Don't Ever Touch His Kitten!!

Chapter 1: He Kill Everything

"Damien! It will cause a war." Valentino sigh at me. War? Do I care? No, I didn't at all. I let out a scoffs and get up from my chair. I hate it when someone gets in my way.

"So what? Do I care?" I ask in sarcasm. "Hey, Valen. I give him more than two chances already. He still didn't pay me." I said as I narrow my eyes on him. Valentino lifted his gaze from his phone and look at me with shocks. 

"What! More than two chance?" He asks. Of course, he was shocked. He doesn't know it since I ask Dylan to settle this job/ I know he busy so I didn't ask him to help me.

"Yes. Now, I want you to tell Dylan to get our man prepared." I said before walking out of the room. I heard the groans so loud. 

Valentino is my best friend so do Dylan. Both of them just like a family to me. Dylan still in high school but he always skips. Not knowing what to do there and besides, he doesn't have friends. 

"Dyl, can you give me that old man's number?" I ask when saw him chilling out in the living room. He turns his head and hands me his phone. I saw his mouth full of chicken.

"If you're chock, don't ask me to save you," I smirk.

"Tch. I don't need to ask. You will come to save me because I know you don't want to lose your precious youngest right?" Dylan smirks at me. I hate it when he becomes cocky.

I decide to ignore him and call that old man. I keep waiting for him to answer. Dylan always told me that he never picks up his call whenever Dylan uses his phone. So, I'll try using my phone number. 

He didn't pick up.

I call him again. But, this time, he picks up.
" His husky voice answer.

"Hello Mr. Edward," I replied. My voice tries not to become hard or harsh. I hate it when it comes to handling people like this. I repeat. I HATE IT!

"Mr. Damien!" He yells. Look like he was shocked to hear me calling him. Not gonna surprised though. 

"Yes, it was me. Why so shocked, Mr. Edward?" I ask with a smirk even he can't see it. Dylan who across me just rolling his eyes and continue watching television.

"Um...nothing. I-I didn't expect you to call m-me." Mr. Edward state. 

"Really? You must be thinking only Dylan can call you right?" I smirk. He didn't answer. "Well, Mr. Edward. I don't want to waste my time. I got a report that you didn't pay your debt with me." I split it out.

"M-Mr. Damien, please. I need more ti-" I cut him off before he finishes talking. 

"Time? I gave you more than twice I think." I snap. "Don't tell me you want to run away from your debt, Mr. Edward." I heard him gasp. Like I thought, he plans to run.

"N-N-No! I didn't!" He yells. "I promise! I will pay for you! But please! Give me one more chance!" He pleaded and it makes me proud of myself.

"Okay. Tomorrow, at 8 pm sharp. I will go to your house and collect money." I said before hanging up the call. 

I lay down on the couch and it fucking tired. Just talking with that old man already suck my energy out. Dylan chuckles at me and hands me water. 
"Calm down, Damien.
There's more tiring than this." He states.

"Yeah, whatever. Once, we arrive at his house tomorrow night, I will shoot his head." I sigh. I have been waiting for this for so long. He keeps driving me up to the wall.

"Uuuu, someone is impatient" Dylan smirks. 

"He messes with me, Dyl. You know that I don't like that kind of person." I breathe out. He just chuckles at me and continues watching television. 

Just remember this, no one can mess with Damien. Once they make a wrong move with me, they wouldn't see this world and I don't care who.


I hugging my knees in the corner of the room. I can't feel my body. I being trapped here since...childhood. Shocked right? I never go to school and see the sunlight. They keep me in the basement and just beat the shit out of me. I don't know what they want from me but what I know is, my father is involved in this problem.

What I know is, they want to kill me. Before that, they want to torture me because...I'm beautiful and want to have fun. Tomorrow is my birthday and I will turn 17 years old. Yes, I'm a high school girl. As I said, I never go to school nor meet people.

"Open this door, now!" I heard him yell from outside.

My body stiff and I start crying. I can't move freely because of this chain. Suddenly, the door opens and there he is, with his creepy smile that I hate. He walks toward me slowly.

"Het, sweetheart." He grins. I push myself to the corner of the room. My body starts to shake. He leans his hand to touch me. "Hey, don't be scared. I'm not going to hurt you." He shushes me.

I didn't reply with anything because I'm mute. Because of this old man, I have been traumatized by talking. More like a talking disorder. So, I decide not to talk and become mute for the whole of my life. He grabs my chin harshly to look into his eyes.

"Do you much your parent owe me?" He asks. I didn't respond. "ANSWER ME!" He yells right on my face. I nod my head with tears sliding down my face. 

"Now, your stupid parent died and left their stupid yet cute daughter of them here." He sigh. I feel he grab my thighs tightly causing me to winced in pain because my left thigh bleeding. 

"Tomorrow is your birthday and you will become 17 years old. I wait for this for so long already so that I can ruin you." He whispers and licks his lips. Hearing his dirty words make me disgusted. 

"Sadly, you can't moan because you are mute." He groans and pushes my head harshly. I saw him get up and walk toward the door. "But, don't worried. Tomorrow, I'll make your little sweet voice come out." He smirks. 

I gasp.

"Mr, Edward, it time now." His man said. Mr. Edward nods and went out.

Did I mention his name? Well, I didn't. Talking about him make me scared. I'm not weak but I don't know why I'm weak at times like this. Even I'm weak, I'm smart. Naturally smart. I take out the pin that found and smile by myself. I will ru from here tomorrow.

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