Chapter 5

I didn't see Max until after school when Ms. Samuels walked him to my car. She made sure she put him in the car while I watched her, rolling my eyes at everything she is saying.

"Don't get to close."

"Don't give in to sweet talk."

"Don't accept a date with him."

"Don't be in a room alone with him."

"And most importantly, no telling about your personal life."

When she closed the door she pinch his cheeks through the window and came back to me and Trent.

"You heard all the rules." She said before walking into school.

"Damn, you have a challenge with this kid." Trent said before walking over to his car.

Thank god he was coming with us.I want to spend time alone with Max but I want him there, just in case. I got in my car and Max was looking down at his hands in his lap. When we turned he jumped as if he was in deep thought and didn't see when I came in.

"You okay Max?" I asked him.

"Uh huh."

I waited until Tent drove out then I drove behind him.

We were on our way to my house, talking about random things.I figured out that when you pick a subject that Max is interested in there's going to be a long conversation. You'll also see a cheerful, free side of him. When we reached my house Max gasped.He brushed his hair out of his eyes to get a good look at the house.

"Your house is huge!" He said.


Wait that wasn't a compliment wtf is wrong with me

I parked in the garage because Trent's car was in the driveway. Max and I got out at the same time. I held his soft hand because he wouldn't move from his spot beside the car.I led him into the house and into kitchen where I heard chips bag ruffling. Trent was on the counter, his favorite place when he comes over. He had a bag of lays and a bag of Doritos.

"Really?" I raised a brow and took out a bowl and a new bag of chips

My dad came into the kitchen and smiled at us with his phone in his hand.

"Hey guys, Max, Ms. Samuels is on the phone."

Max huffed and took the phone, walking out of the kitchen.

"Jace, I hope you meant what you said about settling down."

Dad said with a serious look, he looked like he really cared about what I do to Max.Maybe it's because of what's he's going through.

"I mean it."

I grab the bowl of Doritos and the two cokes and brought them into the living room.When I entered Max wasn't there, but was just coming in.

"I just took a look around."

"That's okay, is everything alright?"

"Yes, miss was just checking if I was still alive, her words not mine."

I nod and motioned him over to the couch, he sat down and I made sure to put space between us. Trent sat on the single couch.I turn on Netflix and turn to Max.

"What movie do you want to watch?"

"Straight Outta Compton."

I raise a brow, but smile when I saw how excited he was.

After the movie we went out to the backyard. My backyard has a pool, trampoline, dinner table and a statue of an angel. We sat out there until dad called us in for dinner. Papa had came home about half and hour ago but we didn't see him until we went in.

"Hey Jace, Trent and...".he trailed off.

"Max." I smiled and he gasped.

"Hi Max its great to meet you, I'm Jace's dad, well one of them." Papa said and Dad laughed.

"One of them?" Max ask, then gasped when he understood.

"Its nice to meet you...Mr. Taylor."

"Justin." papa said.

"Okay, I'm hungry!" Dad groaned and papa hit his chest.

We all sat at the table and dad brought pizzas to the table with milk shake and cokes.

After dinner, I had to drive Max home, he said he had to be home before 7 and it's 6:30 now. We were in my car and he was giving me directions, we stopped at a children's home and I frown.

"Thanks for hanging out with me." I brush his hair out of his eyes.

"Thank you Jace, I'll see you tomorrow."

Before I could answer I felt something soft on my cheeks then the door opened and Max got out.I watched as he make his way to the gate and the security opened it for him.

He kissed my cheek.

Max's P.O.V

Why did I do that?

I couldn't help it though, he's just so perfect and sweet, funny, and cool. Omg. i just had to, I hope he isn't mad I did like that.

When I reached my bedroom I was alone, I took a shower and went into bed. The door opened and Noah, Jack and Herry came in all smirking. Jack had the basketball in his hand so they must be coming from the basketball court...but Jace had stopped right beside the court.

"Don't you think your little boyfriend will be upset that you left him like that?" Jack said as they made their way over to me.

"Let's teach this faggot a lesson."

Oh god...

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