Chapter 5: Why Am I Human

We stayed on the top of the mountain for a long time,

With all emotions flooded back in this human body, there was only one way to keep me calm.

I started my worship song in heavenly language; She looked at me.

"I have never heard such a beautiful voice, Yaahadana,"

"Who taught you this song? Can you teach me?" She looked so innocent in her curious voice.

"I don't know. It comes naturally." I replied

"Wow, you are a true worshipper," we looked down towards our hamlet; we decided to went down.

But the forest was dense, filled with wild animals.

"I was lost in your song, didn't realize the hour," stressed, she said.

"It's ok, let us go down," I showed some courage,

She seems scared; we held each other hand and came down.

The trees were tall and the sounds of different animals floating in the air.

The hooting of the owls screeched from one part of the forest to another.

I sensed something; the broken sounds of the dry twigs and a shadow from the copse altered my ears.

Suddenly, a wild animal attacked us; I jumped, but it caught Yarrow.

It dragged her; I panicked a bit; her painful voice makes me angry at myself.

I stood up and looked around, called her name.

When I saw her, that animal was about to grab her from her neck.

I looked here and there for some rocks to throw on it, but the darkness covered the ground as well as my sight.

All I heard was her voice calling my name.

With anger, I screamed out loud; As my voice extinguished, my wings came out with fire; I felt my strength at the utmost since the day I fell on the earth.

With fiery eyes, I gazed towards that wild animal.

My eyes were fire; as the animal saw me, it ran away.

I fell on the ground; still, an angel, but my human body wasn't capable of handling my spirit being.

I ran towards Yarrow; she was bleeding and unconscious.

I scooped her in my arms; ran towards our people.

As I came out of the forest, I saw everyone was standing outside, holding the torch with weapons.

Everybody feared something, standing away from the forest.

They looked at me carrying Yarrow in my arms;

"What happened to her," Her dad stressed out looking his daughter like that.

"The wild animal bit her," I answered as I kept her on her bed; unconscious she looked, pale.

His father told me to stay outside as he tried to treat her with his herbs and medicines; people started praying.

I came outside; I saw so many people were still gazing towards the forest; holding, a fire torch.

"What happened? Did you people saw any wild animal," I asked,

"No, we heard a loud noise. Saw a fiery thing coming out from the forest, we are worried, is there a beast?" an old man filled me.

"What?" Confused, I asked

"Yes, we never heard this kinda loud noise; it shook the ground like it did the day that fireball came on us." People were talking intensely with each other.

Calculated everything in my mind; my voice scared them, they saw the fire coming out from my wings.

For a moment, I felt happy to see I still have my angelic spirit in me, but simultaneously, I felt inferior; as a human, I can't sustain it for a long time.

I went inside to look at Yarrow," How is she." I asked

"She is not well," her father's voice was distorted,

"I did what I can. Now I am going to pray for her." He burst into tears. Though it's a few more minutes, she is going to die.

He went outside; I looked at yarrow; I felt the life coming out from her nostrils.

It's the first time; I felt something for Yarrow; It's unnatural, I felt nothing like this before; neither for another woman.

I saw her in pain; tears rolled over my face.

I didn't know what to do; It was all new for me.

Suddenly my inner voice said, talk.

I cleaned my body and sat down on my knees; I started praying.

As an angel, we have some power of powerful prayers; I prayed hard to my father,

" Father, this is your rebellious son. I know what I did, and I repent for that. I know you still love me, and that is why you gave me a chance to explore this human life. I am asking you my first prayer in human form, please give back the breath to Yarrow's nostrils; her life. Thanking you for everything. My father, Amen."

I didn't know; I was wiping as It gave me tremendous peace when I talked to him.

I opened my eyes and touched Yarrow," she started breathing heavily and woke up in fear.

"Yarrow, my flower. Are you ok," his father ran inside as he heard her heavy breathing.

He looked at me, "What you did, it's a miracle," he hugged me with happiness; he didn't believe his daughter was alive.

I came out with wonder; what's happening? I understood; I got a second chance to revive myself, but what after this?

Why I met these people, where are my people, where are the other angles?

Muddled, with this new life and new vessel, I still didn't understand my purpose in this human body.

In heaven, it gave us some work to accomplish; to protect, to be a messenger, but here The one thing I learned about this human form;

Humans walk by faith and, they build their patience as they go along with their lives; With my wandered thought, I had to be patient with the biggest question in my mind.

Why am I human?

After a few minutes, Yarrow came outside.

Everybody looked at her with an astonished look," Thank you, Yaahadna. You saved my life but was that you actually?" She looked at me with her suspicious golden eyes.

"Yeah, how are you feeling now," I tried to avert her doubtful gaze.

"I am sure I saw someone else," she added,

"Unconscious, you saw nothing,"

"No, I heard a roar; saw a tremendous blue fire," she didn't back down,

"I think you need to rest, " I insisted, her to sleep.

"We will talk in the morning," She went inside; backtracked the last scene in her mind; scratching her head.

It might be difficult for me to convince her; I can't tell them I am an expelled angel; they will hate me for this.

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