Elegant Demons

Chapter 1: Before

Before the case happened 1 year ago.

"You bitch! We even let you go to school!"

Anna grabbed her neck that was hurting and from the fingers she was touching her neck from had blood on it. From the glass her step-mother threw, it slightly missed her neck. The cut was thin but it was pretty long that anyone can see. Anna who was looking at her step mother with a cold look left the house to buy a bandage.

As she felt the cold wind her mind became calm. Then, she suddenly heard two girls fighting on the bridge so she looked up to see who it was.

"I can't be the only one getting in trouble! You are doing this to me on purpose right, Hannah?"

"No Sarah! I'm sorry! Please stop."

The two girls fighting was wearing the school uniform that Anna will transfer to so she immediately knew that they will be going to the same school. Not only that, but Anna being smart was able to remember both of their names.

As the fight became heated one of the girl that was near the railing fell off the bridge. The girl standing on the bridge looked really shocked and scared. Anna who was watching everything walked up to the bridge.



"Isn't it you who pushed that girl off the bridge?"

"No, so this is..."

"So your name is Sarah?"

Anna touched Sarah's name slightly and showed a smile. As soon as Anna walked up to the bridge, Sarah's face was filled with fear and confusion. And Anna could tell that right away.


"Our Anna is such a friendly kid so she can get along really well. You don't have to worry."

"I can see that your daughter is very much like you."

Anna who was behind her step mother made a small laughing sound. As soon as the teacher tilted her head in confusion, her stepmother stepped on Anna's feet with her high heels.

However, the teacher did not see this and grabbed the class's attendance list. Anna took her feet out of the high heels and followed the teacher.

"Everyone, get to your seats!"

As soon as Anna went into the classroom she could feel the weird atmosphere. Surprisingly, everyone looked so natural in this atmosphere. Anna quickly got rid of her usual face and showed a bright smile. But her eyes were only on one person.



"Nice to meet you guys!"

Sarah's eyes were shaking but Anna ignored this and went to her seat. A lot of the students looked like they were curious in her but she ignored them too.


Anna read the name tag on the right corner of the desk. As she was reading the name tag, a guy stood up and walked to another guy student and grabbed his collar.

"Hey, James. How come you are so dumb."

Anna's eyes went to the guy student who was just shaking due to fear. He had a pretty handsome face and was attracting. She looked at the name tag.

'James Kim'

The gstudent grabbed his face and pushed it down the table causing a huge sound.

"Sorry. I will clean it up quickly."

James stood up from his chair still shaking a little bit and came to my desk. He pulled his hand out to get rid of the name tag on the desk. He had beautiful fingers but there were some scars on it.

She also looked up to see his face and she could see how wonderful his face was.

"I'm sorry."

"No, it's fine. I can do this."

"No, no."

Because his fingers were shaking he couldn't get rid of the name tag sticker quickly. Every single time he failed to get rid of it his face expression changed. As if he was going to get killed.


"I'm sorry."


"Let me do this."

His fingers turned red and the name tag didn't seem like it would rip. James's eyes turned teary and small teardrops dropped onto the desk. The other student slapped James's head which caused a nose bleed to happen.

Watching this, Anna took out a cutter knife from her bag. The sound of the knife made everyone look at her. All the students looked scared of it, but Anna looked at the student without her face changing and asked.

"Do you want to help too?"


"If not then that's fine."


"Are you okay?"


During lunch time James was sitting at the back of the school building by himself but Anna suddenly appeared. As soon as he recognized her he put his head down. Anna slowly sat down to match his level.

"Thank you for that."


"But don't ever do that again."

Anna tilted her head and asked him why. James wasn't able to say anything for a while then he slowly started speaking.

"The seat you are sitting in... The girl that sat there was the one who got bullied before me, but she suicided last week."


James nodded hearing that name. He was going to say something more but he stopped himself.

"I can't say no more."


"Because you will become like them too."

"Like them?"

"The ones that bully me."

"Why do you think I will bully you?"

"Because everyone became like that. Even my friends ignore me now."

James who started talking about this was now slightly crying. Anna took out a bandage from her pocket and put it on his finger. He looked at her actions quietly.

"You know what? Can you allow me to help you this time?"

Because of the bright smile Anna was showing, James couldn't reply to the question and just cried. Anna hugged him not wanting to see him cry. She was feeling emotions she never felt before in her life. Her heart was actually beating but she didn't know what kind of emotion this was.

"Soon I will bring you out of that hell."


End of Chapter 1

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