The Wandering Fate


’’ Why are you so strained? ’’

Asked Ahmad from his wife who was lost in deep thoughts.

He was watching her from days she was quiet and mostly lost in her own world.

Ahmad Rahmani loved his wife a lot. They were a happy couple blessed with twins - their daughter Anabia was a fun loving and talkative girl she was married to his childhood fiancé Zahir Yousufi while their son Amaan was 27 years old a very famous young businessman.

He was blessed with good looks dark brown eyes, muscular body and had everything a girl would dream about.

He loved his family, but he was a very reserved person. People who knew him they knew that he was a self-contained person. He had a few friends who were mostly his cousins or brother in law.

Mr. Ahmad knew about his wife’s tensions.

‘Zarina dear, please don’t take too much stress everything will be fine just rely on ALLAH (SWT) ‘’

“What will happen?

When will he come?

Its 7 years Ahmad……..why is he running from here?

He should accept his responsibilities for how long he will deny it?

But after all he is my son my child, I can’t see him taking too much stress.

You know how he is; he will never say a word to any one I don’t know what to do’’

She sighed deeply after saying her heart’s pain to her husband.

Mr. Ahmad also knew all this but right now it was the decision time he thought to himself.

Their son Amaan was in US.

He was extremely busy in his hotels business.

He missed his family a lot, but he couldn’t stay with them not because of his business but because he couldn’t accept what his family were telling him.

He couldn’t say no to them either because he loved them, so the best way was to keep himself busy.

‘’May I come in sir?’’

His chain of thoughts were broken with the voice of his secretary

‘’yeah Suzy what is it?’’

‘’Sir meeting has started, and everyone is waiting’’

He had a very important meeting to attend.

A very famous company was selling their 40% shares and all his rival companies were bidding on it.

He wanted to win at any cost.

He knew one thing in life to win that’s it.

He entered his meeting room, his every stride showed power and dominance.

He always had a aura of arrogance and dominance who would intimidate anyone around him.

It was difficult to talk in front of him because of his intimidating personality.

‘’good afternoon everyone’’

All stood up for their boss in conference room.

For them their boss was a working machine and they had hardly seen him smiling so they were very calm in front of him most of the time.

‘’sir this is the details about the Global Shine Company, and this is details of our bid’’ His manager said.

Amaan was wearing a three-piece brown suit with a black shirt.

He put his head on the back of his leather chair and studied those papers. But he was not satisfied.

His expression changed, he clenched his jaw, grinding his teeth he looked at them all.

They understood their boss’s this look.

They were almost wetting their pants but instead swallowed hard.

‘’ is it your best performance?’’

He throws the papers back on desk.

Nobody replied to him, they were shaking now.

Amaan eyed them with red anger eyes.

‘’ I want these shares by hook or crook.

I am paying you a good sum every month, so I expect work from you guys’’

He roared which flinched them all.

‘’ what the fuck is this?’’

He brushed his hairs with his hands and sighed.

‘’Get your ass on work and I want the final review tomorrow now get on work’’

He got up straightened his jacked and left the room.

When Amaan entered his cabin, Ali was already there waiting for him.

Ali was his maternal cousin and his only best friend.

‘’hey bro what’s up, all good?  ‘’

Amaan was in a bad mood so he ignored him, and his eyes were red in anger.

He gave a determined look to Ali and he knew this look of Amaan.

He sat on his black leather chair and put his hand on his jaw like he always did while he was angry.

‘’ What’s your plan?

You will not stop on that 40% shares, what are you up to?’’

Amaan eyed him blankly and pointed for him to sit.

When he was done reviewing something on his laptop a knock stopped him from talking to his friend.

‘’ may I come in sir?’’

Before he reply Ali replied 

‘’come in’’

Suzy entered but was afraid of her boss she swallowed hard to even look at his angry boss.

He motioned two fingers for her to speak.

‘’ sir your lunch is ready should I bring it?’’

Raged flushed in his eyes and his face became hard before he could say something Ali interrupt 

‘’yeah bring it I am extremely hungry bro I order our food’’

Amaan looked at him blankly 

Ali sighed ‘’ 

‘’what is it with you man?’’

Amaan was blankly staring at him

‘’ ok fine eat me later or beat me later but first I want to eat something come on lets munch our lunch together please’’

‘’ you know I hate to eat in office, and I hate it when someone do something without my consent ‘’

Amaan said in a stern voice.

Ali took a bite of pizza and said 

‘’ I will keep that in mind later but right now eat with me don’t eat me’’

Both smiled.


Alot is yet to come and for that:

keep reading and keep guessing.