When Best Friends Love


So I’m not allowed to write more 200 words and the summary words is more than that so here’s the complete one.

When Bestfriend's love, it's the kind of love that is never broken. On the love path of Bestfriend's, there are a-lot of potholes, rifts and humans in form of monsters. But when Bestfriend's love, it's a love that walks until the end, hands entwined.

The same goes for Maryam Mahdi Kirfi and her Bestfriend; Mahmud Muhammad Alkaleri. An upstanding pilot. He loves her but afraid to say it out, may be he is afraid to embark a love journey on the road? You might call Mahmud a coward or in other words, a warrior. Because at some point, he is afraid to confess his feelings for Maryam knowing there would be rifts that might break them apart. What would be of him if he loses his Bestfriend and his beloved?

But the inevitable happens, his lovely brother Mujahid Muhammad Alkaleri comes into the picture and he captures the heart of Maryam at once. She has been crushing on him for long, and having him confess his love for her is something she looks forward to ever since she knows what love feels like.

As innocent as Maryam is, how would she hold on to Mujahid's love while he has the image of a heartbreaker and his throng of girlfriends she doesn't know of? Will Mahmud give up on his love pursuit? Will the Bestfriends be cocooned in the web of love? What will happen if it's destined for the Bestfriend's to love?

One thing to keep in mind, when Bestfriend's love, it's a painful journey.


Bauchi, Nigeria.

July, 2018.

It was a grand space, to say the least. The huge mahogany table took up most of the vast space the dark, romantic room offered, left with a tablecloth. Two tall, silver candelabras commanded attention from the center of the table, holding smooth white candles whose wax never dripped.

She dropped the plates carefully and quickly ran back to the kitchen to check on desserts. Her stomach did ecstatic cartwheels as she turned her eyes upon the chocolate ice cream sundae, a ruby-red cherry perched atop the inviting drizzle of gooey syrup. Colourful sprinkles were tauntingly scattered upon the chocolate mound of goodness. Mouth foaming uncontrollably, she almost neglected to pick up her spoon as she eagerly reached for the delectable dessert. "Mmmm! Just the way he loves it." She beamed, taking the desserts out to the dinning room.

"Manha? Manha... where's this girl?" She heard his voice from the living room. She squealed and rushed into the living room. "You're here," she exclaimed excitedly. She felt the urge to hug him. "You still haven't grown taller when I left," he teased her She rolled her eyes and scoffed. "You left for just three months, how am I supposed to grow taller before then? How am I even supposed to grow again at twenty five?" She finished talking while glaring at him. "Okay ma'am I'm sorry," he apologized, laughing. "Whatever, now come on, I cooked for you," she said leading him to the dinning room.

"I'll tell Hajiya you are here. Daddy is still at the clinic," she spoke while serving him. "Hmm! I hope I'd be able to eat this thing," he teased her again. "Captain, I'll use my slippers on you," she warned. He took his first bite, not paying attention to her threats.

He was half way through his mouth-watering dish when Maryam came back together with her mother. He kept his spoon and and rose up gently from the chair. "Mahmud, Masha Allah. You're back. How was your trip?" Mommy asked. He squatted down in respect and greeted her. He respects that woman as much as he respected his own mother before she passed away 8 years ago.

He got broken and hopeless when he lost his mother. He loved her dearly. She was his heart and soul, the closest person he had. She was his everything. Maryam stood beside him through every heart break, every tear drop and every meltdown he had. That's when he began to have feelings for her. Not just because she took care of him or she had his mother's name, but because of how she was brought up. He loved every bit about her. She only looked at him as a brother and also her best friend.

After mommy left, he continued eating till nothing was left on the plate. "Huh! Dude was hoping he would be able to eat it," she smirked. "Yeah, you know I don't want you to feel bad so I had to eat it all up. But trust me, I feel like throwing up." She glared at him and hissed. "Okay, I'm sorry. You know your cooking is the best and also my favorite... you cook just like her," he finished talking and smiled that never reached his heart. "Remember, she is in a better place, In Sha Allah. Okay?" She gave him a sweet smile. He smiled back and nodded.

"Now I have to get home, I am really tired." He sighed standing up from the chair. She stood up taking his cap and wore it. "You would make a beautiful pilot," he grinned. "Hmm, really?" She asked checking out herself from the oval shaped mirror in the dinning room. He folded his arms on his chest looking at her. She was the most astonishing girl he ever met... easy to talk to and fun to be around. There's beauty in being a good listener, someone who seeks to make connections and joy and see things from new perspectives. She had safe eyes, perhaps that's the best way to say it. She had a beauty that made those billboard-princesses look as paper thin as they are, she was something robust and real. That was his girl. He heaved a sigh, wishing she was his.

"CAPTAIN!" She yelled at him, clapping her hands. He blinked twice, smiling goofily and scratching the back of his head. She was used to him wondering off like that and staring at her. She handed the cap to him. "We should go out tomorrow, what do you think?" He asked as they walked outside to where his driver parked the car. "Flew a whole plane from Lagos to Japan. Flew to Greece then London and then Nigeria. You've been working nonstop for three months, and you're talking about going out tomorrow? No, no. You're going to rest the whole day. In fact you need to stay indoors for at least a week."

His heart warmed up. He was overwhelmed with how she cared about him. "As you wish ma'am but I'm still coming to see you tomorrow evening. Okay?" He stated. "Roger that," she grinned, saluting. "Are you mocking me?" He laughed heartily. "Affirmative," she beamed. "Why did you choose to be a Doctor please? You'd make a good pilot."

"Yeah pilots are attractive and all. Which reminds me, you promised to take me to the airport and show me how to fly," she remarked excitedly. "Are you always happy?" He asked looking at her sparkling eyes. She rolled her eyes. "Now when are you taking me?" She whined stomping her feet. "No need to throw a fireball. I'll take you when you’re ready cause you said I need to rest, right?"

She nodded beaming. She opened the car door for him and he entered. "Tomorrow at 6?" He asked and she nodded. "I'll make you some Oreo Cream Cheese Cookies." She said and closed the door for him. He rolled down the glass, "you are the best."


"Doctor Mahdi?" She stopped walking and turned. "Oh, Salamu Alaikum." She greeted shaking the woman's hand. "How have you been? How's the baby?" She asked politely. "We're doing great Alhamdulillah. We came for immunization," she replied. They talked for a bit before Maryam excused herself and went back to her office.

She sighed plumping down on her office chair. Her phone buzzed from her labcoat. She fetched it out and checked.

Cap. Mahmud- You forgot to ask about your gifts.

Maryam- well I was excited that my best friend was back from a long trip away from me.

I better see lots of gifts today!

Cap. Mahmud- Roger that!

She smiled softly and kept back the phone. After a while later, she was done with her work for that day. She bought some Oreos and cheese to make his Oreo Cream Cheese Cookies like she promised even though she had a tiring day.

After she was done, she placed them in the fridge took a warm bath before she prayed maghrib. She offered her prayers and changed into a cocoa lace which was beautifully sewn into skirt and blows. She tied her head tie and applied a light makeup. She was cascading down the stairs when his call came in. She smiled and ignored the call.

He was sitting comfortably in the living room, trying to call her again. "You don't have to call again," she uttered sitting on the two sitter facing him. "Masha Allah," he whispered. "Don't even start," she said raising a brow. "That dress is almost as lovely as the woman wearing it," he commented. She rolled her eyes, blushing. He always gets her with his words. "I'll go get your cookies." She excused herself.

She arranged the cookies on a beautiful tray together with warm milk. She kept it on the center table and moved the table to him. "Make sure you eat everything and I mean it," she said sternly. "C'mon Manha, you know that's my favorite cookies," his deep voice made her tummy to swirl in joy. She loved it when he called her that. He was the only one that calls her with that name. Manha, Gift Of God.

He ate his cookies while they talked about everything and nothing. It was passed 9PM When he stood to leave. "C'mon please, not now." She pouted. "I'm not sleepy yet. Seriously, being the only child really sucks." She whined. He looked at her carefully and smiled. "Quit whining please. You sound like a 7 year old." He joked. “I still wonder how you prefer living alone in your house than staying with Umma and daddy,” she said, folding her arms on her chest. “I hate noise, and those children of hers...” he paused and shook his head, thinking about his step sisters.

“By the way, your gifts. It’s in my car,” he said stepping out of the living room. She squealed tailing behind him. “I can’t wait to see what you bought me,” she said excitedly. “Why do you always get excited when I give you something?” He asked. “Well cause you are my best friend, my brother. I cherish every moment we spent together. And I cherish everything you give me. You mean a lot to me.

He smiled softly. His heart softened by her words. “You mean a lot to me too, Manha.” He opened the car and brought out a pink box. “Yay,” she squealed taking the box. “You’re the best,” she smiled at him. His heart swelled up with her love. He scratched the back of his head, admiring her while she opened her gifts.

“OMG! You bought me the bag I wanted... are you for real? Omg, thank you so so much Captain.” He sighed in satisfaction. “I’m glad you’re happy about it and I’m glad I made you happy.

She beamed again hugging the bag to her chest. “I’ll get in and check the rest. But thank you very much for everything.” He nodded, smiling. They said their final goodnight and parted ways.

The next day, she dressed up fully in a beautiful nude pink atamfa which fitted her smooth dark skin. She did her finishing touches and wore her labcoat before leaving to her father’s clinic.

“Good Morning Dr.” her P. A greeted. She nodded and smiled. “I hope all our admitted patients are doing great,” she said while they walk towards her office. “Yes ma’am they are. You have few patients to check up on this morning.

“Good, send in their files to my office,” she ordered, walking away. She sat comfortably on her office chair while checking her phone for any texts from Mahmud. He always drops a motivational message every morning except he was busy with work or something wrong happened. “He is sleeping I’m sure,” she mused to herself. But Mahmud never sleeps in. She sighed when she heard a knock from the door. “Yes, come in.” Amanda walks in with few files and dropped it on her desk before leaving.

She was checking up a patient when she receives a call from Mahmud’s step mother. Her heart did a back flip. “Sorry please I have to take this,” she apologized to the elderly woman. “Salamu Alaikum, Umma. Good morning.” Her voice shaking. “Maryam? Where are you please? Mahmud fell unconscious and he’s not waking up.

“What?! Innalillahi Wainna Ilaihir Rajiun.

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