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The Pathology student Kriszel Mercones felt her life was about to fall into pieces after discovering that her only Aunt died because of Broken-Heart Syndrome, and the cause is the prolonged absence of her Aunt’s Argentinian boyfriend. Kriszel’s grief worsened when the guy didn’t even show up in her Aunt’s funeral, and since then, she promised herself that she’ll never fall for a man’s love. But a decade after, the game suddenly changed when she met the gorgeous Italian chef, Nathaniel Salvatore. His perseverance and kindness spontaneously softened Kriszel’s heart. Will Kriszel break her own promises for the love that she had never experience?
Katherine Knightfell is not like any other girl. She likes to play with swords with her father than sewing a dress. When her father was unable to pay the taxes to The Crown, she has no choice but to offer her service to the king in hopes to pay her father’s debt. She’s hellbent to show to everyone that the King didn’t made a mistake for choosing her as one of his personal guards. Duelling with soldiers who underestimated her. Everything changes when she duelled with the Crown Prince, Richard. Richard couldn’t forget that a small girl was able to beat him up in combat. His obsession for her military skills developed into something he shouldn’t have for a lowborn girl. He should bear this feelings to his betrothed, Princess Marina. But, he doesn’t. What happens when the Prince falls deeply in love with his personal guard?
What happens if a countryside girl stole the wounded heart of a rich sole heir? But what if the girl who made his heart broken came back to win him back? Will they be able to handle the consequences of their actions?
The biggest and dangerous Mafia Manik Malhotra falls in love with an simple and sweet girl ,Nandini Murthy who is daughter of his biggest enemy Dinesh Murthy.He wants revenge from him. Does Manik really fell in love with Nandini or he just want his revenge. To get answers for your questions peep into my story
A story about a girl and a boy, who got in arranged marriage and seems like they're past having some kind of connection. With both have got step relationship with their family they have to go to very hard times. The mystery of their parents how they died how they connect both of them in this very square of mystery, they're life is in danger. Nicholas Bretons finding his parents death. And the love he got from his stepfamily, was it was true or fake love? And Nora Duke finding her mother's death, only end up abused by her father and mocking of her stepmother. To find out read the story and tell me how you like it.
Melanie Kent was a simple girl from a small town in Utah. Six years ago, she thought her life was perfect, with the husband of her dreams and a bright future in front of her. That was until her husband decided he wanted more. And she wasn’t it. Jordan James was on a secret mission to bring in an embezzler and murderer to justice. Hiding under the persona of a reporter, he finds himself back in the life of the girl who has haunted his dreams for years. He volunteered for the case, just so he could reacquaint himself with the beautiful Melanie Kent. Is it possible for Jordan to find a killer and save Melanie from a life of dismal existence before her ex-husband can steal her away from him?
He is the biggest mafia in the world ,people shiver even at his name..on the other hand there is a innocent girl who is lovely and wants love in her life.. Mafia Manik Malhotra married that innocent girl Nandini Murthy but why? Did he fall in love with her or he wanted some Revenge? To know the answers of your questions peep into my story
Volin Women's Academy is a prestigious institution for the gifted. Well known for its beautiful and talented young maiden, the student was put into a strange entrance exam. Inside of the famous exterior, it is also known for creating and shaping young ladies to become the world most dangerous assassins. Irina Audra, a 21 year old female who was chased out by her father after an unwanted incident that claimed someone life so dear to them. Irina accepted her faith and decided to called her mother, who divorced her father many years ago. She accepted Irina with open arms but Irina has to follow whatever her mother told her and that is to enroll in Volin Women's Academy. Irina has a secret that only her family and staff know that she is known as the Seraphim Blade, the world most dangerous and fearsome assassin. The whole school was on high alert when they were told than the infamous Seraphim Blade will be joining them. But none of them ever know how the Seraphim Blade looks like.
DARK ROMANCE! My back hit the wall, I was trembling in fear because of his close proximity. He was so angry that his veins were popping out from his neck, his jaw was clenched. I didn't dare to look at his eyes. Andrew: look at me! I didn't muster the courage to look at his evil eyes so i kept my head low, squeezing myself in the wall. His hot and raged breath was fanning my face. In an instance he moved closer flushing his body against mine. A whimper left my mouth and I put my hands on his chest to create some distance but he didn't even budge. Chloe: M-mov-e away.. The next moment he punched the wall so hard just right next to my head, and i close my eyes in set of tears welled up in my eyes. The next moment he hold my jaw with his one hand and jerked my face up.My eyes met his and.............
Messie Denver is a peer therapist who wants to live a superficial life in New York City, but her life is completely changing since the night of her 24th birthday. She sees a strange ads lands on her laptop, offering a penpal program with an inmate. She thinks it's odd, but intriguing. She only sends letters for fun to her penpal names J. Mark who has commited murder. On the contrary, he takes everything she writes to his heart. The horror show only begins once he is released from jail, and he starts looking for her like a psycho stalker. Messie terrifies as she tries to avoid him at all cost, especially when he finds out about her workplace and her apartment address. Can this be just another horror show in her life, or something more surprising that she doesn't see it coming?
"lets see your hate for me wins or my love for you wins " "This 365 days will a hell for you my love " "This 365 days will be haven for my husband "
This book is unedited. Read at your own risk. Also, this is a Futanari/GL genre. Can't say I didn't warn you. 16 years after the birth of the triplets, The Larove was shocked by another event. After a few months, Fluer, one of the triplets, decided to follow her mother's legacy, to be a St. Miriam's Boarding School student. Once she was in the boarding school, she was greeted by a couple of interesting human beings and become best friends instantly. When Fluer new friends learned that she's from a Larove family, everything's change. Her first week as a St. Miriamian's was horrendous. The Boarding School was not only known as the prestigious all-girls boarding school, but they also are known to be the home of the most notable and mischievous daughters of the nobles and elites. But when Fleur met the most popular tenant of the boarding school, she knows, her school year will be in such chaos after a series of mishaps happening between them.
Caden Fernando Miller. Hot, notorious and the most famous bad boy of Crestmont High. Attention seekers flirt with him. Idiots fight with him. The ones who are rewarded with a piece of sense by God, they stay away from him. If you fight with him, you'll know you'll lose soon. Hot tempered, mysterious and those oh-so hot looks. That's enough for a girl to fall head over heels for him. If only he cared to give a shit about them. Not to forget, he is also the youngest gang leader in New York city with his cruel and charming ways. Skylar Anderson. She's not a nerd. Or a cheerleader. All she cares about is her family, her best friend and chocolate cupcakes filled with heavenly nutella. She lives a normal carefree life, trying her best not to flunk physics. Until she receives a letter in her mailbox... ...and that normal, carefree life goes right above the clouds.
Healer was catching his breath as he looked at the person before him. The man’s face was emotionless and cold. “Why did you do it?” That was the question that came out of his mouth. “Why do you have to go this far?! I trusted you!” The man stared at him and smirked as he turned around and walked away. “Answer me!!” Healer shouted angrily. “Healer!” Zoe quickly ran to him, “Are you okay?” she asked and checked on him. The man stopped and said, “If you want to know the truth, why don’t you ask your father.” After that, he got into his car and drove away. Healer and Zoe were left confused.
Follow the Peralta family and the people around them as they take over the city of Dos Rios. This is the story of their roller-coaster lives.
Althea yearns for justice decided to be a policewoman after she witnessed her parents murdered. Ralf was raised by her widowed mother is determined to give his family a better life. But little do they know that fate has other plans for them - because their young hearts fell in love, but that didn't last for long. A few years later and fate has played with them yet again when their paths crossed. Just when they started to rekindle their affair and thought that things had turned for the better, Althea found out that the person responsible for her parents' death is none other than the father of the person she loves the most. Will her love be greater than revenge?
Good girl Charlotte is an heiress to her parents empire, so her entire life has pretty much been planned out for her by her mother. She has always been told, "don't embarrass the family" making her think twice to just breathe. That all changes when she meets Jay. Jay, as enigmatic as he is rich and powerful, finds himself strangely drawn to Charlotte, and she to him; and he also happens to belong to one of the most notorious gangs in the city. Jay is tormented by demons and consumed by the need to control. Will she continue on the path that's been set for her, or will she let Jay lead her down a path of sex, danger, and passion.
Daniel Ibarra, an accomplished Civil Engineer… he has everything; success, fame and fortune except someone to LOVE. He loves to pretend coming home to a wife although he knows he lives alone. Every day he says, “Honey, I am Home!” but nobody answers back. Until one day a voice replies, “I already cooked adobo.” This turned his life around. Is this the woman he is suppose to love?
No digest~I will never marry a woman like you" Benedict vowed fiercely. But Cassandra smiled. "Vows are always made to be broken. Just like you broke you're so called scared love promises to me in blink of eye" "I loved an innocent girl with a pure soul and you are not her anymore" Benedict's voice was strained in pain. "And who is responsible for that . You and your Betrayal. "She snapped back. " it is payback time caption Hart. You will marry me Hart. And that is your punishment to tie up your life with a woman like me" Cassandra said evilly. Benedict and Cassandra was madly in love with each. But Benedict marries Cassandra's elder sister Cynthia and leaves for India leaving behind a heart broken Cassie. On his return Benedict was shunned by change of innocent love into sophisticated seducer as society calls her. Will Benedict marry Cassandra only sake of title without any love. Will Cassie ever forgive Benedict for his betrayal and move on. Is the Love and Passion once they s
Sam is the C.E.O of a company that was built by his late grandfather and because of his strong determination to make his rude and stern father proud, he made the magazine company reach the top charts. Lion on the other hand is a member of a gang that deals with keeping up their reputation by fighting with other gangs. He had a dark past that made him not experience anything that involves love. After their meeting one night, things will turn upside down. Will they be able to open up to each other? Or will they keep quiet and resist the temptation?
Playing a tune that I knew since I was a child. I expertly pressed the key correctly, not a single mistake. The beautiful sound coming from the grand piano echos in the room, it feels like it was taking me to another world where I can only imagine. Closing my eyes because that's the only thing I can do. " I love you," I heard the man said and I stopped playing. "I can't love you," I replied not facing his direction. "I love you," his husky voice that I love, repeated. He was waiting for an answer but I don't have the intention. "I think it was love at first sight," he said. "That's funny," I said still not facing him, "Considering that I'm blind." A man who is a Mafia boss fell in love with a woman who is blind. A woman who is blind sees the true nature of the Mafia man. How can he protect the woman? How can she love the man? The woman who only see the dark and the man who is in the dark. .copyright.
Life is always not a smooth journey. At least not for 18 year old Aruhi. She was an orphan and was tortured by her uncle and his wife. but when she decided to elope , she was captured by a man whom she had to marry as ritual . But that man is not normal, apart from anger issues he had darker secrets. Will she run? or live there with him? Sensitive topics: Abuse, forced relation and violence..
"Come on, tell me this is what you want Mia because I don't think I can keep myself away from you anymore." His voice was deep and laced with desire, his eyes searched mine for permission. I found myself nodding my head, letting him know this was what I wanted, his lips on mine. I nearly passed out when I felt his teeth pull at my bottom lip, gently biting down on it "Use your words Mia," Axel whispered. "I need to hear you say it." He groaned. "I want you to kiss me." ***** After her mother's death, seventeen-year-old Mia Morrison had been jumping from one foster home to another since she was seven. That was until Child Protection Services remove Mia from a drunk abusive couple, and shipped her halfway across the county, her life just might take a turn for the better. But sharing the same roof with nine other people can be stressful. It's even more stressful when five of them are boys. And it's pretty much unbearable when two of them develop feelings for you. But
This book is unedited. Read at your own risk. After the Vera and The Christ Crime Family joining with the marriage of Jac and Natalia, almost every district was controlled by them. Years of marriage they were blessed with two kids, a son, and a daughter. Jacob Christ, 25 years old, following his mother's footsteps in the family business while Kate Christ, 23 years old, an unemployed young adult who decided not to be a gang leader. After refusing her mother's and brother's help in finding a job, she decided to move away from her luxurious life to renting a small apartment with nothing but only her clothes. While searching for a job around town, she came across a little grocery shop that has nothing but a beautiful shopkeeper. Since working in the grocery shop, Kate's life has been turned upside down.