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Andrew sat with his friends, wallowing in his own thoughts. He checked his watch for the nth time that night. He came here to have a little relaxation, but it seemed coming here made things far worse.

He swallowed the remaining contents of his cup again.

"Hey Drew," Andrew raised his glass up slightly, signaling that he was listening.

"You seem distraught, something wrong?" Scott asked. The girl on his lap played with the Hem of his jacket.

"I'm fine," Andrew replied.

Scott scoffed. "Of course you are."

"That's what he always says," answered another, and they laughed. "Is damsel giving you issues?"

"I'm not sure that's the problem, Paxton, I think he's just stressed out," Mason said.

"Of course he's stressed, stressed and thinking too much. Work couldn't have caused this, right Drew?"

Andrew just stood up, grabbing his jacket from the table, he slightly staggered, finding his way out of the door still.

Mason sighed. "I'll go ensure he gets home." He told his friends, then went after Drew.



Thea arranged herself properly before her mirror. She grabbed her bag from her vanity table and turned, ready to leave for work already, but halted when she remembered what she was forgetting.

She turned back and collected the necklace that was lying on the table. She unhooked it and took it around her neck.

This necklace had been the only thing keeping her sane these days. She couldn't afford to let it go for even a day.

She sighed finally. Taking her bag, she walked out of the apartment.


"Do you want to spend some time with me then?" Freya turned to stare at the man who she had been taking a stroll with. He had stopped walking a few seconds before she did, making her few steps ahead of him.

"I mean-" he chuckled. "Do you want to go on a date with me? When you are free, that is," 

"I would love to," her smile grew wide. When she locked eyes with him again, she giggled and he chuckled. 

"I want to take you out for dinner tomorrow night," he said to her.

"Sure, I'm free tomorrow." She told him.

"I certainly am looking forward to tomorrow then." Samson's arm hung around her shoulders as they continued their stroll. 

A figure stood watching them silently. His hands tightened in a grip as he watched them. 

They both stood to buy cotton candy. Freya's eyes darted to the figure that silently watched them and her eyes widened in shock.

What was he doing here? She gulped nervously as she turned immediately to see if Samson had been looking at where her attention was. She saw him still talking with the woman who was supposed to sell cotton candy to them. She gave a silent sigh.

"Here," Samson passed her a candy and she mustered a smile before turning back to stare at the figure, but he was gone. 

"Freya, are you alright?" Samson asked and she nodded, replacing her frown with one of her smiles.

"Sure, I am fine." She replied.

"Let's go?" She nodded in reply this time.


Fiona walked into his office and closed the door behind her almost immediately.

"You sent for me sir?"

"Yes, yes I did. I need the export documents at my desk immediately."

"Yes sir-"

"And a cup of black coffee," Ashton continued.

"Yes sir-"

"Did Mr Maxfield not have a private secretary?"

"Well, the thing is-" Ashton raised his brows in curiosity at her sputtering. "She hasn't yet arrived," she finally said.

"I see, and is this a habit of hers then?" Fiona shook her head.

"No sir,"

"Even after my speech yesterday, she decided to come late the following day, I'll have to do something about that, huh?"

"But- I mean she wasn't present yesterday sir."

"Sounds like an indolent employee. Tell her to see me immediately she arrives. I'll have to use her as an example to all when they decide to become otiose." He said as Fiona cursed silently.

Way to make the situation worse!

"But Sir-"

"I have heard enough, you should leave now." Ashton told her.

"Yes sir!"


Thea dropped her bags on her table immediately. She checked the time on the wall of her office.

Well shit!

She was 4 minutes late!

She would have to explain to Mr. Maxfield that the doctors called her attention to her mother's condition early this morning and she couldn't make it on time today.

She couldn't help but feel that she was taking advantage of his kindness. He was a kind man indeed. He gave her a day off to spend with her mother even though she was new to work. She was grateful for it.

"Hey Fiona!"

The blonde turned quickly. "Oh my goodness Thea, where have you been?" Fiona asked.

Thea frowned. "I came home late from the hospital. I'm sorry I'm late. I'll make it up to you."

"Tell that to him, he's very angry!" Fiona hushed to her nervously before finding her way down the hall.

She knew he would be angry. Oh Lord! What should she do? Will he fire her? How angry is he? She knew he would one day get tired of making excuses for being late every time. She knew this would all happen!

She let out a breath to calm herself before knocking.

"Come in," the voice said from behind the door. Not too loud, but she caught it anyway.

Here goes nothing!

She shut the door behind her as quickly as she could, before turning only to find his back to her as he searched for something in a safe.

"Good morning sir,"

The figure froze, and so did she. He couldn't be that mad. She looked around, observing the new arrangement of this office. Everything looked almost new. Plus, she noticed the difference in the physique of her boss. The difference in hair color or height or broad shoulders or...

Wait a minute-

He turned to look at her immediately and she recoiled in shock. Her hands went limp as she let the files fall to the floor. All the feelings she had managed to keep locked up so she could concentrate. All of them came rushing back the minute she discovered who was before her.

Her ex.

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