Strangers In The Coffee Shop.

A flat screen Television set played tvOS of Go Diego Go, catching the full attention of a brown haired boy, no older than five years old. His gleaming, blue eyes widening in excitement. His lips sealed as his eyes gawked at the television set.

The large, square living room had had a peaceful ambience that emanated from the soft, cream colored walls of the space. Bordered with wallpaper, coordinating wooden and plastic furniture. Soft lighting provided by wall lamps, shone down on Micah Melbourne's dark, brown hair. The only conspicuous stain amongst the clean living room.

George Melbourne, a fair-skinned, caucasian man walked into the living room, a smile on his face as he watched his son from the entrance of the kitchen. He stood at least 6' 4" tall with a large, moderate build. Not too muscly, but not entirely average. His dark-blue eyes and lank brown hair gave him the look of a 90's comedy sitcom actor. His square face, and friendly eyes making him seem quite approachable and benign. But the most noticeable thing about him, was the thinness of his nose.

"Hey, Micah. he greeted as he circled the couch and took a seat beside his son, smiling down at the adorable boy.

"Dad, I'm watching Diego." Micah whined and George chuckled lightly as he threw a hand around his son's shoulders.

"So no time to spend with your old man anymore?" George asked with a pout and Micah peered up at him with a blank, expressionless look.

"We spend all weekend together, and when I'm not doing my homework I'm sleeping. You don't even like Diego," Micah pointed out and George gasped lightly, in mock hurt.

"Who says I don't?" George asked incredulously and Micah rose an eyebrow up at his Father.

"Ok, then tell me who Diego's cousin is." Micah demanded and George paused hesitantly, with a look of utter bemusement.

"Jorge?" George asked sheepishly and Micah face-palmed himself roughly.

"See what I mean?" Micah asked then threw his hands up in disbelief, turning his attention back to the television set.

"Ok, fine I don't like the show but that doesn't mean we can't watch it and spend time together." George nudged Micah, who sighed and gazed back up at him.

"Ok, Dad, but you have to know the characters too or you won't understand anything that goes on." Micah pointed up at his Father who nodded in understanding.

The front door to the left of the living room shuffled noisily and they both looked up, as the door swung open. Jake Melbourne stepped in looking only slightly disheveled and Micah launched himself from the seat in one quick instant. "Jakey!" He greeted loudly, and Jake turned just in time to scoop up his baby brother.

"Hey, sport!" Jake grinned contentedly as he gathered Micah in his arms and hugged him warmly. "Did Dad get the question wrong?" Jake asked as he gazed at the television set where Go Diego Go still played.

"He said Jorge," Micah deadpanned and George pouted as Jake laughed boisterously.

"Hey, back in my day we used to watch Sigmund and the Sea Monsters. Not this junk they call Kid's Television these days." George griped out but Jake and Micah only looked at him blankly.

"Let me guess, you have tapes that you were just waiting to show Micah." Jake pointed out as he set Micah down to go back to watching his Show.

"N-no I didn't!" George denied but his eyes were a dead giveaway, and Jake gave him a wary gaze.

"Riiiiight," Jake added sounding contradicting and his Father frowned up at him, then rose from the Couch.

"Anyway, I'm glad you're Home. I can finally go rest, you think you could make Dinner?" Mr. Melbourne turned to Jake.

For the first time George Melbourne realized how much Jake and he had an uncanny resemblance, when he was Jake's age. Which made him quite proud of his genes, and how handsome his older son turned out to be. He missed their Mother dearly, but she had made her decision years ago when she chose to abandon them.

"Can't cook tonight, way too much Algebra Homework but I'll run down to Caesar's and get some takeout. Tomorrow is Saturday, so I'll cook enough to last us for the week." Jake promised and his Father pursed his lips. "Finals are around the corner and I have to be studying 24/7." Jake let out exasperated and his Father smiled.

Jake was always doing whatever he needed to help his Father, and cooking was one of those many things. George Melbourne was a hardworking man, who made sure both his son's were well taken care of. He made a sufficient Salary, and even so much that he could go on Vacations if he so chose to. But taking care of Jake and Micah, was always his first priority, even if it meant not having a social life in between.

"Ok, that's fine. I'm home tomorrow all day so don't worry about cooking. Why don't you go out with a friend or something? Go have some fun." Mr. Melbourne suggested and Jake gave his Father a suspicious glance.

"Did you just say I could go out? Like, actually go out?"

"Jake, you've been neglecting your social life...for me. When I was your age, all I did was study and take care of my sisters and I don't want you to always be home like I was." George said sincerely and Jake couldn't resist the urge to smile.

"Wow, well umm." Jake paused as he scratched he back of his head nervously. "There's this Party tonight and it's kind of sudden, but it's being held by some Secret Host and I'm trying to find out who it is for the School Paper." Jake spoke with a cringe and his Father gazed at him thoughtfully.

"Leave it to my Son to turn a night of fun, into one about completing something school related." Mr. Melbourne chuckled with a shake of his head.

"Of course I wouldn't be going if Alex didn't bribe me into driving her," Jake rolled his eyes and his Father nodded, his mouth forming an O.

"Is there going to be Alcohol?" Mr. Melbourne asked and Jake rose an eyebrow up at his Father.

"It's a High School Party Dad, of course there's going to be Alcohol." Jake answered and his Father frowned marginally concerned. "That I will definitely stay away from, because I need to have a clear head to get what I need for the next issue of the School paper." Jake finished swiftly with a nervous chuckle and his Father nodded.

"Ok, fine but no drinking and if you should you know," Mr. Melbourne nodded his head suggestively, but Jake furrowed his brows in confusion.

"If I should what?" Jake asked confusedly and his father nodded again, as if expecting Jake to just understand what he meant.

"Yah know, hide the squash?"

"Dad, what in the world are you talking about?" Jake asked, entirely oblivious.

"Son, if you choose to get your beak wet, you should always use your umbrella." Mr. Melbourne stated, but Jake's eyebrows only scrunched up, bewildered.

"Oh for God's sake, use a Condom, Jake." Mr. Melbourne blurted out and Jake's eyes widened.

Both their eyes travelled to Micah who's eyes were still glued to the TV, and in sync they both sighed in relief.

"Dad!" Jake whined and Mr. Melbourne shook his head.

"What? I'm just trying to be a good father here, not a miserable Grandpa." He explained with a pout and Jake groaned out in angst. "I'm too hot to be a Grandpa," Mr. Melbourne averted his gaze, deep in thought as his eyes widened in trepidation.

"Dad, I don't think you need to worry about me getting anybody pregnant tonight." Jake added but caught himself immediately. "B-because well, you know I'm umm, uhh not ready for that type of well, interaction with anybody in high school." Jake finished and his Father nodded, seemingly confused but pleased nonetheless.

Jake Melbourne was still in the closet, since he hadn't the slightest clue how his father would react to him being gay. It was the one thing that Jake was sure about when it came to his personal tidings, but luckily he wasn't flamboyant enough to be labeled.

"Uh huh," George said with a slight shake of his head. "Well I'm glad you feel that way, Son." Mr. Melbourne added and patted Jake on his Shoulder then turned away.

Jake sighed silently as he watched his Father's retreating back, heading down the narrow hallway. Jake turned to Micah, who was turning the TV off with the Remote. "Hey, Micah. Wanna come to Caesar's with me?" Jake asked and Micah nodded exuberantly.

"Ok come on, lets go. I have at least one hour of idling before I can get some study time in before that God-forsaken Party tonight." Jake spoke as he dropped his Backpack in the Couch.

It didn't take long for Jake and Micah to get to Caesar's, for it was just four miles away from their home but it was just as packed as any other time. It was surprising how so many people ordered takeout, but it was Friday and the start of a new weekend where everyone was either too lazy, or too busy to make a home cooked meal.

Caesar's was a well known Restaurant in Jackson County, and even Chelsea High School Students frequented the place. Jake was content for he hadn't bumped into anybody that he knew there, but the evening was still young.

"Ok, so we have two Chicken Parmesans, Butterfly shrimp and Mashed Potatoes with Cheese, a side order of Fennel Salad with light Vinaigrette Dressing and an order of Curly Fries for the adorable young Man." The chubby Cashier spoke as she handed Jake his Bags, filled with paper boxes of Food.

Micah stood by the side, both hands clasped together with his mouth basically watering. Jake gazed down at him and chuckled lightly, feeling his stomach growl. He hadn't realized how hungry he was until he walked into the Restaurant earlier, and now he couldn't wait to devour his Chicken Parmesan. The day had been a complete drag, but he hoped to at least let loose at the Party. For it had been long since he interacted with anyone outside of School, other than Alex and his Family.

He wasn't the type for excitement, nor did he like the idea of drinking amongst hormonal teenagers. With questionable statements, and equally appalling actions that Jake Melbourne completely detested.

"Ok, Kiddo. Let's bounce." Jake turned to Micah after paying for the Food, earning a bright smile from the chubby Cashier.

"Have a good day, Jake." The woman smiled, and Jake returned it. "You too, cutie pie." The woman turned to Micah who smiled up at her politely.

"Bye," He grinned and they turned away, but Jake ended up bumping into something hard; or rather, someone.

"Oof," Jake grunted as he almost toppled to the floor, but two robustly rugged arms held him in place.

Jake shook his head to rid himself of the momentary disorientation, but his mind buzzed instantly as he peered up into the bluest eyes he'd ever seen. A young man with evenly tanned skin, towered over him, at easily 6' 0" tall with an averagely muscular build. His scorching blue eyes and shoulder length, wavy blonde hair complimented his handsome, triangular face, and smooth, bushy eyebrows.

Jake was in complete awe for the first time in his life, which begged to question, for his School was filled with attractive young men. Though they weren't his spice, nor his flavor. Karl Saunders on the other hand, was a new attraction that every social group wanted a piece of.

"Are you ok?" His deep voice vibrated through Jake's body, and he fought to clear his boggled mind.

Jake quickly shook the odd feeling away, with a vigorous twist of his head. "I-I'm so sorry, I should've been watching where I was going." Jake began babbling, but the man grinned brightly down at him. "I was just trying to adjust my bags so they wouldn't spill the Food and-"

"It's fine, really." Karl dismissed and Jake found himself smiling awkwardly up at him.

"Well I'm glad you aren't an asshole," Jake said shyly, mentally slapping himself for the stupidity of his statement. "I mean, well you didn't c-chew me o-out for b-bumping into you." Jake stammered and the honey haired stranger chuckled down at him, with a most amused look in his eyes.

"Well, I tried being an asshole a couple months ago and it didn't work out so well." The Stranger explained and Jake chuckled a little too loudly, but realized and stopped himself at once. "Guess it's your lucky day, huh?"

Micah tugged at Jake's shirt, quickly capturing his attention and bringing him back to reality. "Oh crap, I need to get home!" Jake said before grabbing onto Micah and walking off, "It was nice to meet you!" Jake threw back and Karl opened his mouth to speak, but Jake was already too far away for him to say anything else.

"It was nice to meet you, too." he muttered in a weak voice, his smile fading as his lips pursed in disappointment and rising curiosity.

"Good afternoon, handsome. What can I do you for?" The chubby cashier who served Jake asked, but Karl only gazed at her thoughtfully.

"How about that guy's name?" He asked and the cashier's eyes widened but a smirk curled her lips upward as she blushed fiercely.

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