Lev sighs and removes his glasses. He needs to smoke but dwells on it, now’s not a perfect time.

All this information that he acquired and every one of them is frustrating him in the worst way possible. He shouldn’t be feeling like this for something that he doesn’t have a connection to but damn it. This isn’t, in any way, his business but now it is—everything that has to do with France Nam is his business.

How can he say that for someone who is basically a stranger to him and who had nothing to do but to make his life a loud hell for weeks? He just knew he has to do it.

Especially when it’s a person who has done nothing wrong yet the world was suddenly against him. He hates this kind of situations and he will never turn a blind eye for this. Even though he forever hates bothersome things.

“Please do tell me that you’re look right now is because you’re finally in love again.

He laughs at the remark of Joss. “What are you doing here again?

He cousin chuckles and holds his arms in surrender. “I’m guilty. I have no business with you today, honestly, but I heard someone juicy news so, naturally, I went here as soon as I can.

“You shouldn’t have bothered.” He shakes his head. His cousin is really like a gossipmonger. “There’s nothing interesting happened?

“Really? But you went out with the France Nam? That’s considered uninteresting for you?

See? He’s so close to say that his cousin knows everything about him. “He’s the neighbor that I’ve been telling you about. The one I curse a lot. How did you even know about that?

“Oh, you know, just casual morning talks by our employees.” Joss even grins. “Usually, I wouldn’t care and it’s not really my thing to eavesdrop but they have photos. You have good angles on them, too.

That made his raise his eyebrow. “Photos?

“We’re talking about France Nam here, bro. Why are you surprised that people will take pictures of him? He’s hot stuff even with his huge scandal. Now, you’re telling me that he was your neighbor? Well, damn. I don’t know if you’re lucky or super lucky.

With that mere mention of scandal, he remembers why he was mad again.

Joss loses his necktie. “I always loved working with that man. I know him but not personally so I’m not really in a position to say this but I think it’s one of those showbusiness bullshits again on why he suddenly has a very odd scandal.

That stopped him from speaking. Someone is indeed sharing his sentiments.

“I don’t really know what’s going to happen to you, cousin, and that young actor but I smell romance.

That’s it, he took at pen and throws it to his already laughing cousin. “Out. You’re not welcome here anymore.

Joss laughs even more. “Come on, bro, I support you no matter what! I’ll set my hopes because trust me—you and France will happen!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lev doesn’t like unnecessary things in his life. As well as bothersome and unimportant things that will not bring any benefit for him. But what he doesn’t like more is unfairness and other bullshit that someone will do to bully someone.

He should really stop arguing with himself on why he cares so much with the young actor France because in the first place, there’s really no stopping him once he makes up his mind—even it means he’ll have to help the person who gave him the noisiest week.

He was about to open his door when he finally noticed a barely hanging note by his door.

Knock Knock. Do you have some extra meds? I’m dying pls help asap – that’s the content of the barely readable note.

He turns to look at the next door, suspiciously. Is this note legit or this man is planning on pranking him out of nowhere?

Instead of going in his own apartment, he walks to the next door and knocks. He sure hopes that this note is serious because he is not in the mood to play pranks.

In all honesty, he expects to see France in a ready-to-pull-some-prank expression when he opens the door but no—France is seriously looking sick and pale wrapped in his blanket. He looks he’s barely standing and is about to collapse soon.

“D-D-Do you have a-any m-meds for f-fever? I think I’m d-dying. I c-can barely see you—”

Right before France can finish what he was saying—he collapses. Good thing he was good at catching.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

France wakes up with the delicious smell of chicken noodle soup—or maybe he’s imaging things because how the hell would he have the smell of any food in his apartment when he doesn’t even have anything left on his kitchen. On top of that he doesn’t know how to cook and he doesn’t have anyone to cook for him.

He doesn’t really what he caught and how he caught it but now he’s sick. He’s been running a high fever since yesterday and he haven’t eaten anything since then. His whole body ached and when he really thought that he’s dying, he really felt that way.

He was about to call his manager like what he always does in this situation. But in all of the unluckiest things that could happen to him, his phone died and he couldn’t find his charger. He tried finding it all the best ways he could but there was really no luck. It was as if his own apartment is bullying him for being an asshole.

There was no way of informing his manager but there was one solution he can’t set aside. He needs to ask help from his neighbor. So, with all the strength he could muster, he wrote a note—almost begging for his life. He didn’t expect that he will ever experience writing a single sentence for almost an hour.

The only good thing that happened to him for the past forty-eight hours is that before he fell sick, he had the time to remove his contacts but even his eyeglasses are missing. He can imagine himself going blind because of his dried contact lenses, if ever.

He’s really kind of dumb sometimes.

“You’re awake. How are you feeling?


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