Avoiding The Gang Leader

G.L 1

Micah's P.O.V

I could hear them behind me.


They were going at the same speed as mine but louder. Whoever it is, don't ever hold back. They wanted me to know they were behind me, following, three blocks now. I didn't dare look back I was too scared to see who it was.

I was also scared that if they continue they would see where I live. I couldn't see a shadow meaning they were a good distance from me but I could smell their cologne when the breeze blew and to make this more terrifying it was 1:00 a.m. and my apartment is in a not so good neighborhood. It's not that bad but there is a gang somewhere around here. I try my best not to run into them. The last thing I want is to be a target for some stupid reason.


When I was near my apartment building, I decided to turn around and look. When I did there was no one there. Just me and a stray dog across the street as far as my eyes could see. I sighed and entered the building. I took the elevator to my floor and walked the hall until I saw my door. I looked at both ways of the hall before entering.

I threw down my school bag and took off my hat. I emptied my bag of books and working clothes before going into the kitchen. I decided to just eat some cereal and shower since it was about to hit 1:15 a.m.

After finishing my cereal and shower, I climbed into bed and pulled the blanket to my chin closing my eyes forgetting about the incident that happened on my way home. I made a mental note to ask my manager to change my shift tomorrow.

As I was about to fall into a deep sleep I heard my bedroom window slide open and footsteps coming towards my bed. I was terrified. I wanted to piss myself. I wanted to scream and run whatever I could but I stay frozen in bed with my eyes closed, hoping whoever it was would go away like the first time but It was obvious he followed me here and they followed me for a reason.

I could feel his weight on the edge of the bed and his hand pulled the blanket from my chin. I shivered from the cold but still didn't move. The stranger rested his hand on my left cheek the cold rings on his fingers sent shivers down my spine. He moved his hand from my cheek and trailed it down my chest.

I tried to see through the dark, hoping the street light from the window he left opened would help, but I still didn't make out a familiar face. I hardly made out anything at all. Just his piercings blue eyes white shiny teeth when he smiled and somehow his gold chain shone in the dark.

"W-who are you?" I managed to stutter out

"Shhhh! no need to be scared, baby," his low husky voice replied. It was obviously a man but what did he want

"Are you a burglar ?"

The stranger laughed. His laugh was sexy but what was I thinking in a time like this?

"Kind of yes, not in this situation."

"Ummm, can you get out?" I asked.

"Not before I have my fun with you." Before I could respond he straddled my waist

I then felt his soft lips on my neck slowly kissing, licking, and biting at it. I couldn't help the sounds that escaped my mouth and I would be lying if I said it didn't feel good. I knew I should be pushing him off and crying out for help but this... I couldn't help it. I moaned as his hand traveled down my naked chest and caressed my skin.

I badly wanted his mouth on mine but could I kiss a stranger? I can't even see his face and these things are happening right now and to make it worst my first time doing anything sexual is being done by someone I don't even know. To top it off I'm doing it with a GUY. I mean I don't know if I'm gay or not I haven't had a girlfriend or boyfriend but shit this is something else.

His hand moved down to my sweatpants and I opened my mouth to say something but he began sucking on my collarbone. I half screamed from the pleasure I was receiving not realizing my sweatpants and boxers were not off with this stranger between my legs.

"Stranger, what are you doing?" The words came out more like moaning but he chuckled "You'll see."

"Have you ever done this before?" He asked

"No," I groaned

He hummed and I heard him unbuckling his jeans. I didn't know what the hell was going on with me but I found myself reaching into his jeans and taking hold of his dick

I gasped at the size of his dick and let go trying to get away but he held me in place.

"Don't worry. I'll prepare you". He whispered and kiss my cheek.

He pulled down his jeans and boxers before I heard the plastic noise.


"Y-you do this a lot?"


"Why me?"

"Got lucky I guess."

Before I could reply he stuck his fingers in my mouth. He rubbed them against my tongue and I cooperated coating them with saliva. He removed them and I felt a finger at my hole. I gasped as it circled my entrance then entered. I groaned at the stinging feeling and the stranger took my left hand and kiss it.

"Have to get you ready, okay, baby?".


I was slowing getting used to the feeling and when he realized he pushed another finger in me moving them in and out. I moaned loudly out of pleasure and pushed back on them. He entered another and I couldn't take it anymore I wanted him.

I traced my hands down his hard chest.


He removed his fingers and I whined at the sudden emptiness who knew I would want something in my ass.

I felt his thick member rubbing around my hole first causing me to groan.

"Stop teasing!" I huff.

He chuckled and pushed only the tip into me. I bit his bottom lip forcing myself to take his dick like a man. I could tell he was fighting the urge to thrust forward into me by the way he was growling and holding my wrist down. He pushed into him more until he was fully in. He stayed steady for a while until I was whining again needing him to f*ck me senseless. He pulled out and thrust back in. My moans echoed throughout the room followed by his groan echoing with as much fervid. I was tight around him and it felt good. He leans down and bites my bottom lip but didn't kiss me. The small action sent shivers through my entire body and him fucking me didn't help. I started to cry out and telling him to go faster.

"Fuck, you sound so sexy," He groaned he pound into me faster and harder.

I could feel my pulse in my dick

"C-close," I breathed out.

He grabbed my shaft and started stroking. He continued jerking me and I began to move controllable under him the pleasure was too much.

Close to orgasm, the stranger leaned down and whispered in my ears

"My name is Leo." He then kissed my cheek

As if knowing what he wanted. I screamed his name as I came in his hand with him squeezing my shaft gently.

"Leo". I said a little softer as I felt his hot liquid even though it was in the condom. It felt good, imagine if he had fucked me raw.

He pulled out gently, removing the condom. My hole was burning but it was a good burn. He laid down beside me and pulled to his side kissing my forehead. I rested my head on his chest and inhaled his scent. This was amazing but I was still scared. I just had sex with someone I didn't know. I wanted to move but the pain in my ass stopped me. I hissed and laid back down.

"Stay still."

The stranger moved instead. I listened as he dressed himself. I wrapped myself in the blanket and stayed still on the bed. I listened as he walked to my bedside table and turned on the light. The sudden brightness made me hiss and close my eyes but re-opened them. I finally took a good look at the man and gasped.

I know him.

He smirked and walked off towards the door

I followed him to the door ignoring the pain. I didn't know why my feet just moved with my mouth wide open from shock still couldn't believe the man that came through my window, that got me heated, gave me the best night of my life, and took my virginity all at once

Before he opened the door, he turned and stepped to me. He cupped my face in his hands and planted a sweet soft and gentle kiss on my lips.

He pulled away and I stared up at him, my eyes widened from shock as I tried to control my hormones. Those deep blue eyes stared back at me, thick long eyelashes fluttering each time he blinked. His red lips parted and his pink tongue licked his lips.

"You're mine, got it?"

All I could do was nodding.

He just kissed me on the mouth the first time since he's been here and it took my breath away. His lips were so soft and warm.

"I'll see you around babe." And just like that, he walked out. Closing the door behind him.

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