Tahir from the shock. Tahir swift spurted out of the house. He came back with a car key in his hand, "Umma carry her, let's go" He half yelled.

Umma and Hayfah guided her out of the house, where Tahir borrowed his friend's car. Hayfah was crying hysterically, she loves her sister dearly, no matter what would happen, she'll be her forever sister.

They hopped in the car in melancholy, there loomed no scintilla of hope in Amna's wellbeing. To say Umma was agitated would be an understatement. She couldn't imagine her life without her beloved daughter.

Tahir took Amna in his hands and they rushed inside the hospital. It wasn't a private hospital, so there wasn't light in the hospital, as it was obstreperous, fulani people were rummaging in every crevice and corner of the hospital. Some were yelping, some looked distraughted and ruminative.

Tahir sighted a young doctor in his early 20's, he looked knackered and stressed. Tahir rushed to him, adjusting Amna in his arms, so she couldn't fall.

"Doctor, please save my sister. She was coughing, spewing out blood and dashed out. Help me please," Tahir croaked, his eyes emoting how beseeching he was.

Doctor groggily palmed his face, how would he tell this agonized family he was off duty and the Doctor on duty isn't around? He was at the hospital since morning. He had to go home and rest.

"I'm so sorry, I'm off duty. The Doctor on duty will be here anytime from now," he lamented, as he maneovred and wandered off. He was halted by a grisp on his wrist, he swiftly turned, as he felt an electrifying feeling, his gaze fell on a beautiful face washed with tears. He felt something indescribable in his heart. A sudden sense of protection twisted his heart, he wanted to clear those tears, he wanted to see how her smile would be.

"Doctor! I beg of you, please help my sister, she's the only sister I have. I love her so much wallahi, I couldn't imagine loosing her. Doctor please," came Hayfah's husky voice, as she broke into tears. Her heart was at the verge of bursting.

Before he could answer, she ran to where Tahir was; holding Amna firmly in his arms. She shaked her roughly, crying hysterically "Adda Amna, wake up please. You can't do this to me, would you? Wake up and tell him you can make it, wake up and tell him he should help me save your life. Please Addanah," Hayfah blurted, her voice has became throaty.

Doctor couldn't stand this, his job was to save lives. How could he say no to this lady? How could he leave her in this pain? The sight alone was heart wrenching.

"Let's go," he ordered and walked off. Tahir and Abba swiftly ensued him, leaving Umma and Hayfah crying on a bench.

Umma smacked her shoulder angrily, glaring at her "Can you keep shut since we're out of sight? Your sobs almost kibosh my eardrums. Clear out those crocodile tears," Umma taunted, flashing her a hateful look.

Hayfah's eyes bulged out. What does this mean? Umma meant she wasn't crying because she was worried? When will all this things stop? What kind of hate is this?

She opened her mouth to retaliate but procrastinated. She was fuming with rage, she was fed up with all this. When would she wake up to a smily face and a nice word?

Without a word, she used her thumb and cleared her tears that weren't ready to stop. The pain has doubled it self. To which pain should she respond? Her sister there fighting for her life? Or her biological mother accusing her of crying because of eyesight? No one could fathom the pain she's in, even if she vocalize it.

Umma's hiss jolted her out of her trance, she yawed her gaze to the side, her eyes landed on fuming Umma. "Hypocrite! I know you hate her that much. You were crying because of eyesight. You'll be the happiest person when she dies," Umma tattled. She felt like strangling her.

"Ummah!" Hayfah drowled, as the tears she had been fighting with washed down her face.

"Umma why will I be happy? Umma why do you hate me so much? You always sabortage my creation? You always redicule me. Umma I wasn't the one that created my self. I believed you wouldn't have humiliate, and harasse me all my life if I wasn't created like this. You would've love me how all mothers love their daughters.

I left this your remark in the hands of Allah. He'll the all hearer and the all seerer. And I pray he changes my situation, He's the Mudabbirul umur. I know I'll be happy in the future," Hayfah speculated. She was in an agonizing pain, she felt her heart throbbing in it's ribcage.

She left the bench and truged to where Amna was taken. She wasn't ready for Umma's heart breaking talks. She've had enough. This alone would make her day. Note the sarcasm.

Umma stood there mouth agape, she felt her words piercing right through her heart. Different thoughts were rummaging in her noddle.


It was around 8am, Hayfah was sitting on a prayer mat in the room Amna was admitted, while Umma was in the toilet.

They slept over there, Abba and Tahir left the hospital in the midnight. Hayfah was grateful because she didn't utter a single word to her since their last encounter. She couldn't be more grateful, had it been she didn't retaliate, her tears would've dried before morning.

The door creaked ajar, emanating Abba and Tahir, they looked glum. Hayfah hurriedly collected the basket in Tahir's hand and placed it on the table. She greeted Abba, which he reciprocated with a loving smile. Tahir nodded his head briskly and glued his gaze on sleeping Amna.

Abba cleared his throat, which caused Hayfah's attention to him. She looked up, giving him the 'We're all ears' look. He smiled, a triumphant smile and enunciated "Hayfah, I've paid your hostel fees and registration fees. You have to go today, since they've already started their lectures, you shouldn't miss more."

Her facial expression was unfathomable, what will she feel? How will she thank Abba? Was she happy? Can she leave her sister on this condition?

Before she could utter a word, Umma came out of the bathroom, fuming with rage. She had probably heard their conversation. "What was it I heard? Don't tell me you couldn't even pay for a private hospital and trying to waste your money on so called education. This can't be possible, and I won't let this happen," Umma thundered, giving Abba the 'you must be fool' look. She couldn't believe Amna was fighting for her life, but all he could think of was so called education of his daughter.

"You aren't going anywhere," Umma said to Hayfah, finality laced in her tone.

Hayfah was battered, her words became guttural. She was just looking between humbugged Abba and presumptous Umma.

"What do you mean by she isn't going? You have to obfuscate what you said, so I could clearly assimilate it. I'm the husband here, and the father of both daughters, wasn't she getting enough treatmeant here? And as the controller of the house, I choose to waste my money on the so called education," he emphasized the 'so called education' with full sarcasm. Abba's voice was amalgamated with anger and adamantness. Ummi knew not to add a word, as Abba can be recalcitrant.

His forehead screwed up, he looked at Hayfah, with a benevolent expression "I think you should be at home by now, pack all the necessary things, I'll be home before you leave," he dictated.

Hayfah nodded her head in obedience and stood up, she was at the door when Amna woke up with a loud yelp. She swiftly turned and stood beside yelping Amna. She opened her bloodshot eyes and fixed her gaze on dolorous Umma.

"Umma, I just want to know his name," she slurred, bursting into soft tears.

Umma abruptly glared at Hayfah, "Will you tell her the name or not? You selfish snag," Umma cobbled.

"Umma, believe me, I don't know his name," she charaded, as a crestfallen feeling gnawed at her. Why won't she tell her? It won't do any harm. That has been the question she couldn't answer to herself. She just feels she had to keep something to herself, just one. And she choosed his name, as the treasure.

"Umma beg her for me, just the name won't harm. I didn't ask for any information, just his name. Hayfah won't you want your sister sound and healthy? I'll pay for your hostel fees too, please," Amna encapsulated groggily, sounding impotent.

Hayfah wondered where her vainglorious sister was, she had never begged her, why wouldn't she tell her? Isn't she a guile person for not telling her megalomaniac sister the name of the person she so much adores?

She opened her mouth but was abruptly cut off with Umma's tattle "She won't tell you, Amna. She wants you to die or live your life as a sick person, she's heartless, and a humungous hypocrite. So selfish of you, shame on you, Hayfah," Umma soared enragedly.

Her words made Hayfah invulnerable, she felt an excruciating pain in her heart, which made her adamant to her words. She avowed not to tell her his name, even if it'll be the last thing she'll have as hers. His name will be her price possession treasure. She has nothing in her life, only Abba, and His name.

"I'll take my leave," she divulged to no one in particular and evaded out of the room.

She was silently sobbing when she almost hit the doctor, and petrifiedly looked up, "Sorry Doctor, she woke up just now," she spoke haltingly, she hoped she didn't saw her tears.

He smiled, a heart touching smile "I'm Malik, not Doctor," was all he could say, as he kept scrutinizing her beautiful face, seeing her tears made his heart throbbed.

"Okay Malik. I'll leave now, you should help my sister please," she beseeched and wafted off.

He ensued her and spoke silently, almost inaudible "Let me take you, please. The doctor on duty will check her, I just came to see you," he brushed his trimmed hair with his hand, rubbing his nascent beard nervously.

Hayfah's heart almost melt at his remark, he just came to see her? Oh my god! He's so caring, the best comment she's ever received from a guy. But her Adyan's was completely different, it was heart touching and worth embedding.

Thinking about Adyan, she couldn't say No to Malik, he taught her on their graduation day not to turn down a good offer, how wouldn't she not pay heed to Her Adyan's advice? Yes! He has becomes hers, albeit she only knows His name.

Their sojourn was hushed, she only talk when locating him, he dropped her off, after promising to come back any time. She just smile and entered the house, after monotoning to help her look after her sister.


Abba came back and bid her adieu. She took a tricycle and headed to the bus stop which was close to their house.

She was about to enter the bus when someone yanked her with her hijab, she abruptly turned, her gaze fell on smirking Amir, he looked notorious.

"Hey the most beautiful lady with a melodious voice," he mocked sarcastically.

She glared at him, and yanked her hijab from his grisp. "Do you think you'll go scotfree after humiliating me in front of my friends? I wanted to apologise, but you humiliated me. So I've finally get the chance, to hug you or kiss those luscious lips of your. They were the first things that attracted me towards you," he winked, grisping her wrist, as he pulled her close to his body.

"What do you think you're doing? You aren't even up to my standards. And for my luscious lips__so sorry, you didn't deserve to even hear a word from them. So don't be ninny, take your filthy hands off mine," she roared, yanking her hand from his grisp, glaring at him.

He forcefully pulled her to his body, she was an inch to his body when she was yanked abruptly. Hayfah turned and sighed in relief, muttering Alhamdulillah.

Amir infuriatedly turned around, "What the f*ck! Who do you think you're?!"

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