Chapter Four

Hans closed his laptop and looked across the plane to Cassie who lay asleep on the plush sofa. The women at the villa were being prepared for their transportation back to the castle, and the arrangements had been made for Cassie to visit Justina. Once they landed, he would take Cassie to the villa the long way, offering her a chance to see the sights around Veneto, while his guards took the girls back to the plane.

Once they were out of the villa, Hans would be able to relax and not worry so much about what Cassie might see, or stumble across. In December, he would have the next shipment of women sent over from China, and if needed, he would take her there as well. If this situation worked, he could make it a ritual, offering his new bride freedom outside of the castle, while continuing to supply his buyers with well-trained women.

Taking his phone out of his pocket, Hans sent a quick text to Liam informing him of the itinerary. Once he was finished, he pressed a button on the chair he’d been sitting and signaled for his flight attendant.

Hans watched the woman step out of the cockpit, then ordered lunch in a soft voice so he wouldn’t disturb Cassie. The woman acknowledged her orders and turned around, allowing Hans to watch her wiggle her bottom away from him. She had proven to be a nice distraction on past trips, but now that he had Cassie, he wouldn’t need the woman to spread her legs for him. Much to her disappointment, though he knew she was being pleasantly entertained by the pilot and copilot.

After ten long years of service with the men, he knew he could trust them to keep his secret safe. They would take the attractive redhead and go to supper, while the guards brought the slaves on board, blindfolded, and under the cloak of darkness. They would be tucked away in the back of the luxurious plane, cuffed and gagged, though Hans knew their training would keep them silent. The fear of being punished was enough to make certain they kept quiet.

They would return to Innsbruck late at night, allowing the pilot and his partner time to take the chopper back to Hennhofen with their guests, while the flight attendant returned to her flat in Austria. In the morning, the men would be given their choice of women and would enjoy a full session before returning to Austria to wait for their next trip. It had been the same for ten years, and Hans had no intention of changing the routine.

Cassie opened her eyes when the flight attendant walked away, watching her husband give her more attention than she deserved. Knowing Hans looked at all women, as a means of financial gain was annoying, but knowing what he was thinking when he stared at the woman’s ass, made her angry.

She overheard Anson and Erich talking about the testing sessions coming up, and she knew that Hans was the one who always tested the women. The idea that the man she loved, was going to take part in sexual acts with dozens of women, made her feel sick and very irritated. She knew she had no right to demand his full attention, especially since she was little more than a slave, but it didn’t mean he had to be open with his attraction.

“Could you leave enough clothing on the girl to prevent her from catching a cold?” Cassie asked as she sat up, brushing her loose hair out of her face.

Hans turned and looked at her. He smiled at her irritated expression, aware she had seen his interest in the woman’s backside, but she knew she didn’t have anything to worry about. The redhead was part of his past, and Cassie was his future.

“How was your rest?” he asked her, standing and walking to the sofa as she pulled her legs beneath her.

“It was alright,” she answered, trying to untangle her hair from her cashmere sweater.

“What’s the matter?

“It’s difficult trying to sleep on a sofa, but to sleep on one in a plane is…weird.

“You may as well get used to it, my love. It’s the only way you’ll ever fly again.

“First class has nothing on this place, that’s for certain.

“I’ve ordered lunch,” he told her, kissing her cheek and pulling her closer to his side. “We’ll eat, then I’ll show you a much more comfortable place to sleep.

“Where?” she asked, watching him stand and walk to the bar sitting between two closed doors.

“The bedroom. There’s also a bathroom if you’d like to get cleaned up before we land.

“A bedroom? On a plane?

“I like luxury, baby,” he chuckled, pouring two glasses of wine. “I also like being comfortable on long trips.

“Is that what’s behind the doors?” she asked, taking a glass from him when he returned to her side.

“One door, yes. The other is…storage.

“Storage? Like luggage?

“Something like that.

Cassie didn’t say another word, wondering why he was being so secretive. Except for the room next to his, he hadn’t denied her entrance to anything in the castle. He even showed her how to use the secret latch to the hidden room, in case she wanted to play while he was busy.

The redhead returned a few minutes later, pushing a cart with a squeaky wheel. She stopped by a dark wooden table and set two covered plates on it. Cassie stared at her for several long moments, watching her assemble the silverware and glasses.

“What’s her name?” Cassie asked in a hushed whisper.

“I wish I could remember,” Hans answered. “She’s been with me since I purchased the plane five years ago, and I’ll be damned if I can recall her name.

“Thank you, Miss…?” Cassie said as she stood and walked to the table.

“She doesn’t speak English, Cassie,” Hans smiled, following behind his wife. “Meine Frau sagte danke. Sie will Ihren Namen wissen.

“Gisela,” the redhead said looking at Cassie and smiling.

Cassie looked to Hans who smiled, winking at her, then took her hand and kissed it before holding the chair out for her to sit down.

“Vielen Dank. Wir rufen Sie, wenn wir etwas brauchen.

Hans watched the woman walk away, pushing the cart ahead of her, then took his seat next to Cassie.

“That was very shrewd,” he smiled. “I’ll have to keep you around for when I’m old and senile and can’t remember who I am.

“I’m not surprised you don’t know her name, with all the women who have passed through your castle…she’s not one of them, is she?

Cassie frowned when she stared at the embarrassed expression on Hans’s face. She couldn’t imagine him training a woman to be obedient, just to be put to work on his plane.

“No, darling, she’s not one of the slaves,” he answered, placing the napkin on his lap and removing the lid to his plate. “She has a husband.

“Then why did you blush?

“I do not blush,” Hans said with a frown.

“Yes, you did. You looked like a child caught with his fingers in the cookie jar.

“If you say so,” he grumbled.

“Well, at least she’s not one of your many profits. It’s bad enough to think of you and all those girls you test. I’d hate to think of how many others…you slept with her!

Cassie’s eyes widened when the man blushed again.

“I did not sleep with her,” he said, reaching for his glass.

“Fine, you fucked her. I can’t believe you didn’t remember her name…that’s why you use numbers, isn’t it? So, you don’t have to remember names.

“No, I use numbers as a way of controlling the slaves. I fucked her because…she was convenient, and trips can be long and boring.

“You are never going on another trip without me,” Cassie grumbled, taking the lid off her plate and whipping the napkin across her lap with a quick flip of her wrist.

“Is that a promise, or a threat?” he asked with a soft chuckle.


Cassie fell into silence as she sliced through the pork chop, stuffing a large piece into her mouth. If he thought he’d be able to spend a little 'Master' time alone with that woman, he’d better start thinking again. As of yesterday, he belonged to her and she wasn’t about to share him with a private flight whore.

Hans watched Cassie play a game of solitaire. The memory of their lunch kept pulling him away from his work, even though he didn’t have anything to do. He had already made the plans for the new girls’ trip back to Germany, and his and Cassie’s visit to her friend. But it was an excuse that helped him distract his mind off the feelings her promise left behind.

He’d never had anyone who treated him like a possession or stood between another woman and himself. The idea that Cassie would do just that, made him feel…wanted. Possessed. Loved. Even his own parents never made him feel like that. It was a strange sensation, and he wondered if it would ever end.

“How much longer do we have?” Cassie asked, tossing the cards down to the coffee table she’d been using.

“A little more than an hour.

“This is boring.

“What would you like to do?

Hans shut off his computer and closed the lid then stood up, walking across the room to where she sat. He took her hand and pulled her to her feet, wrapping his arms around her waist.

“Are you finished planning your next shipment?” she asked with a frustrated, pouty voice.

“How do you know what I’ve been doing?” he asked with a wicked grin. “Perhaps I was arranging to have some naughty toys delivered to the castle for when we return.

“Don’t you already have every naughty toy ever made?

“You have no idea what I have. But perhaps, we can spend a few hours investigating them when we go home. I’m sure there are a few new ones, even your dirty movies didn’t teach you about.

“I’ll pass, thank you,” she grumbled.

“Maybe I don’t want you to pass. Maybe, I want to introduce you to the higher levels of the castle, in the dark of night.

“Doesn’t your hidden room have everything you want?

“Perhaps,” he said with a thoughtful look. “We’ll have to check out the stock when we return.

Hans lowered his mouth to hers in a quick, forceful pressure that prevented her from commenting further. He knew the specially made machines he had on the fourth and fifth levels would embarrass the hell out of her. He also knew they would become her favorite instruments of pleasure; once she’d been properly introduced to them.

“Let me show you the rest of the plane,” Hans said in a deep, passion-filled voice. “I’m eager to have you behind closed doors.

“You mean you don’t want your little playmate to see us?” Cassie asked in a sarcastic response.

“I don’t care if she watches us, but I know you do. We could always ask her to join us if you’d like.

“Hell no!

“Then it’s to be the bedroom with the door that locks.

Hans lifted her in his strong embrace and carried her to the door on the left of the bar. He leaned over just enough to turn the handle, then pushed it open. Cassie looked around the room in amazement as he backed up against the door, closing it with his backside.

There was a large bed against the inside wall, covered with a silk burgundy duvet and six fluffy pillows. A single bedside table and lamp sat next to the headboard, with an alarm clock and the remote for a flat-screen television, that hung on the outside wall. The bed had three drawers underneath for clothing and a small narrow closet for Hans’s suits and shoes. There was another door at the back of the room, but it was closed, and she wasn’t very eager to open it and find herself sucked out into space.

Hans walked to the king-sized bed and dropped her on it playfully, smiling when she gasped, then turned around and went back to the door. He paused for a moment, looking at Cassie with a wicked grin.

“Last chance, baby,” he told her. “I can still call Gisela to join us.

“Lock the damn door,” Cassie growled, then smiled when he laughed with genuine amusement.

Hans pulled his sweater over his head as he walked across the small room to the bed. He stared at the blonde with interest, watching her sit up on her knees and slowly remove her sweater. Life had changed a lot since their first night together. She was no longer shy or timid, and she acted as if she was proud of her figure. She stayed nude when they were alone in their chambers, regardless of which room they were in. Though Hans never objected. She was beautiful, and he enjoyed watching her.

Cassie unfastened the snap on her pants and smiled, as she glanced down to the hard erection straining against his jeans. She was anxious to feel his hands on her body and eager to pass the rest of their trip in a more pleasurable way than playing solitaire.

“In a playful mood, are we?” he asked, watching her unzip her pants, slowly.

“Just waiting for you to catch up to me,” she lied.

“Sure, you are,” he chuckled. “Let’s make a bargain. If I strip down and you’re still dressed, you have to agree to play for me.

“What do you mean 'play for you'?

“I want to watch you tease that beautiful body with your fingers.

“I see,” she said with a taunting smile. “And if I’m naked first?

Cassie wasn’t aware that he had kicked his shoes off in the outer room, leaving him with only his pants to remove while she still had her pants, socks, and shoes. It was an advantage he was going to make use of.

“Name your price,” he told her.

“Turnabout is fair play,” she answered, fighting the urge to giggle. “If I’m naked before you, then you have to play for me.

“Eager to watch me jerk off?

“Same as you.

“Ah, yes, but you see, my love, I find your body simply arousing. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to get you in bed, even if there isn’t one around.

“Then it’s a bargain?” she asked.

“Indeed. Count off, starting at three,” he told her with the wicked grin, she had grown accustomed to seeing, whenever he was in an amorous mood.

“Three,” Cassie began watching him unzip his pants as she pulled the zipper down to hers. “Two,” she continued, then remembered her sneakers and quickly flipped onto her bottom and kicked her shoes off. “Two and a half.

“No cheating or I’ll spank. For my pleasure, not yours.

“Fine, two then,” she told him, moving her pants down over her hips.

“You already said two, and you’ve lost,” he told her with a wide grin.

Cassie gasped as he stood beside the bed completely naked, while she still had her socks on, and her pants around her knees.

“You cheated!” she accused him, allowing him to take her pants by the legs and jerk them off for her.

“I did no such thing. You were the one trying to add time to the deal.

“Where are your shoes?

“In the other room.

“And your socks?

“Didn’t wear any.

“But that’s not fair,” she complained, nearly giggling when he bit the toe of her sock and pulled it across her foot.

“All is fair in love and sex, baby,” he told her as he tossed her sock aside and repeated the action with the second one.

“That’s love and war, and you’re about to go into battle.

“Concede your defeat,” he ordered with an amused chuckle as he dropped her sock to the floor. “Perhaps the next time we barter, you’ll be more prepared.

“Count on it,” she told him with a narrowed gaze.

“So, my love, you lost. That means you must play for me. And I want to hear you scream when you cum.

“I’ve already told you, I can’t make myself cum. I’ve tried in the past and it never worked.

“That was before you understood the woman’s body.

Hans knelt beside the bed and opened a drawer beneath it, then straightened up and stretched out across the duvet, beside her.

“You’ve experimented with your friend’s body, and you know where you enjoy being touched,” he explained to her. “You know how much pressure to apply, and how hard to rub. You can do it. Satisfy my warped sense of perversion, and you’ll be rewarded. I’ll make love to you any way you wish, and I’ll make you cum again.

Hans laid a small satin sleeve on the bed in front of her, and gently caressed her inner thigh as she pulled on the drawstring that held it closed. Inside was a slender pink tube with three buttons, and she didn’t have to ask him what it was. Considering it was Hans who gave it to her, she knew it was a vibrator for her to play with. But she didn’t mind. She was becoming familiar with his toys and found she enjoyed playing with them as much as he enjoyed using them on her.

“I want you to make me hot, baby,” Hans growled lustfully. “I want you to prove to me that you don’t need me to satisfy your cravings. Show me how well you can take care of yourself.

“I like it when you do it,” she frowned.

“As do I, my love, but knowing that you can bring yourself to orgasm without my help, is the hottest tease you could ever do.

Cassie didn’t comment. She thought he was a little wacky anyway, and today proved it. A man who had a naked woman, willing to spread her legs to him, who wanted her to satisfy herself…well, that was crazy.

“What if I can’t do it?” she asked, laying back against the pillows after he fluffed them for her.

“I’ll be right here to help,” he promised.

Hans sat up, moving between her spread legs. He caressed her calves as she readied herself, amazed that she was going to do this without arguing.

“Start slow,” he told her when she reached her finger around to the buttons on the cylinder. “You’re going to tease me until I beg you to let me join you. Don’t rush it. This is your time to torment me.

Cassie smiled. This might not be so bad after all.

Slowly she began to caress her labia, biting her lower lip. It didn’t feel right. It felt awkward at best. With all the insanity she’d endured over the past few months, she still wasn’t sure how to do this.

“Close your eyes, Cassie,” Hans whispered. “Let your fingers feel your body. Decide where to touch, and pretend your fingers belong to someone else. Mine, or your friend’s. Move just as you did the day of your training.

Doing as she was told, Cassie closed her eyes and began to imagine someone else touching her. She thought about Violetta, but as expertly as she had touched her, Cassie couldn’t feel the familiar tingling she enjoyed. Then she thought about her childhood dream lover, wondering if he could make her feel like this. But it didn’t work.

She was about to give up when she felt the skip of her heart as Hans caressed her calves. Slowly, she moved her fingers, imagining Hans’s touch. He caressed her legs, she caressed her labia. He touched her outer thighs, she found her clitoris. Softly touching, softly rubbing, she began to pant, feeling the heat beneath her fingers.

Somewhere close by, she could hear a humming sound, then found her fingers wrapped around the vibrator. She wasn’t aware she had turned it on, but it was against her moist body in the single skip of her heart. Cassie moaned, feeling the soft hum against her clitoris, then found her courage and slid her slender finger inside her canal.

Her moaning grew stronger and Hans knew she was at last learning to please herself. It wasn’t an event he wanted her to take part in often, but when he wasn’t around, he knew he’d rather have her pleasing herself than asking one of the guards to do it for her.

“Lift your breast, baby,” Hans told her, moving further between her knees.

She felt him remove the toy from her hand and did as he said, lifting her breast in her hand as she continued to caress and stroke her clitoris.

“Play with it, Cassie. Tease me with your fingers. Pinch your nipple, and pull it, just as I do.

Cassie obeyed and gasped when the stinging sensation traveled through her chest.

“Lick your nipple,” he whispered, and she frowned, uncertain if she’d heard him, or if it was her subconscious speaking to her.

Cautiously, curiously, she placed her breast closer to her lips, amazed that it reached her mouth. She used the very tip of her tongue to caress the hard peak, feeling wicked and daring as the vibrations increased against her, then moved inside her.

“Suck it, baby,” she heard him whisper next to her ear. “Make me jealous.

Cassie obeyed again, moaning when she heard a soft click and felt the vibrations grow stronger. Hans moved her hand back to the end of the toy, holding her wrist, showing her how to thrust the object deeper inside her.

Over and over she moved it, twisting and thrusting until she felt insane with need. Her breath was a mixture of moans and gasps, and she felt Hans’s mouth next to hers, licking and tasting her firm breast.

“Baby, please,” he whispered, “let me join you.

“No,” she heard herself saying. “I want to do this.

Hans growled, but moved his hand away just enough to give her room to continue, then smiled when her hips began moving against the toy. Her moaning grew louder, and he knew she was on the edge of release, but he refused to touch her. She was right there, begging to be set free and he wanted her to experience this on her own.

And then it happened. She cried out as the thrusting toy grew stronger, more powerful and she felt her passion become overwhelming.

“Please…take me,” she panted.

“No. Order me to join you,” he growled as he moved between her legs again. “Make me believe you’re strong enough to own me.

“Hans, join me,” she called out.

“You can do better than that,” he teased her, watching her narrow her gaze on him as she clenched her teeth tight.

“Now!” she demanded

“Yes, Mistress,” he answered obediently, a wicked grin caressing his lips as he removed the toy from her hand.

Hans thrust against her quickly, pressing forward until he was sheathed inside her tight, wet body.

“Harder,” she ordered him.

“Yes Mistress,” he smiled.

Hans moved as quickly as he could, rocking against her with an urgent force until the need grew stronger. He felt the heat wrap around him as his heart pounded against his chest. His fingers moved between her legs, eager for her to feel the same insane heat, but she pushed them away with a determined look.

“I’ll do it,” she told him, watching the light shine in his emerald eyes.

Again, and again he thrust into her until she lifted her hips to meet his. The muscles of her canal tightened around him and he knew he had reached his limit.

“Please, Mistress,” he whispered, laying across her sweaty body as he moved his mouth to her ear. “Please, may I cum?

“Yes, oh God, yes,” she panted.

“Thank you,” he answered, causing her to cry out when he pressed into her one last time.

She felt the heat of his release and she arched her hips into him. Her body quaked with the passion that pulsated through her veins. The sound of their conjoined orgasm echoed off the room’s walls, bathing them in the tight, hot radiance of their love.

It was moments like this that Cassie knew she would obey his every wish. So long as he gave her this last moment of throbbing, exquisite passion.

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