Katia's POV

" Look Red. "

I smiled while saying that. Then I gave him a green notebook.

" I wrote that two years ago, August 2017 and the other one is November 23, 2017 "

He looks at the words that have been written in it two years ago.

" That's the proof of my love for you. "


I didn't know that Red felt that way. I just want him to be the best version of himself. I just don't want his life to be ruined. But I didn't know that I became too much and that I chocked him. But after that day. I really change the way I want him to be changed. I change my way of taking care of him. I changed myself just to fill the gap inside him. I changed a lot because I want our relationship to grow. I changed so that I will not choke him again. I do all of that because I want him to stay.

It's been months since that war between us happened. That's the last time we talk like that. That's our last argument. We're always happy now because I adjusted and changed so much. And for the record? I can really say that it made me matured. Those adjustments and sacrifices made our relationship mature, strong, and unbreakable.

I'm now at my house, waiting for a message when I saw the green notebook.

I flipped the notebook and starting to smile when I saw what is written in it. It's written by me months ago.

" To do list: For him to stay and content so that he will not be hurt. Check the number if you're done doing it. "

August 16, 2017,

1. Don't be suspicious.

2. Don't get jealous always.

3. Don't always think negatives.

4. Control your temper.

5. Don't get angry when he's talking about his past.

6. The past is the past. So please don't make it your present. It will just gonna hurt you both.

7. Always prioritized him rather than prioritizing those unimportant things.

8. Always smile for him.

9. Avoid being a moody girlfriend.

10. Avoid having grouch.

11. When you're angry, count one to ten first before you speak so that you can control yourself.

12. Let him make fun or go along with his friends except it is a bad activity or situation.

13. Before you speak or do things, always think what others can say to you first especially to him. You don't want them to judge him, are you?

14. Always learn to wait.

15. Always be gentle and calm.

16. Listen to him too and understand his point of view.

17. Avoid being easily irritated. Don't be such a hotheaded or a short-tempered person.

18. Learn to control yourself.

November 23, 2017

1. Let him roam everywhere, but he should ask you permission and he should know his limits.

2. Allow him when he uses the word "please" but allowing him because of that has limitations.

3. Always dispute calm and argue at the private place not in front of his friends.

4. Don't raise your voice when you're arguing. Learn to be calm and decent.

5. Avoid being suspicious and hotheaded.

6. Believe in what he's saying. Don't get jealous just trust him and everything will be fine.

7. Always remember that he loves you so much wherever he is.

Signed by: Kathrina Deveraux

I stopped for a bit, think of something and then I smile. I just thought that wow! This is not me anymore. I'm not the same person I was. I changed a lot. I changed in a positive way.

" Katia, you made it! "

I said to myself. I really just can't imagine that love can really change a person.

I took the ballpoint and check if I'm done doing some of it.

But oh wait! What am I saying? Of course, I can do it all. I'm not that person I was anymore. I smile again. Then begin to check all of the numbers. I'm really a better person now.


" Do you still remember the conversation we have? "

I smile.

" When I read our old conversation. I simply tell to myself that, are we really this happy before? "...


" Hey, babe? Are you already sleepy? "

" Are you not tired? "

" Clean your wounds okay? Get well okay? "

I messaged him.

" Awww! So sweet! I love you! "

" I'm okay babe! Thank you! "

Red replied those.

" Is that already sweet for you? I'm just taking care of you, you know! "

" Maybe that's the reason why you're sick last day. Maybe it's because of that. Please take care of yourself! Don't make me angry. Are you done cleaning your wound? "

" I really love you. That's why. "

I replied to those.

" Ayiieee! I love you! "

" I already clean it, babe. I put some remedies too. "

Red replied again.

" That's good! "

I said.

" Thanks for your concerned By! I love you! "

He thanked me in his messages.

" No need to thank me. It's my job to take care of you. I love you more. "


" The old conversations when I didn't beg for your time because even you don't have that much time for me, I still let you do your thing. You know why? Because I don't want that someday, you'll leave me because of my complaints... "


He doesn't have time for me because of school works. Only our babe time is chatting or weekend. But he's always busy with his thing. His busy making fun or do anything. But he didn't realize that I want him to prioritize me too.

Typing: Do you have time now?

* Message Pop Up*

" By? Can I play Mobile legends? "



" Of course you can. Take your time! Good luck! "

" ..Those times when I set aside myself, my feelings and pride when I get jealous... "


Red: Why did you block me on messenger?

Me: It's just I don't want to say anything.

Red: Okay!

Me: Okay what?

Red: Okay, if that's the reason. Then, okay!

Me: Not cool!

Red: Do you think what you've done is cool? Blocking me is not cool than that.

Me: Just please understand me because I'm not feeling well at that time. I'm hurt.

Red: Hurt?

Me: Nothing babe! Don't mind it.

Red: What do you mean about it?

Me: Nothing!

Red: Okay!


Me: Babe?

Me: By?

Me: Babe?

Me: Baby?

Me: I love you!

Me: Sorry!

Me: I love you!

Me: Babe?

Me: Sorry!

Me: I love you!

Red: Love you, bye!

Me: You love me right?

Me: Answer me first.

Red: Yes.

Me: You're not sincere. It seems like you don't love me.

Red: I'm sincere.

Me: I'm sorry! Don't be mad.


Me: Babe?

Me: Baby?

Red: Yes?

Me: Are you mad?

Red: No. I'm not mad at all.

Me: Hmm.. Really huh? If that so, Can I see your smile if it's really true?

Red: :) I'm not mad. I'm just having a little bit grouch.

Me: Sorry.

Me: And in fact, it's me who should feel that you know? But maybe I'm just being a negative thinker. Sorry! Don't be mad. I love you.

Red: What did I do? :(

Me: Nothing.

Me: Do you eat your dinner?

Red: Not yet! Why are you avoiding the question? What is it, babe?

Red: I will just wash the dishes. I want to see your answer after I return okay?

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