Sindy Kate

*The following story contains mature themes, profanity, and an explicit sexual situation. It is intended for adult readers.*

This is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

The male character of this story was raised in England, so you would probably read British words, spelling, and slang.

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All I COULD think at this moment was how good it felt to hit my bed and snore under my sheet.


Not with the blonde who talked a lot.

She kept batting her eyelashes and telling me her first photoshoot. According to her profile in HeartRated, she was a boudoir model. She was a bit of a dish I must say, but too dishy for my type.

My brother and Arella created an account on my behalf. What so funny there was the not-so-original username they could ever come up with.

BritBond69. Seriously? The 69 make it look dirtier and naughtier to my fine personality.

Back to the fake blonde, I could see the evidence right in front of my very eyes. D cup to be precise. They jiggled when she giggled. It rhymed, huh?

I didn’t know if she did it on purpose to get the attention of her date, or they just jiggled by themselves. I hadn’t been much of a dater, but I knew women’s breasts if they were real or not. I wondered if it felt uncomfortable to run on a treadmill or jog around the neighborhood.

I thought pretty heavy, eh?

“Hey, you’ve been staring at my chest.” She giggled, and oh, they jiggled again.

I cleared my throat and smiled politely. “I’m sorry.” They’re kinda distracting. “So, how long have you been modeling?

Bloody hell! Just bent up, Clyve!

Truth to be told, I didn’t date much back in college, and I barely able to graduate to even have time for dating. I had one serious relationship since I’d been sober, sadly, it didn’t work out. Then, I got into trouble with my co-worker, and things got nasty between us until I got fired from my job.

This was how my brother got me into this thing, and now I chatted up with my first date.

She sighed, and I remembered her mentioning it earlier. “Two years. So, you love photography?

What? Oh yeah, the profile.

“Yeah, I love to paint as well. Been doing that for years as part of my therapy.

Her eyes slightly widened. “What kind of therapy? Wait, do you have a PTSD sort of thing?” Her voice slightly trembled, alarmed.

“Um. Nah.” Shouldn’t I mention that on a first date? I was just honest.

She checked her watch, and I knew what would come next, but I didn’t feel disappointed if she jilts, besides I didn’t want to go out on a blind date in the first place, then ended up in a hotel room or a woman’s loft that I barely knew.

And God knows what happens next.

“Thanks for tonight, Clyve! I had fun.” Did she now? She took her clutch and slid off the barstool. Her exposed knee brushed up against mine, then she finally stood up.

“Me, too, Emily.” I smiled. “At least let me send you to the parking lot.

“No, no, Clyve. That won’t be necessary.” She forcefully smiled. “Bye!

That was it. She was gone in a flash.

The music suddenly became too loud for my liking, and the air thickened with mixed of perfumes and alcohol that could tempt me to order a drink. I gulped my lemon-lime drink, then faced the bartender and tossed him some bills.

Time to go to bed, Clyve. I sighed in dismay.

My brother forced me to come to New York with him. That arsehole believed my destiny was here. I knew he loved me and might have promised Dad to take care of me. No doubt, he would do anything in a heartbeat if I’d ask anything.

Since our dad passed away, he’d been an argy-bargy and asked me to go on a vacation and have fun. By the meaning of having fun, to gallivant and shag around. I couldn’t let him run the company alone, so I had to take some lessons and attend some training. I wanted to help him, and that was brother should do.

And that arse was with the love of his life that he’d been in love with for ages. Funny was, they had a kid. The cute little thing, Rynna just looked exactly like them.

I walked out of the bar, ignoring the tiny throb inside my chest.

I GROANED when my phone rang because I knew already who was it.


“How’s your date?” Brill! It was Arella, the love of my brother’s life I mentioned earlier.

“She ran away before I could explain. Why do American are so frightened of someone who suffered from PTSD?

“What? You don’t have PTSD, CC. Why’d you say that?

“Well, I mentioned I’ve been painting as part of my therapy, then that’s it, she just thanked me and left.

Her voice echoed through my ear. “Really? She thought you’re violent? God, you could barely harm a fly, CC. She watched too many psycho-thriller movies that affect her tiny brain. She doesn’t deserve you.

“I won’t go on a blind date again. That’s terrible. It said on the app that we’re 75% compatible, and guess what? She doesn’t like me, and I can’t tell that she’s unattractive because she is, but she’s too attractive to my liking, you know. This whole thing is rubbish.

“CC, that’s not exactly a blind date. Don’t give up too easily. You’ll find a woman who can blow your mind.” She laughed again.

“That’s the thing, I don’t want someone to blow my mind.

“You know what I meant, CC.

I scratched my head as I tried to make her understand my point. “I know, but dating doesn’t have to work like that.

“Gah, you’re such a man! Going out on a date can start as friends, you know. It doesn’t have to be love at first sight. Love can start with friendship. Just be yourself and treat your date as if your friends as an easier way of getting to know each other. Unless you want to shag her.

The word shag made me grimaced. I should be feeling comfortable talking about sex with Arella, but it felt awkward since I hadn’t really so much fun.

“I’m really not comfortable doing this thing. I don’t know, I’m not aloof, and I’ve been on a share of relationships, but I didn’t use a dating site to date with someone.

“A share of the relationships? Do you mean only two girlfriends? One was cheating on you and the other was, what happened?” I heard Skip yelled from the other line, then he barked into laughter. “You need to get laid, brother. I’m a little bit worried about your biological clock!

I rolled my eyes. Of course, he was listening throughout my conversation with his girlfriend.

“Go to hell, brother. Men don’t have a biological clock, you daft!

“I will as long as Arella comes with me!

“I will deactivate my account. Your app is rubbish!

“Try going out one more time. If it still doesn’t work, then you can uninstall it for good,” Arella requested, and I couldn’t say no to her. She was good for my brother, and she was the reason why he stopped gallivanting around.

“Fine. Just one time.

“Clyve, put that charm to good use, mate. Trust me, it’s useful and—”

“Just bent up, Skip!” Arella must have hit him or something because I heard him groaning then a faint sound followed. They were probably snogging already. Jesus! Could they stop just for a sec while I was listening?

“Okay, guys. Bye!

I scratched my scalp in irritation. I was not desperate to be in a relationship. Am I? I’m not a sex-starved bloke as well. Well, I missed it if I was honest.

Since when the last time I had mind-blowing sex? Six months ago? And my hand was not really that useful. I grabbed my laptop on the nightstand that I used earlier to send some emails.

When the windows opened, I quickly searched for the history on the browser and clicked the link of the HeartRated.

I yawned.

I hated this site as it had plenty of ads. My brother and Brett were getting richer because of this though. I leaned myself comfortably on the pillow as I focused on the screen. I clicked on the log-in button.

Pop-up ads flashed on the screen with different videos of women wearing insufficient dresses. Some were just talking, but there were no sounds. Some were—

Holy! The message popped out ‘Wanna talk to these girls and have your dreams come true?

I snorted. “Nah. Thank you, mate!


I found myself swallowing though. I would not get tricked by this shit again. I shifted on my seat as something reacted to what was on the video.

Poor bloke. I knew it’d been a while.

I was about to click the close button when another ad appeared.

What was with this preview? It was narking.

Another group of women, this one was more daring than the previous one. One was pinching her nipple through the thin camisole she was wearing.

Cam girls. Huh!

One preview that caught my attention, though. A cam girl was licking a chocolate spread from the cucumber.

Seriously, a cucumber?

I burst into laughter. Didn’t see own a spoon? But I was not so daft not to know what cucumber represented.


Were there really men got horny out of these? Or some lonely bloke who couldn’t find dates? Like me.

My pulse increased when I was about to click the close button. Instead, I clicked enter.

I swallowed again.

I scanned quickly for some options, then I hit the register button.

My brother would laugh his arse out when he found out about what I just did. He thought I was out of my damn mind, but he would not know, would he? I was just curious.

Okay, I was more than curious and thought this was way better than going out on a date that gave me false hope.

I quickly signed up with a new username, then hit the preview of the Nutella girl.

The Nutella girl? Cute.

Sindy Kate.

I read it aloud, making me laughed like a twit. It sounded like a syndicate.

Then there she was, live in flesh. She had a slim figure, almost skinny, but her arms were toned though. Her round face had a little hint of makeup—that I liked in a woman. Her full lips painted with glossy pink.

She’s just a cam girl, Clyve, and you’re not going to hook up with her, are you?

As if she’s willing to meet you, mate.

I pushed the thought out of my head.

Her creamy skin looked flawless. My skin tingled to feel if it was soft and smooth against my fingertips, and there was no way it was from the lighting effect.

She was fully dressed though. Her unruly blonde cascaded down her shoulders to her chest, but one thing I was sure of was, her voluptuous breasts were real unlike my date earlier because it bounced naturally. Her nipples were poking against her white tiny dress when she changed her seat into Indian style—probably a request by one of her viewers.

I had to clench my jaw to stop from getting a hard-on the longer I looked at her, but this was the main purpose—to entertain.

She looked no older than twenty-five.

Why did she choose this kind of job? That question somehow bugged me.

But those eyes—were big and hypnotizing. I didn’t know if she was using a contact because it was a shade of forest green.


Then she stopped talking and stared at the camera. My heart pounded in my chest when it felt like she was staring right back at me.

I felt my mouth slowly falling opened.


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