3:00 am Wednesday

 A 30 year-old lady is sitting inside a company shuttle service of one of the world’s largest electronics factories.

She is Aliyah, the message sender.

While the shuttle service is heading to the company, she check the messages on her cellphone. Then again she read the message of Atif, the young man who chat last night.

She didn’t answer his question last night.

Then after a serious consideration she decided to reply.

A serious consideration cause she never give her personal information to stranger nor entertain any message from a stranger especially if she don’t even remember why she received the message. 

“Somewhere in Asia, “Aliyah replied.

For Atif is asking what her country is.

They have different time zone.

8:00 pm Tuesday, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Atif is eating dinner with his family when he receive the message.

He secretly read the message for his grandfather Haris is discussing an important matter about the new business he wants to start. As expected Atif have to give his full attention while his grandfather is talking for Atif is his grandfather chosen successor of his position when he retired. 

His grandfather is a wealthy man. He hold the highest positon in one of the incorporation in their city.

Haris wants Atif to be his successor so he is very strict to Atif in all aspect, all the time.

Strict in the sense of a rule or discipline.

Haris demanding total obedience concerning behavior and his rules must obeyed and observed by Atif. 

Haris is very strict.

When his grandfather get food and call their maid to get some documents on his room upstairs and the old man is not looking at Atif.

Atif made a quick reply to Aliyah, “Okay. How old are you?

“I’m 30, how about you?” Aliyah replied.

“I’m 25.Are you married?” Atif replied.

“Yes!” Aliyah replied. She lied to Atif. She is single but she don’t like to tell the truth to strangers like Atif.

“Oh that’s good. Do you have kids?” Atif asked.

“Yes, I have.” Another lie from Aliyah.

“Really, that’s nice. How many kids do you have?”Atif asked again.

“I have to two kids.” Aliyah answered. She tell another lie.

Then she asked Atif,” How about you?

“I’m Single.” Atif continue typing his reply for Aliyah.

Atif didn’t notice that Haris, his grandfather is talking to him again.

Haris noticed that his grandson Atif is not paying attention on what he said. He noticed that Atif is busy checking his phone. 

Haris shook his head and frowned. Then he call Atif to get his attention.  

“Atif, what is that? His grandfather call his attention.  

Atif got so surprised and almost dropped his phone on the floor. Fortunately the phone dropped only on his lap.

His grandfather wonder why he behaved like that at this moment,

When Atif manage to composed himself again he answer his grandfather question.

 “I’m just searching a good location for the new business you want to open. As you have said you are not decided on where do you want to put that factory. So I decided to search some good location. Probably I will find some good place when I searched on internet, that’s why I checking my phone for the result.

Atif make his answer long enough trying to convince his grandfather that he is listening to him.

“That’s good Atif. So give me your written report about the result of what you have searched tomorrow on my office. Okay?

“Yes Grandpa, I’ll give it to you tomorrow.” Atif answer quickly.  

 Atif know his grandfather is not a fool to believe easily on his cited reason that’s why the old man asked a written report.

When they finished eating their dinner, Atif immediately go to his room to do what is asked by his grandfather, Haris.

While he is doing the report he found himself sending message to Aliyah again.

“You know someday I want to have my own family just like yours. That’s why I’m working hard at present.” Atif send his message.

 Aliyah read Atif message.

She don’t know what to reply for she is just lying. She feel a little bit guilty because she sense that the young man is serious on his statement.

Because of that Aliyah wants to change the topic of their conversation so she send a message like this,” Your too fluent in writing English, is that your language?

“No, But English is the first foreign language of all children today in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and those who graduate from the country’s grammar schools attain a high level of fluency as users of English.” Atif replied.

“Okay, you’re nice to talk to.” Aliyah replied. 

“Same to you, you’re nice to talk too.” Atif said.

“Nice meeting you, Atif,” Aliyah replied to end their conversation for the shuttle service arrived to the company where she is working. 

“Nice meeting you too, Aliyah.” Atif replied.

And then Atif got too busy doing his report when he didn’t receive any reply from Aliyah.

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