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Matt and Julie are sent to prison for drugs. They both want custody of Molly when released. Matt has a personal relationship with the Guardian ad Litem Christina. To influence the to give him custody. Julie wants to reunite with Matt and share custody. Matt is shot was it a murder attempt. Christian ends up in a coma. How will it effect the custody case? Will her husband find out and report her? Will Matt and Christina be killed by a jealous spouse. Will they live happy ever after?
After having a baby, Alyssa's life finally seems to be falling into place - she's living in a new town, has a new job and a new boyfriend. But when her ex shows up in town, she has to face the fact that the past may not quite be behind her just yet.
Blurb- HER SURPRISE CHRISTMAS Gift! One sinful night with consequences, at Christmas time… It’s a a simple one night stand and it should have ended there nothing more. But when innocent Eva Snow falls pregnant to the dashing Greek billionaire Vitalo Patrakis, there’s only one solution the traditional greek man sees as the right path... Marriage! He chases after her and promises her the world for their baby, a life lived side-by-side, raising their child as a family, which is the one thing she's afraid of. But too bad it seems the holidays seems to present her with two beautiful presents she can't deny nor refuse... But that doesn't mean stubborn Eva Snow won't try to out run it..
Mandy Nakahama is a certified fangirl of Sproutoon’s lead vocalist Elias Hwan. She’s willing to do anything to support him. But, If that “anything” means doing something illegal in front of a camera, will Mandy go for it? As the people around her started to be distant, a stranger named Pocholo came to her and gave her the company she needed. He makes her happy and loved. Mandy became the happiest person with Pocholo that everything won’t be the same without him. Until she found the truth about her new found friend.
Harley was the product of an affair. After her mother died, she decided to make contact with her father, Ron Hale, a criminal and leader of a felon-filled, biker outlaw club, The Savage Scorpions. After months of virtual communication, she decides to visit him in his small Californian town of Pleasant-Tree-Ville. When she arrives, she gets less than a warm welcome from the other SS members. As the days pass, she starts forming friendships, bonds and something a little more with Alexander Coates, Her father's second-in-command... and best friend. It's not till Harley opens up to one of her new friends that some old, dark family secrets come to light. Mother betraying Daughter, Wife Betraying husband... And Friend betraying Friend. All Harley wanted to do was meet her father... but she is about to get a lot more than she bargained for!
19-year old Lance is your typical teenager - raging hormones and all. He is crazy enough to fall in love with a single mom twice his age. But this inexperienced young man has three things guiding him - his heart, brain and crotch. For Christ's sake, which should he follow? Cara is a first-time divorcee settling down to a life of quiet independence, but a strange attraction to her friend's yummy son threatens to make her lose her senses. She has no idea what to do. Should she protect her sanity or should she just let it go to hell? From Amazon bestselling author of Message In The Bottle, this is not a romantic story you'd want to miss!
Julie has been having a hot, secret affair with someone she really shouldn't be having a romance with; David Jackson... AKA... her stepfather. It has been going on for a long time, but after many attempts, Julie finally tells David its all over, but he doesn't want to accept that. It's not until Julie's mother and David's wife announces she's pregnant that David takes Julie seriously, the problem is, the damage has already been done... ...Julie is pregnant too... **This is a forbidden romance with a lot of Erotic chapters**
The President. The Vice President. The Senator. The Congresswoman. The Mayor. Behind every power comes with great secrets no one knows about. Five women who will show how dirty and utterly pleasurable politics can be; because no matter how you will look at it... Politics will always be a dirty game.
"Winter" I gasp quietly, shutting my eyes tightly as his lips continue to make their way down my skin. "We're going to get caught! I'm supposed to get married tomorrow." "Then you better be quiet, because I'll be damned if I let anyone take you away from me." He mumbled against my skin. She was broken. He fixed her. She was lost. He found her. She's become a heatless and cold monster. Then she finds out she was supposed to get married to the man who broke her heart.
'We met and loved each other but fate says we are never meant to be' how cruel fate could be that it is playing with our emotions. Well, it actually depends to me and you whether we obey fate or play with fate just as how it plays with us.
The last thing that I saw, before all that darkness had consumed me, before everything turned to a deep hole of nothingness and a raging fire. Was the spread of bone wings, torn at the end, like the world had rejected it's ever existence. And i was just a host to fill up that nothingness derived into a whole pit of darkness. ** After a life threatening incident, Dianna Keith discovers her life has taken a huge turn over that could destroy everything she's believed and dreamed of. And as the story goes by a young fiery spirited girl, she realizes she can never have the life she used to have before. Not when there was a tormenting darkness inside of her. Not when she was possessed by the ruler of hell.
Elliot Andrews lives at home with her parents, who are always working and she is a senior in a high school she can't stand. The only saving grace are the fact she is trapped here for another year with her best friends Ryan and Louise. That is until the mysterious, young and gorgeous Mr Cartwright comes along. Tragedy strikes early in to the school year and her world is ripped apart, will Elliot get through this? Follow Elliot on an amazing year of tragedy, heartbreak, growth and love.
“How long do you have to convince yourself that you don’t love her anymore?” David believed that he already found the love of his life at a very young age, but the girl broke their relationship and walked away without even telling him the reason why. A second chance knocked as three years later, they met again, and David was really determined to continue what they left behind. They reconciled, but their love story gets tougher this time! They never talked about what happened and just let destiny tear them apart, making them completely devastated. What really happened the second time? Would fate make a way for them to reunite again, or would David just continue to believe that he was intentionally hurt by the same woman twice, leaving him with no other option but to hate her for the succeeding days of his life?
Note: This book will no longer be available on Sofanovel. If you'd like to read this further, please message me for the link. Thank you so much for giving this book a chance. Much love, A. MaNan Punit and Ankita have been the best of friends since school days. And when it came to their personalities, they were the weirdest. Ankita Agarwal aka "patakha" (as she was known by all) was exactly it: Dangerous. Her tastes and choices were more masculine. For instance, when it came to colors, she preferred anything dark and solid. She hated unnecessarily fussing and was quick to dress up, loved anything big and muscular such as heavy bikes, giant dogs, and strong cars. She was quick to anger and took no shit from anyone. Punit Soni, on the other hand, was a "Gentle Giant", thanks to his personality that had no match to his size. He was slow to anger, was immensely patient and understanding. He was a softie, unlike Ankita who was rough, brash, and often spoke without mincing words. When it came to his choices a
A Kisses and Curses novel*** #1. Desirable Beast*** Gretel has a long list of reasons to despise arrogant and wealthy Javier del Mundo. First, he was proud. Second, he was not her dream man. Third, she was attracted to him. Javier was mysterious, and he seemed to hide a lot of secrets. Gretel had no business with him at all. But when her brother got involved in a robbery in Javier's mansion, she offered herself to him as a sacrifice while proving that her brother was innocent. Will Gretel finally uncover Javier's secrets, or did she just put her life in danger?
Madeline "Addie" Jane is a senior in high school. Feeling indebted to the father who gave up on his dreams to raise her after her mother died she is now following the path he had wanted to take. But it comes at a cost. A musician at heart, her own dreams are fading fast. When her father finds a job in a small town Addie decides to take a small piece of her life back, but the repercussions might just be more than she was prepared for. When her music teacher Mr. Scott hears her sing he asks her to join his band. Feeling torn Addie is unsure about her decision, but the music overrides her insecurities and Addie finds herself falling in love with music and Mr. Scott. While Addie struggles with her feelings, Mr. Scott and her new friends help her to see just what she is capable of. But it is only a matter of time before her world begins to fall apart, and Addie is left with a decision. Follow her dreams and believe in herself, or follow the dreams her father has for her and potentially lose him forever.
Adeline is in love. She thought that loving Tarek and having a relationship with him again would make her happy. But it did not. It only caused her too much pain. "How can I ever let you go when all I ever wanted is to hold you in my arms, enfold you in my warm embrace." - Adeline Cruzata
A night that was meant to be a celebration, ends in tragedy, when Katie, a local veterinarian, becomes the victim of a sexual assault. She must learn to come to terms with the consequences, such as falling for the officer assigned to the case. Avery, a newly appointed police officer with the Tucson Police Department, is assigned his first case. Trying to make a name for himself, he arrogantly plans to solve this case in record time. Falling for the victim was never part of his plan, and he finds that this case will turn his world upside down.
They walk like men. They talk like men. They seduce like men, but they are not men. River Arden is a slave. born and raised she knows nothing more than servitude. After centuries of peace on the human lands, there is sudden destruction and massacres as creatures feared by all arrive. Some call them Lycan gods, Werewolves... to her, they are Beasts of men. When her city is captured by the Beasts, River is offered as a prize to the Lycan warlord, Hadrius King.
In the midst of a groundbreaking trial period of reunification between two Koreas, a fateful encounter unfolds. Youngchul, torn from his homeland in Pyongyang, embarks on a life-altering journey to Korea University. Little did he know that destiny had a spellbinding twist in store for him. Enter Heesoo, his enigmatic Doumi (Helper) and a brilliant scholar of North Korean studies. Sparks fly as their paths collide, fueled by language barriers and cultural clashes. Brace yourself for a heart-pounding rollercoaster ride as the once stoic Youngchul finds his icy facade melting away, revealing a vulnerability he never knew existed. Against a backdrop of political tension and societal expectations, their love story unfolds with breathtaking intensity. Get ready to be captivated, enthralled, and utterly enchanted by a love that transcends boundaries and defies every obstacle in its path. *I legally own the characters image of Youngchul,
Maggie never thought that there could be another person living inside her body. She read books about parallel worlds, but she didn’t expect even in her wildest dream that the human from another universe could actually be inside her own body. Or, perhaps inside her mind? Until one day, Dustin, the dashing psychology student, approached her and asked questions about the consecutive odd changes in her personality—changes that Maggie didn’t expect to be dangerous.
Growing up alone was never easy for Alraine Raphaela Marcos. Her parents, who don't treat her as their own child, are always far from her. Life was excruciatingly beautiful for her since her younger sister died and her parents kept on accusing her for what they had lost. Their paths collided again when Raphaela has to move to his house because her parents entrust her to Mocetti family. Isn't it that both of them are looking for someone to be called as "family"? But then again, you cannot say or predict when will love strike you, when will cupid hit you so hard that could lead you to death. Growing up into a woman, Raphaela knows she doesn't see Royal as her older brother anymore. Royal, in the other hand, plays things cool and doesn't overrate things. He's in love with someone, he also knows Raphaela is in love with someone else.
18-year-old Regina Crimson is alone for the summer. Her boyfriend is away at boot camp and her best friend is busy babysitting her baby sister. So when Regina decides to head to the beach alone, she meets a mysterious stranger and mysterious bottles of her favorite strawberry wine start appearing. Is it true love...or a stalker?!
As a Catholic girl I was just trying to make it through college. I wasn't looking for a lot in life. Just good grades, getting married before twenty two, having a few kids and God's blessings. People say that in life, you don't always get what you want and life has a way of roaming from the trail you planned to follow. I never realised how true the saying was. Religion was my everything, so what happens when I end up falling for the same gender? It couldn't get worse, right? But as life always feels the need to show you, it could... And it would.