Chapter 6: Tease Me More


I was fuming when Elias left. It wasn’t because our making out was put to a halt but because I let myself respond to his hard and addictive kiss. ¡Dios mío! I shouldn’t have let myself be seduced and respond like that! I just hated myself right now.

I put a hand on my forehead, still lying on the huge bed with a fresh sheet. I turned to look at the door that swung open. Diego rested a shoulder against the doorjamb, crossing his arms and looking intently at me.

“¿Qué?” I asked him “what” in our Spanish language since he was staring at me keenly, like he was already bombarding me with questions. But I tried to ignore those “silent questions” he had for me.

He grinned. One of his lopsided ones. He looked more handsome when he smiled, seriously speaking. However, he chose the individuals to give his precious smile. Of course, he was always ready for it for our family. And I was lucky since I was family.

“Wolf lover seems annoyed when he left,” he teased.

I rolled my eyes and averted my eyes from him. I looked at the cream-colored ceiling, since there was no cover on the four posts of the bed. “He’s not my lover,” I answered evenly.

“You know, I already noticed he’s been pursuing you since he met you.

My brows furrowed. “What did you just say?

His eyebrows lifted. “You didn’t know? I didn’t know you’re dumb, cousin.

I sat down on the bed, facing him. “Hey! I’m not dumb! I just don’t want to assume or anything. Plus, he didn’t say anything when we met twice, outside France!” I pointed out. “And it wasn’t like he’s courting me either. He’s just… I don’t know.” I shrugged. I wasn’t sure what Elias was or what he was doing. He already declared I’m his. I mean, what the heck? Did he really have to say it and seduce me like that? I was darn sure that it was easy for someone like him to seduce some girl. He was very good looking and all. I wasn’t sure about wolves but I knew that vampires loved to bang humans or not, as long as they were not enemies. That was based from what I learned and experienced. Well, not personal experience but my cousin’s and Nianzu’s. They were… yeah, insatiable in terms of that. So, I was sure Elias was doing the same thing. After all, sex was something that an individual must perform from time to time, right? It’s one of a person’s needs.

I backpedaled. I never needed sex in my life. I had never done it before, since… I kicked it out of my mind. I didn’t want to go back and entertain that buried memory.

Diego stepped closer to me, stopping just a few meters away from the bed. The door was left open. I could clearly hear Elias telling Iago he was leaving, although it was faint. I didn’t want to eavesdrop, so I didn’t know what they were saying after that. I could scent our family members that just arrived at the castle. Nianzu was with them.

Diego’s eyes pierced mine. “Avabella, I know what you’re thinking. As you very well know now, like I do, wolves are persistent when it comes to their mates. Just look at Maria Adriana and Iago.

I raised an eyebrow, giving him my bitchy face. “I’m not like Maria Adriana. Of course, Iago is very attractive and everything, so I can’t really blame her for falling for him in the end. Or maybe from the start. But I’m different. I don’t want to be like that. I don’t want to be bound by some wolf just because he’s imprinted on me, Diego. It’s not my problem.

He snorted. “Selfish cousin.

I stood up in vampire speed and I was right in front of him. I pointed a finger on his muscled chest. “I am, sometimes. Not everytime. But… I do admit Elias is…” I sighed. “He does make me feel something,” I whispered, afraid that someone might hear me. I swallowed and looked away. I couldn’t stand Diego’s teasing look. “Don’t tell anyone about it.

He laughed at that. “My dear cousin, everyone right here has supernatural senses. That includes hearing. I think everyone in the castle, even outside, already heard what you said.

I flushed at that and hit his shoulder with a backfist. He groaned in pain but laughed afterward.

“Come on. Don’t you think it’s time for you to have a lover at least? You’re missing half of your life, Avabella. Sex is—”

I punched him right in the face and grunted because it was really hard, and it hurt my hand. We both groaned in pain. I saw the blood coming out of his busted lip. But the wound readily closed up. Nonetheless, the blood was already there and he wiped it off with his handkerchief, scowling at me.

“What the hell?

“I wish you’ll meet the most difficult woman who will give you a hard time, tu culo!” I glared at him. I turned my back to him, planning on meeting our family downstairs. Then I threw him a look over my shoulder with a sweet smile. “Or maybe I’ll wish she’s an easy one and you can’t avoid her even if you’re sick with her! You know, the clingy one? I want to see your annoyed ugly face. The type that makes your face red and makes you wish you’d disappear on Earth so that you won’t get chased by her and be pestered all your life. Maybe that’s better. I think a woman you don’t like who’s after you is the best!

He laughed. “I’m used to women who are after me, dear cousin,” he said as a matter of factly, following me through the hallway and down the stairs. I caught him wiggle his eyebrows playfully.

I rolled my eyes. “Not that type of women, I assure you. This one is you can look but you can’t touch. I know it doesn’t make sense if she’s pursuing you. But that would be fun, don’t you think?” I grinned at him sweetly. “I can just imagine how frustrated you will be. You can’t bang her for some reason! That should make you ache down there.” I snickered, looking at his bulging crotch. Lucky ladies. I’m sure my cousin is really huge. Sorry, I couldn’t help but think of it naughtily but I didn’t want to picture him naked. Yuck!

“That’ll never happen, Avabella, I assure you.

I harrumphed and gave him a face.

When we reached the lobby, we greeted our family members, kissing them all on both cheeks. Mariana and Lorenzo were already with them. I felt something like a rush, being with them like this. It was so good, which I could not describe. If Mama was still alive, I was sure she’d be over the moon, just like our last family gathering. It ended tragically, though. Thanks to the evil puto and puta inside that magical pillar, which I threw a blazing glare for a second or two. I saw them peer at us, maybe wondering who arrived.

Maria Adriana then led us to the banquet hall, which had huge double doors. Iago carried Alejandro in his strong arm, and Valko followed with the stuffed toy panda in one hand.

We chatted and caught up some happenings with our separate lives while we drank warm blood in our tall glasses. Meanwhile, the two human kids were drinking fresh orange juice and ate some slices of cake. The wolves ate some meat snacks and drank white wine.

“I noticed Alpha Elias leave in his wolf form, Iago,” Maria Adriana. “It seems urgent.

‘Right. He did say it that’s why he stopped kissing me,’ my mind chimed in.

“Yes. I tightened our security just as he advised. I’m planning to have him followed.

“Nianzu, tell some of our people to go after Alpha Elias,” Maria Adriana ordered.

I raised an eyebrow. “Do you have to do that?” I challenged, making Nianzu freeze in the middle of the big room. His eyes wandered to the Vampire Queen. “I mean, he didn’t say he needs help, right?” I shrugged and languidly sipped the blood in my glass.

“It’s a precaution. You have to learn that, Avabella,” Maria Adriana said. “I thought you were sensible.

“Oh, she’s not at the moment, Maria Adriana. I apologize for her,” Diego quickly filled in. His eyes had an evil amusement glinting there. I never wanted to gouge his beautiful blue eyes until this very moment.

Maria Adriana’s lips lifted into a teasing smile. “Ah, I see.” Then her gaze drifted to her husband, who was seated right next to her at the huge round table, which was made of marble and was covered by a violet tablecloth. Both of them chuckled. I believed they were now talking inside their heads. On the floor next to them was the panda and Alejandro playing with it. “Nianzu, do as I say, please. Thank you.

“On it,” he said with a small, tight smile and a playful salute to the Vampire Queen.

“The party will start in three hours. Alpha Elias will be back by then, don’t you think?” Maria Adriana said. Her eyes settled on my face.

I acted normal as much as possible. I put down the empty glass, feeling refreshed and invigorated. I could feel the powers zing in my blood. I don’t know but it was like the first time I felt like this. It wasn’t like I just came from a battle and drank to get back my energy. So that was kind of weird. It could be an Elias effect. Darn it!

“He will be here. I’m sure of that,” Diego said. “He has to ‘finish’ something yet. Right, Avabella?” His tone was teasing, making me cough.

Teasing jeers erupted at the table. I couldn’t help but smile, feeling giddy. ¡Maldición! Why was I feeling exhilarated just because Elias was the topic? Double darn it! It shouldn’t be like this.

“Alpha King Iago!

Everyone went silent, looking at the newcomer. I thought I saw him before. I heard he was one of Elias’ two Betas, Yanick. I noticed his bloody leg but the wound was already healed.

I looked at Iago who was readily on his feet. So were Maria Adriana and Valko.

“We captured a rogue and we need to use your dungeon temporarily,” the shifter added. He had short wavy, reddish brown hair, green eyes, slightly bushy eyebrows, straight nose and pale pink lips, with angular face. He had a day or two-day-old stubble, with the shade as his hair. In short, he was a good-looking one, tall and muscular.

“Valko,” Iago nodded to his Omega, who readily followed his silent order.

I slowly got up and followed them outside. The children were instructed to stay there with the rest of our family, just in case.

Nianzu met us in the lobby. We all watched the five members of Elias’ pack, together with a gorgeous redhead wearing only a shirt. I was sure as hell she was naked underneath. Her nipples stood out; her waist was slim; her legs were like a mile long. Oh, yeah. She was very sexy.

‘Who is she? Is she the rogue they’re talking about? Why is Elias after her? And where is he now?’ My mind was busy making a lot of questions. I balled my hands into fists.

They marched her toward a small secret door behind a corner at the far end of the lobby. I never knew there was one there. Okay, that was the secret, which wasn’t so since… hello? It was the lobby! ¡Dios mío! Anyway, no one would think there was a secret door there that led to the dungeon of the castle.

A couple of Iago’s wolves went with them to the dungeon. I wanted to see it and was about to follow, while Diego, Adriana and Iago were behind me when another of Elias’ pack member approached Iago.

“What is it, Sascha?” he asked the other shifter, who had an alarmed face. Yanick beside him was not moving at all, like he was talking with someone in his mind. Maybe Elias?

“Alpha Elias needs your assistance. We have to go to Meudon Forest ASAP!” the shifter said with urgency in his voice. He had dark military-cut hair, clean-shaven boyish face, blue-green eyes, flaring nostrils and reddish lips. He was tall, well-built and one good-looking shifter, too. Why are these shifters good looking, all the lot of them? I really wondered. But duh! Shifters.

I watched Iago’s fierce handsome face split into a grin. “Mi amor, I’m going with them.

Maria Adriana nodded before she looked at me. “You are going with them, aren’t you?

I pointed at myself, raising my brows. “Me? Why?” I feigned innocence.

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