Chapter 5

Skylar was drawn out of Reign's gaze when she saw Karly drawing out her chair and sitting down. She went back to writing and she couldn't help but overhear them talking.

"Babe give me a kiss."

She can hear their lips smack when they come to contact. She sees through the corner of her eye that Reign pulls back from the kiss quickly.

"What? Is that it?" Karly whines.

"She can hear us," Reign responds in a low tone.

"Who cares?" as she lunges on him again. Reign pulls back. "Later babe."

Karly stops, and she is pissed. Skylar can feel daggers from her stare. She acts as if she can't see her and she carries on making her notes.

The teacher comes in and she greets the class. "I hope you are reading."

The class agrees but Skylar knows they are lying. She knew that most of them didn't even have their books here. She was at a loss being put in a class like this.

Reign watched Skylar as she wrote. She looked so determined. He had stopped kissing Karly because of the remark she had said.

She didn't pay much attention to him. Reign was with Karly because she was clingy. She nearly lost it when he wanted to break up with her.

Karly didn't want to talk to Reign so he turned and poked Skylar. She looked at him in confusion. "Do you always make notes for every class?"

She looked done at his question. "Yes, I do." Her answer was short and curt.

"Why?" he carried on.

"Cause, I remember it better when I write it down." She said.

The door opened, and he glanced up. Jessie was there. Reign got up and he didn't bother to excuse himself. He knew that their teacher didn't care what they.

Skylar had a bad feeling when Reign left. Karly moved over to his seat. She glanced at her work the same way that Reign did.

"Do you know how long Reign and I have been dating for?"

Skylar turns to her voice. She had said it in such a low tone. "No" she replied.

"For a long time, new girl" Karly responded.

Skylar could tell that even if Karly tried to come across as calm, she was fuming. She could see that her eyes said it all. She was burning with rage.

"I see" she doesn't know what else to say to her.

"I wasn't done talking" she snaps. Skylar wanted to walk away but she knew that making enemies with Karly would be very bad for her. She didn't want her school life to be very difficult, even if it meant listening to her.

"Reign is all that I have." She carried on.

Skylar felt sorry for Karly, she clearly was obsessed with Reign but where those feelings reciprocated? She highly doubted it. She had seen the look in Karly's eyes when she saw Reign, but she didn't see the same in his eyes.

"Bottom line is, stay away from him, new girl." She strokes my hair softly.

She wanted to flinch away not because she was scared but Skylar found it downright creepy. She could see that she was clearly delusional. Skylar had known girls who were like Karly. Whose lives only revolved around a boy. No matter how much they had in life it wasn't enough.

"Why aren't you responding?" Karly asks

She stared at her "I don't like your boyfriend, nor do I want him."

Karly laughs. "That's what they all say."

She was such a sad story. Skylar knew she could never be like Karly. It was too much work. She had to threaten other girls so that she could keep what she thought was hers. She was dedicated she must admit. The level of commitment she must have to deal with Reign's bullshit was beyond her understanding.

Reign had left without saying a word to Karly as to where he was going. He didn't even give her a second glance. Even more when she had refused to talk to him, he didn't even try to change her mind. He just carried on talking to her.

She had been shocked when he had done that. She was thinking about how Karly felt when he did that. She wondered if Reign did that a lot? He seemed like the type to.

Skylar didn't want to have to do that if she had a boyfriend. She wanted a guy who was there at his own will. She didn't want to watch him twenty-four seven. Which she knew was almost impossible. She didn't want to be paranoid half the time that he wasn't there. That wouldn't be a relationship it would be more of a hostage situation.

She looked at Karly and wondered what would happen when they took away the one thing she was obsessed with.