Chapter 5

But before she could even get close to the door. She was yanked back roughly. He was holding her wrist in his tight grip, and was holding her in place.

The look he was giving her was deadly. She knew she shouldn't have tried to run but that was her instinct. Her rational thoughts are clouding her mind.

She didn't felt intimidated by his posture, at the moment all she felt was malice towards him. She jerked her wrist away from his grip. She didn't cared weather she's hurting herself in the process all she wanted was to have his hands off of her.

"Don't touch me!" She seethed through gritted teeth.

Alex was stunned to see such fierceness in her but the thing that irked him was the disgust in her eyes when he held her wrist. He masked his expressions and narrowed his gaze on her.

"Don't even think of running, this is your first and last warning" He spoke in a deadly calm voice.

He moved closer to her, to which she took a step back, he didn't stop on her discomfort instead he keep moving towards her with predatory steps.

His eyes were ice cold, she felt her heart beating faster, her anger was completely replaced by fear. She continued to move back while stuttering. "St-stop". But he didn't stopped.

Her back hit the door, she looked at her shoulder and when she looked back at him a gasp of horror left her lips when she saw how close he was standing to her. Her eyes widen in fear. His body was just inches away from her.

All of a sudden she felt intimidated by his large frame. She felt captured. She tried to move towards her left but before she could even turn he slammed his hands on either side of her head making her jump in fear. Her hands clasping her chest to calm her heart.

He came closer to her so now he was on her eye level. She moved back trying to hide herself in the wall. Tears of fear started forming in her eyes. She felt so defenceless in front of this beast. She tried to stop her tears from falling but to no avail.

"Listen to me and listen well, you are going to work here as a maid to pay off your fathers debt". He continued

"No questions and no mistakes you'll have to do what I say. Am I clear?"

Tears are slowly flowing out of her eyes. All the time her face was turned away from him towards his arm. She can see scary tattoos on his hand leading towards his arm which was covered.

She was scared, she can't look him in the eyes but to her dismay he held her jaw in a firm grip and made her look at him in the face. "I don't like to repeat myself, Am I clear?"

She felt her breathing becoming slower her heart was beating rapidly and her mind was ringing a siren that he's touching her.

He was close to her and she can see the specks of dark grey in his icy grey eyes. And all she felt at that moment was fear. She held his hand to pry it off of her jaw but his hold only tightened. He gave her face a jerk to emphasise on his question.

She was scared because of his close proximity he was basically breathing on her face so she immediately nodded her head so that she could get away from him.

But he jerked her more close making her hand to land on his chest to create some distance while her other hand was trying to pry off his hand from her jaw. She knew it will bruise her skin. "Use your words" he spoke calmly as if he isn't bruising her jaw.

She spoke through her tear filled gaze. "Yes, I understood, p-please l-let go!"

He let go of her jaw, she was about to fell down but she held the wall beside her and moved away from him. She heard him say "good" before leaving the room.

Her tears weren't stopping, what her life has come to? She felt all alone and scared. His close proximity scared her to no end. She's never been this close to man let alone a non-mehram and that too an angry intimidating beast. The thing that scared her to no end were his eyes so cold and void. She felt chills when ever she looked into those grey orbs.

She broke down into huge sobs. She didn't know how her father is? How her mother and brother are? She felt helpless. She sat down on the floor bringing her legs close to her chest and she cried and cried until sleep took over her.

He felt her discomfort but didn't stopped he knew that he was scaring her it was obvious in her features that she was terrified of his close proximity. But he couldn't help himself to move away from her. Her eyes were so bewitching that he couldn't stand her looking away from him when all he wanted to do was look in those mesmerising orbs. She was trying to hold her tears but she couldn't, her flushed cheeks , pink nose and those plump rosy lips was looking tempting to him at that moment.

But he couldn't simply let her charms bewitched him. She's just a maid nothing more nothing less, just a maid.

"I thought our plan was to get our money back or gave him the offer to join us but when did we started kidnapping girls?" Cane said while coming in the study. Which brought Alex out of his thoughts.

"It wasn't kidnapping, she's here to pay her fathers debt." Alex said nonchalantly as if he hasn't done something unlike him.

"She created a hell of a chaos before willing to come with you" Cane said.

"She did! How's her family?" Alex asked.

"Her father is better now, still unconscious, he'll be discharged in two days and for her brother his treatment will continue as per your orders but her mother is hell worried for the girl. She tried to contact the cops but I gave her enough warning to stay mute for her daughters sake." Cane gave all the information, he hesitated to continue but said nonetheless "She's so timid I don't think keeping her here as a maid is a good idea."

Alex scoffed at his words and smiled mischievously as if recalling something " She may be timid but she's a fierce tigress when necessary, she'll cope with it."

Cane smirked amusingly at Alex and wiggled his eyebrows teasingly "I can see the flowers blooming in the place called your heart."

Alex narrowed his eyes at him and gave him a warning glare. Cane wasn't a least bit affected, he smiled knowingly at Alex.

Alex grumbled in annoyance "Shut that fucking mouth of yours if you want to keep it intact."

"Relax bro, I was just joking no need to hyper up."

Cane gave him a humorous laugh before placing a file in front of Alex. "It contains all the information about the girl. Now your highness excuse me."

With that cane left the room. Alex opened the file and saw her picture in which she was smiling and it was such a beautiful sight. He read her name and it rolled out of his tongue so smoothly "Alizey." Her name was unique and different just like her he thought.

He further read about her age, studies, friends and everything but the thing that intrigued him was her status of being single.

He didn't know why but due to some unknown reason he felt relieved.

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