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Sexual scenes very erotic/hot Craven and his friend Anthony are in over their heads the night they're caught spying on Beresford Hall. When Craven meets the dark, mysterious Dominic Beresford, he wonders if fate really does step in and take you by surprise when you least expect it. Dominic Beresford has led a licentious existence, one that includes wealth, luxury and a carefree attitude when it comes to sexual liaisons . . . until the night he catches two young men spying on his property. Intending to frighten them into never breaching the privacy of another again, he takes them at gunpoint into Beresford Hall. He is inexplicably drawn to one of the young spies, Craven Saunders, and cannot fathom how this handsome young man was able to turn his world upside down in such a short time. Dominic’s game of cat and mouse suddenly runs amuck. The question is . . . just who is the cat and who is the mouse?
"I want you. Yield to me..." he announced again, this time pinning her down the sofa. ~ 0 ~ When all is left in ruins, how would a princess live being held captive inside the mansion of her most hated captor? Her freedom all denied, true. But, not her will and heart.... Genre: Fantasy-Royalty, Historical Romance Status: Complete All Rights Reserved JMFelic Books 2020
When someone dies they immediately go to the after life whether is be hell or heaven. That's what supposed to happen for everyone one right? Well that wasn't the case for our main protagonist, when he died he ended up in an totally different world. One that was filled and ruled by fantasy creatures. A world where 90 percent of the world is creatures that are only heard in fantasy story books. A world where the remaining humans are treated nothing more than mere merchandise, nothing more than filth and are only used as slaves. Oh and what happens when our main protagonist was a famous mafia leader in his previous life is now a slave?
She was a princess but lived like a servant. She knew nothing of her identity and was content with the life she had. But one day the truth is revealed and with it comes a death threat . Can she claim her birthright without being killed? even if she succeeds will the decision of who to marry still remain her choice alone? what will happen to the love of her life? find out in this exciting historical romance novel set in Africa.
He is schoolmate,He is my friend ,He is my boyfriend. Thank you for accompany me a long tiome . love you
He crippled her fingers, killed her mother, and ruthlessly made her lose her baby. She hated her ignorance and destroyed her own eyes, and then she threw herself into the fire and never saw him again...
Freya Undyne Morgenstern, manages to kill Voltur, The Evil One, and stop his wrath from destroying the Underworld. But, in order to do that. She has to absorb Voltur’s soul. Once that happens. Everything changes. Both the Underground and the human world.
"What advice would you tell to your fourteen-year-old self?" An avid fan asked her. "Be patient and work hard until you become the epitome of success." She even stood tall and proud as she smiled to all of them. "Does Sunny Grainger have regrets?" That struck her in an instant. Of course. It's the only love that she miss out before she could even have a chance...
Warning: Mature Content Trigger Warning: Trauma, Abuse (Not by the male lead), Psychological Alessandra Maximillan, the Young Duchess of one of the four duchies and a major political figure as well as a role model for both men and women, has nearly everything she desires in life. She is only eighteen years old, but she rose to prominence as the heir to Duke Albert Maximillan of the Maximillan duchy due to her charisma and ability. But she has a little secret and a simple wish. Alexander Terrence is the Duke of the Terrence duchy. He is known as the Mad Duke because it is said that he murdered his own parents in order to become Duke. Then, what will happen when Duke Alexander proposes a contract marriage to Alessandra? The cover is not mine. I found it on Google.
Yule McGregor is endowed with so much mana that made her a powerful mage in the group of Solstice Archmage. Being a commoner with a poor background. Many Aristocrats look down on her and doubt her skills when she becomes the Captain of the HOLY ARCHMAGE KNIGHT on the Kingdom of Solstice. until the kingdom is jeopardized due to the Demon's threats who have wreaked havoc on the Kingdom of Solstice, the HOLY ARCHMAGE KNIGHT takes action. However, after they beat the demon, Yule died as a result of a grievous injury that no one could heal. but... Despite her accomplishments, she died with deep regrets. she regretted not being able to experience everything she wanted. because she was preoccupied with the responsibilities of being a Captain at such a young age. "If I had another chance, I'd like to live without regrets." As she reincarnated in the body of a child, that has no magic. will she be able to fulfill all of her desires? In the body of the child that cannot do magic, will she be able to live to
Thea's dreams have come true. She has her new love, a new husband and a new life, but not everything is perfect. Being thrown into a world so different, then she had ever experienced, brings new problems in her life, more worries, which will need to be overcome to keep her happiness and her family together. Becoming a queen is the complete opposite of what she was before. She is happy, but for how long it will last? Thea will have to endure - with the help of others or completely alone. Will this be a journey of her life, that will break or make her stronger?
She is a Lady, but she spews profanities like they were made for her. She is what you would call....A F*cking Lady. ....••••••.... Zylith Sanders was a mundane teenager until one-day she was sucked into a wash basin and somehow ridiculously ended up in a feudal world without her beloved games and movies. To make matters worse, she was sold off by slave traders to the horrid Noble house of Ronales as a petty maid. But that was not the end of her worries, Dear Zylith, the feminist had a long struggle ahead of her when she meets the mighty King of this feudal kingdom and becomes his pretend consort. With a king that likes to poke deadly humor at her, and a bamby girl who wanted nothing to do with the ancients. How will the poor teenage feminist cope with only her sarcastic mouth to rely on! Just dive in and read on to find out Zylith Sander's romantic plight.
Through a series of strange and improbable events, Sabrina Stark is Empress. David is her Royal Protector and mentor-until she receives a blade through the gut and David is framed for her murder. Six months later, David finds himself bearing the Outsider's Mark, and he burns with a new purpose: to save the Empress's brother, Anthony, and restore him to the throne. Featuring Stefan and Catriona as badass avian-themed assassins, Joan Catspaw as the sassiest Samuel ever, and the weirdest (and most inefficient) conspiracy to ever grace the Isles.
Born into a world of slavery, Thea knows only the hard life and cruel treatment that always comes from her masters. Unexpectedly a boy takes her under his care. He is young, rich, somewhat rude and holds power in his hands, in his land like no other person. Edmund - he is special, gifted with a mark from times before. He shows Thea a different world and makes her dream again, long for a life outside the gloomy reality and be a tiny part of his own. An uncrossable gap separates two souls, planting many problems and obstacles in their way and denying their hearts the happiness both of them struggle to get hold of. When the heart breaks, what will save Thea's and Edmund's future and love? Only a pure soul and feelings blooming over the torturous years.
No digest~everyone in Chennai county, thinks that the bestowment of marriage between landlord Wang, Di son; the richest family in Chennai, and the Di daughter of the Bai marquis house. is sending one's daughter to be slaughtered. after marriage Bai lang, mother-in-law's ill treatment, her husband's childhood sweetheart; Bai lang withdraws after her fourth miscarriage, without a choice. as time passed, she ended up dying tragically. Reborn at a younger age in a different kingdom, Bai Lang chooses to marry for power, and struggle through the muddy waters- known as the imperial family.
The whole world has changed. In the year 2054, the human race is no longer the largest population on earth. The global invasion of a new yet not quite new species has forced the remaining people to hide in fear. Just like the other war survivors, Avery Pierce tries to escape death by hiding from them. But when she reaches seventeen, her life is doomed. She is sold as a slave to an old powerful family. Living in a beautiful mansion, she has to serve her owner, the mistress of the house. Will she be treated as a mere slave or maybe something more?
Dahlia Brooks, young, beautiful and smart high school girl who is interested in ancient history. She fancies dark forest and the beast living in the devil square. What if one day she crossed paths with the devil himself and became his slave forever. Will the devil be mercifully fall in love with her or act like he is the most dangerous creature ever? "What's your name,little girl?" He asked to me with a hint of scariness in his voice. "Dahlia.." I replied looking directly in his blood red eyes. "Dahlia.. come closer.." his voice softened to the texture of rubber. I was completely paralyzed, lost in that wild gaze. "You must not roam in the forest at night. What if the devil finds you?" He asked as his eyes moves to my lips. "The devil is right in front of me. If he wanted to hurt me, he would have been till now." I replied confidently, then felt the color of his eyes changed somehow and they were blazed by now. "You do realize you are now in devil square, don't you?" He moved further close to me, and eac
Disguised as a boy, Andrea flee from her home and work as a seaman in a pirate ship. When her parents and twin brother died in an accident, her mom's step sister moved in their house and tried to fornicate her future. But she will not allow them to suppress her and for the love of God, she will never let them waste her parents fortune. With a newfound determination, she makes her decisions, after she learned their plan to ruin her just so that she can't marry anyone except her scoundrel of a cousin. After she fled, she accidentally found out that there's a ship looking for a new seaman. Without a doubt that's her only salvation, so she decided to join their ship, without knowing that they are full of pirates. But it's too late now to backout
Tragedy took Julia Turner away from her Kentucky home, but with the death of her father she finds herself suddenly thrust into taking over the family ranch. The threat of arson and murder linger in the air as she embarks on making a new life for herself, with a husband she inherited from her father. Can she overcome her past and put the ghosts that haunt her to rest once and for all? Daniel Browning loves the land in which he inherits, but he finds his love for the late owner’s daughter, stronger. In order to start a life with Julia, he must first put an end to the events plaguing the stables and solve a five-year-old mystery. Can he do it in time to save the ranch’s reputation and protect Julia from becoming a victim of her own past horrors?
On the surface of the world there is so much going on that has not been proven. What if eclipse has a secret? What if beneath the lovely eclipse, Coraline find out that there's something unusual beneath it that will change her life? She didn't expect that there will be a solar eclipse, half of her body sunk in the lake holding her history book for 1945. She didn't expect that she would return to 1945 just because of eclipse. She's unaware of what happened, all she knew was she drowned in the lake and when she lifted herself under the water she's at a different time, in 1945 when Japanese seized the Philippines. She thought she will have a wonderful life there because she'd met the man who made her heart beat fast and loud, Ybrahim Martinez who will love her no matter what. Emotionless man who being rugged to her. And there's a woman that would do everything to separate her from the man she loved. Is there's chance to get back in year 2020, the present to save her life from people who wants to chase a
In a time when marriages were arranged, Madeleine and Cecilia were prepared for marriage, but Cecilia was desperately trying to get away from her suitors, while Madeleine was the prize and promised in marriage to her cousin Emanuel. Emanuel was a prince and when he turned 21 he would have to marry to assume the family throne and his mother was in charge of choosing a betrothed for him. But Emanuel surprises everyone with his choice, and from then on a love story begins, where the couple will have to fight to stay together and keep their family together.
Simplicity never existed in the life of a hunter. Monsters, death and hunts were what these people were used to. But the Winchesters were a different story... This family faced more than monsters, they faced God, The Darkness, archangels, the four horsemen and death. In fact, they have encountered death more times than they can count. Inside a black '67 Chevy Impala, two brothers sat at the front. One with a laptop and one who had his hands behind the steering wheel. Behind them, a woman sat, flipping through her father's journal and accompanying her was an ex-angel of the Lord. Quite a peculiar group some would say. Zenja Winchester was the woman's name. And that very same woman plays a very important role in the world of hunters. Unbeknownst to the Winchesters, fate was going to to make them take a sharp turn towards a new danger. A danger involving a nephilim. And this nephilim plays a very important role in Zenja's life. |BOOK ONE OF THE 'ZEN' SERIES| | SUPERNATURAL FANFIC | { Season 13 } | JA
No digest~I will never marry a woman like you" Benedict vowed fiercely. But Cassandra smiled. "Vows are always made to be broken. Just like you broke you're so called scared love promises to me in blink of eye" "I loved an innocent girl with a pure soul and you are not her anymore" Benedict's voice was strained in pain. "And who is responsible for that . You and your Betrayal. "She snapped back. " it is payback time caption Hart. You will marry me Hart. And that is your punishment to tie up your life with a woman like me" Cassandra said evilly. Benedict and Cassandra was madly in love with each. But Benedict marries Cassandra's elder sister Cynthia and leaves for India leaving behind a heart broken Cassie. On his return Benedict was shunned by change of innocent love into sophisticated seducer as society calls her. Will Benedict marry Cassandra only sake of title without any love. Will Cassie ever forgive Benedict for his betrayal and move on. Is the Love and Passion once they s
She was a curse in the name of a blessing. He didn't want her but he just couldn't keep his hands off her. He was said to be the strongest of his kind. Impressed by his strengths and foreseeing his regime as a great king, he was blessed with a mate who would complement his strengths and character... but she turned out to be the infamous Bastard Princess.