The Billionaires Broken Hearted Girl


Richard’s father stomped into his office, yelling hiss head off. Richard did not want to guess what was wrong this time because it seemed as though these days all he ever did as disappoint his father.

His father’s face had reddened with anger and all Richard could do was look at his father. His father had retired a few months ago and Richard was thrilled with his father’s decision to retire. For years, his father had been running the family company down and it was only through Richard that the company had managed to survive.

Richard’s father walked towards his table and slammed his hands onto Richard’s oak office table, causing Richard to stop typing away on his laptop.

“I left you my entire company so that you could run it, to prove yourself worthy before the investors and yet you could not do that!

Before Richard could ask his father, what it was that his father was so angry about, he whipped out a tabloid and slammed it against the desk. One look at it and Richard understood why it was that his father was mad at him.

For the past few months, his name had been sprawled all over the tabloids naming him as a player who did nothing other than party with rich women and take them to bed. The tabloid sprawled onto his desk with a picture of him and a hot blonde-haired woman and he remembered her from two nights ago.

The headline had it wrong, he had not bedded her and neither had be given her the chance to think that he could offer her anything more than friendship.

"Well father this isn't my fault the girl just jumped on top of me and—” Richard tried to argue but once again his father was not having any of it, in his eyes Richard had made a mockery of him once again. Richard hated that his father thought so low of him and he badly wanted to change the old man’s mind.

“What? Son can’t you do anything right?” Richard’s father yelled at him again. His whole life, built on pleasing his father and now, a part of him did not care to bother what his father thought of him. Richard knew that he was not guilty of what the tabloids were accusing him of but he could not help but wonder how many mistakes his father had made over the years.

"She threw herself at me father, that's what I'm trying to say to you but it seems as though you are not listening to me" Richard stood up from his office chair and looked into his father’s eyes, which held nothing but resentment towards Richard.

Why do I even try to please this man? Richard asked himself.

"Of course she did just like every other woman that has been photographed with you in the tabloids for the past few months. It is days like this that I wonder whether you are my real son or not?” His father’s assumption was hurt Richard but like all the other years, he had learnt to hide his true feeling from his father.

His father leaned in over his table and looked at Richard in his eyes and Richard did just that.

“Are you a whore a business executive?” His father’s words rang through the room and even worse, it rang in Richards ears.

“I am business man father and I will never bring the name of our company to the ground” Richard told his father.

Unlike you father. Richard told himself as he thought of all the times he heard his mother crying inside her room every time his father was caught with another woman.

"Good. I suggest you find yourself a beautiful young woman to marry and clear this mess up. I am done covering up for you" His father informed him and this had Richard pausing for just a moment. Richard watched as his father straightened his own tie and flashed a smile at Richard.

It took minutes until it in dawned on him that his father was serious about him getting married and he hated that idea. He loved his single life, being single meant that he could do whatever it was that he wanted to do and whenever he wanted to do it.

"Well father, I'm just waiting for the right woman to come along and steal my heart away,” He informed his father who was not interested in what Richard had to say.

Richard’s father walked over onto his side of the desk. Richard was at least two to three inches taller than his father was. His father had jet-black hair and spots of grey hairs peeking out but there was one thing that people could not overlook, he looked just like his father.

"Son you are thirty-two years of age, you're not getting any younger. As for the right woman, that woman does not exist" His father informed Richard and his father’s words were not that encouraging.

"Well look at you and mom, I mean how long have you two been married now?” Richard questioned his father but his father laughed aloud.

"How am I supposed to know? Your mother and I have been married for years" His father let out and Richard sank back into his chair, dumb struck by his father’s answer.

Richard could not believe that his father did not remember how long he had been married to his mother. No surprise there, his mother was unlike any other woman, she had given birth to Richard, his twin sisters and had dealt with her husband’s unbearable behavior and not once did she ever complain

"How do you mean you don't know? You and mom have been married for years now and you keep talking about how much you had to fight off men back in high school just to get her attention" Richard reminded his father, hoping that it would jog his memory.

"Well son, I lied" His father said it plainly, as though it was nothing.

"Lied about what exactly?" He asked his father. Richard hoped that his father was fooling around and he tried not to jump into conclusions.

"Son, I mean your mother and I never actually met in high school. The only reason your mother and I got married was that my family needed land to expand our architect business and your mother’s family owned land. Both families needed an heir" His father confessed. His father’s confession blew his mind, for years Richard thought that his parents love story was one straight out of a storybook and now that the truth was out, it was all a lie.

"So what you're saying is that your marriage is actually a business deal!" He asked his father, hoping that he would deny it.

"Yes it was, look on the bright side we've been married for a long time now," His father informed him, as though all this would not eventually affect the way he viewed their marriage.

Richard was not clueless on who my father was, he has always known his father to be a cunning man but an arranged marriage between his mother and father was absurd.

"Father, are you trying to say that you lied to me all these years?” Richard asked his father, the entire time he looked into his father’s eyes perhaps hoping that his father would show some remorse.

"Son what I'm trying to say is that you don't always have to marry for love, rather you can do it for interest sake. You are smart and the reason why this business is growing beyond what I would have done. Remember Richard, we do what's right for business” Without saying another word, his father left Richard’s office, slamming the door behind him.

Richard hated that he was shocked at his father’s behavior, when his father proudly displayed it without a care in the world but he did pity my mother though. She was the complete opposite of Richard’s father, whereas his father was cunning with evil intentions and his mother was caring and compassionate.

Richard’s mother had always been supportive and she showed up for each milestone he took in life, along with his twin sisters. His father on the other hand had never been involved, he was always in the office making one bad investment after another and sinking the company into more debt than before.

Richard stood up from his chair and looked out of his office window, bad idea because the city all of a sudden looked dim.

“You are such a smart bastard!” Richard yelled out, hating his father for playing with his mother’s emotions like that. He wanted to drive home and tell his mother but there was no use in doing that, she must have already known and had kept this secret the entire time.

He knew that his mother was the kind of woman who wanted to keep the peace no matter what and the last thing he wanted was to bring up the past and hurt his mother more than his father already did.

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