Cape Town, South Africa

Shelly rushed to her place of work faster than she had ever run, she was late and to make matters worse, Maria was there to give her an ear full and Shelly was in no mood to listen to anything that she had to say.

Shelly could still remember leaving home in the early house of the morning, even when RJ had woken up and questioned her as he did every morning.

"Mom, where are you going?” RJ asked her even though he was half-asleep.

"Well baby mommy has to leave early since that witch-... I mean my boss's sister is visiting her" Shelly bit her words as she avoided telling her son what a cruel woman Maria was.

"But mommy it’s too early” RJ informed her and it truly was, not even the sun had risen at that time of the day.

"I know baby but mommy has to work. You do know that if I don't work, there won't be any food and we won't have money to get you that dinosaur book you wanted so bad"

For a child his age, Shelly honestly did not get his fascination with dinosaurs. While other children his age were obsessed with super heroes, her son RJ on the other hand liked dinosaur books.

"Ok mommy but mommy, who's my daddy? I mean he can help out and he could buy me that book ok want" There it was, the question she had been dreading to answer all my life. Shelly did not blame her son because he was bound to ask. What normal child would not want to know who his father was?

"Baby, mommy has to leave now ok, there's bread in the oven and everything you need is here. Remember mommy loves you" Those were her last words to her son before leaving him alone at home. Shelly did not have family therefore RJ had to stay in their rundown apartment all alone. Even as she shut the door of her house, her heart broke. She shut her eyes as she realized that she might not come home early.


"Richard, my good friend!” Tate called out as Richard descended form his private jet, Richard turned his attention to his long time friend and he smiled at him. Although the pair had not seen each other for years they still kept in contact.

"Hey my man!” Richard called out to his best friend. Tate was a few inches taller than Richard, topping him by about two inches was, he had jet black hair unlike Richard’s sandy brown hair. Tate had ocean blue eyes while Richard’s were silver grey and he was a bit chubby while Richard was well built.

"Wow Tate my friend, I'm afraid you have let yourself go” Richard heard Tate chuckle. Back in university Tate was always the one who got the girls, made them laugh and later got laid.

"Well what can I say; I'm married now and got a kid on the way so my wife isn't really giving me the exercise I need for a man my age" Tate confessed. Richard stared at his friend and smiled; never in his life would he have pictured Tate to be the marrying type and worse Tate married before Richard did.

Was it not that long ago when Tate vowed to never get married and here he was, married and he was about to become a father. Although Richard was proud of his best friend, he could not help but envy the man a bit. Here Tate was, married and about to become a father and he, Richard had nothing to show for it other than his work.

There were days where he wondered what would happen if he died, he had no wife or child to take over his wealth and that was just sad.

"Seriously Richard, it was bound to happen one way or another. Yes, I am happily married for three years now to my lovely wife Beth. Don’t look at me like that, as if you're expecting rockets to fly out my ass" Tate joked and both men laughed.

Before both men knew it, they were in the car headed to Tate’s house. Their conversations went on for hours and hours, they lost track of time, and neither men seemed to bother.

“My wife will love to see meet you, she says she wants to meet you” Tate told Richard and this confession had Richard raise a questionable eyebrow at Tate.

“I hope you did not tell her anything bad about me, because that will be bad for me” Richard warned his best friend who laughed it off.

“No I did not tell her anything bad about you. My wife wants to meet you and maybe hook you up with one of her friends,” Tate teased.

“Well if that is the case then I would be more than willing to meet your wife and I won’t mind her setting me up with one of her friends, maybe then I might actually give my mother those grandbabies that she wants so desperately”

For the past few years Richard’s mother had been pushing for him to get married and he knew that she was concerned about him but in truth Richard could never forget his first love, Shelly..

“Are you okay?” Tate asked Richard who smiled it off.

“Nothing, I am just tired from all the flying I have been doing” Richard lied; there was no way that he would confess to thinking about Shelly. The relationship between him and Shelly had ended and it was best that he forgot about it sooner rather than later.

But for now he would enjoy the company of his friend and focus on other things and less of his past.

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