Phoebe's POV

I see the bloody bodies lying outside. Sami is one of them. It is terrible. But I try to take away my mind off the dead bodies.

I quickly take off my clothes and wash. I sigh with contentment. The cool water freshens up my heated body and gets rid of the sweat. Since I don’t have a towel, I utilize my abaya to pat my body dry. I am now only wearing again my jeans and T-shirt, without underwear. I realize I have been wearing it for a few days! I really must smell horrible without a change of clothes! I suddenly feel embarrassed.

I get out of the latrine after my ritual, and I notice that the bodies outside are gone. Perhaps Major Davis has dumped them somewhere. The guns are also neatly set aside like in a pattern, in a deliberate manner. One is by the door, another two are by the latrine door and who knows where he has placed the other firearms that he has collected from the dead bodies.

I see Major Davis walk toward me. He immediately gives me a handgun. He does not waste time, does he?

“The safety is on the side. You release it, you can pull the trigger,” he instructs me, carefully pointing that part of the gun.

“Okay,” I say.

“Aim for those glasses that I lined up near the blazing truck. You can see them clearly because of the fire.

I nod. Before I manage to release the safety, he holds my hand to guide how to hold the gun. He comes up right behind me and rights my stance.

“Shoulder width,” he says, referring to the distance of my feet from each other. “You have to be comfortable at least before shooting so you can aim and hit the target.

I nod again. I feel his breath fanning the side of my face. I also feel the heat emanating from his body.

“Shoot!” he commands. With this, he slowly takes a step backward.

I try to aim first before I pull the trigger. The shot rings in my ear. I wince for a moment.

“Don’t stop. You haven’t hit a thing. Shoot!” he commands me again.

I manage to hit a few glasses until the round is empty. Oddly, I get the hang of it.

“Not bad,” he praises me. “Next, some basic hand-to-hand combat.

“Alright,” I say, checking my low brown ponytail.

He teaches me how to outmaneuver my opponent by using his weight and throw him to the ground. He gives me some other techniques as well wherein I am held by the throat or my hands are bound behind me.

The quick lesson is so fun, I realize. I even forget the danger we’re going to face tomorrow when Zamir is going to get here.

With Major Davis, I feel totally safe. Normal. And at ease.

There is something about him that I can’t just simply shake off.

There have been more than a couple of times when he is on top of me, while teaching me in tackling my opponent to the ground. Our eyes meet, our face so close together, and his lips are just inches away from mine.

He pulls himself up and helps me up. Our bodies bump into each other. That’s when his other arm circles around my waist. His face gets closer to mine once again, and I slowly close my eyes shut, anticipating with my heart humming.

His lips touch mine, and they hungrily demand response. I open my mouth to answer his hot and wet kiss. His taste was like orange and uniquely his. He shifts his body just to hold my legs and carry me into the cabin-like house. He has me seated on the cot. Then, he takes off his uniform. Everything. He really looks magnificent. Those abs are to die for.

‘God, if this is your last gift to me, I will not say no but thank you.

I also take off my own clothing, letting him watch me do it.

He scoops me up before he sits on the chair where I used to sit during my days of captivity. I straddle facing him, and I let his very erect and hard cock enter my pussy.

I groan. And he groans. It is so sexy! Damn it!

I hold onto his hard muscled shoulders while lifting myself up and down his cock, rubbing it against my walls. He’s so huge! And hard and long!

Shit! I’m so lucky!

My mouth is agape as I slide him in and out of my body. We both begin to pant. I can feel sweat begin to moisten his smooth skin.

I feel his hands on my buttocks, groping and guiding my movement as he thrusts upward.

“Ahh!” I moan with pleasure. So does he.

I ride him hard.

“Oh, yes!” he says. His eyes are focused on my face. So are mine on his.

He stands up and carries me to make me kneel on the chair, facing its back. I hold onto it as though holding for dear life. Not a second later, I feel his hands hold my waist, then his huge cock enters me from behind. He drives into me so hard that I moan loudly.

“Ohh… shit!” I swear sweetly.

One hand reaches for my breast to caress it and pinch the taut pink nipple. He continues to lunge, going in and out in different angles and pacing.

Then that same hand comes down to caress my flat stomach, down to my abdomen, and it stops to rub my little bud. Almost harshly, roughly. But it feels so good.

“Ohh… Major Davis!” I breathed, panting.

He continues to rub it, almost punishing, and thrusts his big cock into my warm depths.

“Call me Finn, Phoebe,” he says, voice thick with desire. He is also breathless.

I can’t help but smile. I make him breathless! A man like him, who’s obviously trained for hardcore combat, is puffing due to exertion at the moment.

“Can I come inside you?” he asks hoarsely.

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