Tori's POV

“I’m sorry for coming late,” he apologizes, his eyes sincere. “I know I said seven sharp, and I’m the one who’s late.

I just stand there and stare at him. I can’t seem to believe my eyes. He’s really standing before me. Right now, he’s wearing a pair of faded blue jeans and a clean white T-shirt, which enhances his tan-colored skin. He’s so gorgeous and he smells so nice.

“Tori?” He pulls me from my reverie.

I clear my throat. “I… I wasn’t waiting for you.” I even lift my chin.

He chuckles softly. “I see.

“I was just around the area—”

He cuts me off by cupping my face and kissing my lips. He ends it with a peck and looks deep into my eyes.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you and I’ve been looking forward to this first date. I’m sorry again for being late. Some late work caught me up.

I chuckle with a little shake of my head. “This first date?” I echo.

“Yes, it is. And it’s not what you think. It’s different. What happened yesterday… I admit that it was just for fun between me and Cade. We… had a bet.

I remove his hands from my face. My eyebrows are knitted together. “W-what bet?” I demand, voice starting to rise.

Now he looks nervous. He swallows hard before he tries to explain. “It started from betting just for fun. We already had our eyes on you the moment you came in to the store. We secretly followed you, observed you and profiled you. I told Cade you’d likely shoplift. Cade didn’t believe me. We both saw you and stopped you from leaving. Then, that happened. Since I won the bet, I… was the first to do it with you.

“Fucking bastards!” I whisper, trying hard not to spill the tears that are forming in the back of my eyes. I blink them away as I turn my back on him, about to leave him.

He quickly comes up right behind me and holds my hand. I try to snatch back my hand but he holds fast and tightens his hold.

“Wait, Tori. Just listen to me, okay? I know you won’t believe anything that I’ll say to you right now but the truth is that… I tried to back out from our bet. But Cade just won’t let me. I’m so sorry!

I look deep into his sherry brown eyes. I can feel his sincerity. Fucking heart! How can I feel this way?

Before I realize what I’m doing, I step closer to him and even initiate the kiss, which he returns so passionately.

I can barely remember how we get into my apartment. We quickly undress each other. It’s my first time to see him totally naked. He’s just like a Greek god before me, who has come down from Mount Olympus.

He pushes me gently back to the wall as he kisses my neck and breasts. With one arm, he hooks one of my legs up to his waist, and he drives right into my minge.

Oh, fuck! Diego is so virile and passionate. I feel like my remaining knee is going to wobble and is going to make me collapse. But he helps me remain standing in one leg. His other hand clutches at my bottom as he continues to drive in and out of my body while my arms desperately cling to him.

He hotly kisses my lips. Our tongues meet and tease each other but I moan with his every plunge. His big shaft really feels good inside of me like he’s truly the one who’s made to fuck me like this.

We look into each other’s eyes as he goes on to make his thrusts. In the midst of his actions, he punctuates every plunge with a kiss.

Oh, God! He’s so fucking sweet!

He varies his pace as well as the depths of his plunges. Shit! I can’t stop moaning.

Sometime later, he carries me to the long couch. He gently lies me down there sideways. His one knee is on the couch; my other leg rests on his shoulder. He continues to fuck me there. Harder this time. One hand caresses my leg that’s resting on his shoulder and the other rubs my clit.

I cry with so much pleasure. I look up into his eyes, which are overcast with desire. I keep moaning as his rhythm becomes faster and faster. Not so long afterward, we both reach the peak; our warm juices slowly drip from my honey pot. He kneels down to lick it dry before he reaches into one of the pockets of his jeans that have been lying on the floor. He gives me the two lipsticks I tried to shoplift yesterday.

“I bought them for you,” he says as he lies down next to me on the couch and kisses my lips hotly.

“Oh, God!” I softly exclaim, looking at him and kissing him. “Thank you, Diego, but you didn’t have to, really.

He cuddles me gently while he nuzzles the nook between my shoulder and neck. “I like you so much, Tori,” he murmurs.

I close my eyes, and a little smile plays on my lips. One hand clutches his arm that embraces me, and the other hand clutches the lipsticks he’s just gifted me.

Okay. If he says no more shoplifting, then I’ll try my best to not do it again. I’m just lucky it was him and his colleague who caught me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here lying beside a very magnificent person.

A change wouldn’t be so bad if it’s for the better, would it?

I sigh happily, realizing it all began and ended with the fucking lipstick.

The end