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Destiny is such a cruel thing It will ask you to choose: The one you love or your sister You can only select one Who will you choose? This is an inspired story for the song Servant of Evil By; Vocaloid Len Kagamine
Mr. Asad Zayn Sufiyan, son of Zayn Sufiyan a well known business man as well as a mafia boss. Just explore the story of love that grew from childhood as both Asad and his mystery girl Firdaus Rehan Mallick grew from childs to adults. Well there are alot of misunderstanding, ignorance, longing, in this story. Lets see how fate brings them together binding them for their life. Present: Asad overtime has grown in to a full powerful young man handling his family business. But there is one thing that he can't understand that is, why his long lost friendship is gone? what happened that it vanished with time? Firdaus is shy, simple yet a beauty to be known bounded in her own problems. How can she ever escape them? Will she ever be able to tell Asad the reason behind this? To know more read the story.. Note: the story is completed and would be updating twice every week. TANAZ97
Quinn sends souls to the afterlife as her part time job. Until one day, her bestfriend and first love, Lucas was attacked and is now in a coma. Both of them are on a mission to find out who killed him and hopefully, Lucas can go back to his body before it is too late.
She could hear his footsteps coming closer. Pressing her trembling hands to her mouth she even tried not to breath. Her bruises were throbbing with pain and chest was heaving. She could smell her burnt skin telling her that it was deep this time. She knew it wont take him long until he finally locates her in his wardrobe. Oh, Lord, Please, help me out.She cried in her brain as hot tears slide down her cheek. All of the sudden, the room was echoing with his favorite music. She banged her head on the wall ahead on her helplessness. That creepy violin was at the max. She knew the reason too well. He had found her. Rishika just sit there waiting for her blow. She tried to numb herself. Like every other time she tried to tell herself that this is not happening to her but the moment she heard him say, "Oh, my dear Shikha, here you are." She broke into tears. She didn't have it in her to look at his face. "Please,.please, "She pleaded as she tried even more to hug her legs. "What? Am I not the same guy you so muc
Syrah De Rama is a anti-social and always afraid of everything. She's afraid of lots of folks in her sight. Because for her, the stares are killers. Syrah prefers staying at home and lock herself on her dark room. Having Nightmares everytime she fall asleep. She will cry with no reasons and remember something traumatic. She lived with her caring husband. He is fine and Nice but there's something suspicious about him that she can't figure out. But whatever it is.. She hope that her husband is not likely a culprit. Chris De Rama, a billionaire and ruthless leader. He's the Chief Executive Officer of a well-known Real Estate in Asia. He is Power. But he's really totally different in front of his beloved wife, Syrah. Months have passed after being with her husband, they tend to fall in love with each other even more. Her weird feelings started to fade. But why is there something wrong around her? She will meet someone who looks exactly like her. Syrah lost her memories because of an accident, a ve
Torn Between Good And Bad. Justin is light, safe, good. Alex is dark, dangerous, bad. Ariana is torn between the two. She knows she should head towards the light but the element of darkness has always excited her. Darkness runs through her blood, darkness makes her heart go wild. Darkness attracts her, she's drawn to it like a moth to a burning fire. Which path will she choose?
"Ms.Bridges, you made a mistake here,"he pointed at my solved equation. "It's too tiring!"I whined. "Is it?"he asked. "Mhm,"I nodded. "Then I'll just make sure to tutor you after 10 pm,"he smirked at me.I knew what sort of tutoring he meant by that. I gulped meekly. It's illegal, but the more dangerous something is...more exciting it becomes. I know I like my math teacher but that simply doesn't mean I won't kill him and not get jailed for it.
Tristan Roberts has found the tastiest blood that will quench his thirst. All he has to do is to lure the prey with his beautiful face and sexy plump ass. However, it's not going to be easy if the target is a cop.
TAIYO TAKAGI only fell in love once… Just once. And it was more than enough to make him completely committed for eternity. But as he deeply sought the mysterious woman who stole his heart in the past, he soon finds her in a strange town called “Avian Hills”... A village surrounded by an unseemly mysterious fog filled with secrets. Stranded in the illusions of his love and obsession, Taiyo will take every possible measure as long as it means he can finally have the affection of his one true love. But what will happen if that said love could also cost him a great price to pay? And what does the dark mystery lurking beneath the town’s peculiar atmosphere have to do with it? BIRDS WITHOUT FEATHERS is a heart-gripping tale of two beings cleverly brought together by fate. One, a devoted hopeless wanderer; while the other, an imprisoned dreamer. As these two lives intersect each other, what kind of story will it portray? What kind of ending will it unfold?
Monica Stephen Ronald is an Anglo Indian Major in the Army from Goa who loves her duty above everything else. A heart full of respect for her country and an undying will do anything for the sake of it. Ali Umer Baig is a Kashmiri who gets selected for the Army. He dreams of making the wrong in to right and doing so through the right path. Two people whose lives are dedicated for their country comes face to face and falls in love. Patriotism that scales above dreams and a love that scales above everything else.
DARK ROMANCE. "How much?" She asked angrily. Completely ignoring the fact that he called her something in spanish. "One million dollars!" He spoke with an emotionless face. She understood it now. The maids didn't get too much pay and like this it will take her whole life paying off the debt. That's why he's so smug. She was in her thoughts when his words got her curiosity. "There's a way through which you can pay the whole amount at once. Then you'll be free to return to your family." He spoke in a deep voice. Her bright blue eyes met with his icy grey orbs. For the very first time she saw an emotion in his eyes other then anger. His icy grey orbs roamed at her body from head to toe. She felt chills at his gaze. His eyes turned darker and a smirk plastered on his face. "Sleep with me." She took a step back at his words. Her blue orbs widen in shock. "W-What?" She stammered. She felt so exposed under his gaze at that moment, that she wanted to claw at his eyes until he bleeds. "Have sex with me. Th
Ariana was gifted or cursed with a special power to stop death and because of it, her parents forbid her to go outside alone. It was fine until the day she got bored and sick in hiding and planned to disappear. Although her parents warned her not to help anyone, she couldn’t ignore the dying man after she witnessed the accident and brought him back to life. However, that man wasn’t supposed to be given a second chance to live and the consequences of her action haunted her after she got involved with Kit Ramirez. She fell for him and when she found out that the man she saved after the accident was the murderer of Kit’s sister, Ariana risked her safety to help him. However, Kit Ramirez has a dark secret and when her parents found out about it, they were against the relationship and ordered her to leave the son of her father’s mortal enemy. Another story that's against all odds!
Book 1 - Hennhofen Castle Cassidy Wynn couldn’t believe her best friend was dead. Determined to find the truth, Cassie finds herself in Hennhofen Germany, where she discovers a human trafficking ring may be behind her friend’s disappearance. Her snooping has stirred up a hornet’s nest, resulting in another reported death. Hers. Can Cassie survive the torture and torment of the Master, or can she barter her freedom, as well as the other women being held captive in the castle, or will she find herself on the auction block of the handsome Baron von Hennhofen?
"You smoke?" She asked, as she started fidgeting with her finger. She never liked guys who smoked. "No, I don't. I just like to burn things." He exclaimed, shrugging it off.
Female (Fem-A-Lee) was as unusual as her name indicated. She was young and beautiful with enough ambition to supply three women her age. As a police photographer, she was the best there was, but she wasn't content to stay in her office and wait for action to call her; she wanted more. When a body is found in the cold winter night, Female finds herself the new partner to New York’s finest handsome homicide detective, Victor Armstrong. Victor has a past that keeps him moving forward and as much as he admires Female Peker, he doesn't want her as a partner. Can she change his mind and make him realize she’s not a petite stereotype female, or will she have to knock him on his ass to open his eyes?
Victoria Rielle Ordanza, simply known as "Viri" grew up in the States but her hometown is the Philippines. After spending almost all of her childhood abroad, Viri can finally go back to the Philippines with her brothers because of a business-related matter. She wanted to roam around her hometown before her classes starts. Cyrus Sebastian Monterrojo, a close friend of his brothers enters the scene and offered her to accompany her wherever she wanted to go. Little by little, they started to fall for each other but because of a tragedy, destiny separated them. After years of being away, Viri's life is in danger and Cyrus willingly protected her. Is this the time for a second chance? Is true love sweeter the second time around?
My name is Winter Emmett . I was kidnapped by Jareth " The Mr. Psychopath". He ripped every pieces of me..... He ruined me...... He chose me to be his slave forever.....
Chris runs away from a life forced onto him from birth, along the way finding out who he truly is and who actually stands behind him. M for Mature (due to amount of violence
Arya was happily married to her husband Aryan until one day she loses her memory in a fatal car accident and forgets all the traces of his past life. In the hospital, she meets a man who shows tremendous affection towards her and claims to be her husband, Aryan. Not everything you see is a lie, Not everything you believe is a truth, Amidst this will life find a way towards her?
This book is unedited. Read at your own risk. Read I DONT DATE CHEERLEADERS, A LITTLE PIECE FROM HEAVEN, ALLESANDRA and I DONT DESERVED TO BE LOVE before reading this. *16 YEARS LATER AFTER EMERSON & CLARE WAS BORN* READ THIS ⤴️ READ THAT ⤵️ SURPRISE!!!! Read to find out. (This is a Futanari/GirlxGirl genre story.)
The Pathology student Kriszel Mercones felt her life was about to fall into pieces after discovering that her only Aunt died because of Broken-Heart Syndrome, and the cause is the prolonged absence of her Aunt’s Argentinian boyfriend. Kriszel’s grief worsened when the guy didn’t even show up in her Aunt’s funeral, and since then, she promised herself that she’ll never fall for a man’s love. But a decade after, the game suddenly changed when she met the gorgeous Italian chef, Nathaniel Salvatore. His perseverance and kindness spontaneously softened Kriszel’s heart. Will Kriszel break her own promises for the love that she had never experience?
What happens if a countryside girl stole the wounded heart of a rich sole heir? But what if the girl who made his heart broken came back to win him back? Will they be able to handle the consequences of their actions?
The biggest and dangerous Mafia Manik Malhotra falls in love with an simple and sweet girl ,Nandini Murthy who is daughter of his biggest enemy Dinesh Murthy.He wants revenge from him. Does Manik really fell in love with Nandini or he just want his revenge. To get answers for your questions peep into my story
Lyra is an extremely independent and seductive woman, living on her huge chunk of trust fund money and is every shade of wild. Nightclubs are her second homes and now she even works there, not that she needs the money but because she love it there. With her beauty and a body to die for, it's easy for her to make man fall into her trap and she is well known for leaving a trail of broken hearts behind her. What nobody knows is that she buries nightmares deep inside her and she needs to be saved from her past. What happens when Aiden, born to a drug Lord and is the next to carry the family legacy, claim the wild Lyra for himself?