It's Friday night, everyone was having fun and drinking away the worries they got from working all week. Night clubs were packed with people who wished to enjoy the night, knowing that they could freely rest tomorrow from work.

During days like this, the number of cases increase, troublemakers double in number, and police officers needed to work past their official time. Just now, James and his team got a call from a nearby legally operating club where a drunken man was currently causing trouble, threatening to stab other party goers with a sharp knife. Four of his subordinates immediately responded, hoping to stop the ruckus as fast as they could before innocent people get involved.

James instructed his team to immediately call for backup if things get out of hand.

"Report to me as soon as you get there." The chief reminded, allowing his team to move out of the station.

He went back inside his office with a file in hand, the most recent unsolved case they have. James had been studying the report for the case of Victor Lee, the guy who was found dead in a hotel room three days ago. He's been having a hard time looking for possible suspects, and things were clearly not adding up.

James slumped in his chair, heaving a deep frustrated sigh, his head aching and body tired from a long day work. Closing his eyes, he let himself rest even for a short while. He's been overworking himself and his body feels weaker than usual after almost three days of no proper sleep.

The silence of the night helped ease his tired muscles as he slowly drifted to sleep.


Tristan was busy scanning the area for his next victim. His nose was filled with different scents from all the people walking around the streets, looking like meals. His eyes landed on his next target, currently drinking with his buddies in an open restaurant with lots of people hanging around.


The vampire swiftly moved down the building, no one even noticed him speeding up past them. He walked across the street and into the restaurant, letting his hips sway in a sexy motion, his plump ass moving along, earning dirty looks from the people inside.

Tristan settled down on an empty chair, making sure to make an eye contact with his prospect. He smiled seductively, letting the man know that he's interested in him. He openly licked his lips, sensually staring at the man only two tables away from him.

As expected, his target had taken the hint. He cockily got up, smiling proudly over his friends who seem envious that a beauty like Tristan had taken a liking on him. The man walked forward, hands inside his pockets as he smiled.

"Hey there pretty." He said, finally taking the empty chair opposite to him.

Tristan smiled back, tracing his hand over his lips in a provocative way. The man followed where his hand traveled like a hungry animal waiting to devour his meal. If only he knew that he's the real meal.

"Hi to you too, handsome." Tristan's voice was deep and sensual, making the man shiver in anticipation and lust.

"I'm Anthony Han, and you are?" The man offered his hand which Tristan gladly accepted, sliding his soft hand with the man's calloused one.

"Tristan. Tristan Roberts." He sexily smiled, pinching the man's hand in a suggestive manner before slowly pulling away.

"What is a beauty like you doing here alone?" The man said, dragging his chair closer to him, their legs now making contact.

Tristan shrugged his shoulders, tucking a strand of hair behind his ears, acting all shy.

"I'm looking for someone to spend the night." He boldly muttered, placing his hand in the man's thigh. Tristan felt the man's muscle tighten under his touch.

"You know, I'm lonely and cold." He continued, pouting his lips. Tristan saw how the man licked his lips, lust visible in his eyes.

"Well, I can keep you warm tonight." He smirked, placing a hand over the brunette's exposed shoulders, caressing down to his arm.

Tristan smirked back, looking at the man's hand in his arm.

"That's perfect." He whispered, thinking how he's going to feast over his meal tonight.



Tristan gripped the man's neck, letting him choke to death. He had to keep him quiet or someone will catch them. He took him in an alley, where no one really passed by during night time because there was no light passing through this area. The vampire knows it's risky for him to kill in such an open place. However, He found it hot to kill his victim in a place where someone could actually see them. His hunger heightened and he felt the excitement at the thought of getting caught.

"G-GET OFF ME YOU M-MONSTER!" The man struggled, punching his fist in an attempt to escape but the vampire's strength was unmatched.

Tristan tightened his hand even more, lifting the man on the floor, holding him by his neck.

"Why? I thought you're going to keep me warm tonight?" He said mockingly, eyes burning red and fangs out ready to taste the man's blood.

The man kicked him, almost ruining his pretty face. Tristan hissed, eyes blazing in anger.

"You fucker!" He muttered before hungrily sinking his fangs in the man's neck, drinking all the blood in his body. The man struggled, his eyes turning all white, mouth opened, feeling how his body ran out of blood.


Tristan heard the man's final word, dropping the lifeless body on the ground like a piece of trash. He stared at the dead body with anger as he wiped the blood in his mouth.


He had heard that word a lot of times, but it still pinched his heart. Tristan knows he's a monster, a blood-sucking monster who kills just to survive, but isn't he just like humans who kill animals for food as well?

Tristan sees no difference so why is he the monster here? Humans are monsters too, killing runs in their blood so it's just fair.

The vampire stared at the lifeless body, his anger rising every second. He lifted the body by the collar, and with all his force, threw it on the wall. The impact made a crackling sound, and the body came rolling from the force. The skull was smashed, brain almost coming out of the head, decorating the wall and the floor. The ribs almost tearing the man's flesh, and bones broken from the strong impact.

The scene was gruesome, but Tristan found it satisfying. He smiled, looking at the piece of art he made.

"I am no different from you bitch." He said, walking away from the scene.

Using his speed, he dashed to the crowd, who didn't even feel he's passing by. He ran with all his new found strength, smelling the scent coming out from every person. The scents were all the same, average and not really appetizing for a vampire like him. But after hundred years of drinking human's blood, Tristan had been immune with the taste and the smell. He had to survive anyway, so he didn't really have a choice.

He kept on dashing past the crowd like a strong wind, until...

Tristan halted.

Time almost freezing as the vampire scanned the area for that smell. His eyes instinctively turning to red with dust of yellow and orange, his nose flaming in mixed desire and hunger as he smelled a unique scent in the air.

What is that?

His movement was sharp, following the scent coming out from a particular place. The vampire dashed, stopping in front of a police station, where the scent is coming from.

What is that smell?

He closed his eyes, allowing himself to get drowned in the scent, making him feel all sorts of things in his body.

He's hungry.

Tristan opened his eyes, determined to find the human with an unusual scent that's making him crazy. He looked around and spots a CCTV in the area. Tristan knows he couldn't use his speed now that he's being recorded. He calmed himself, walking like a normal human towards the station. All he had to do is act, and Tristan is a master of that. He's nearing the station when a lot of police cars came, parking in front. Men in uniform dashed out with a struggling man in blue shirt and white trousers, and Tristan could smell alcohol radiating from him.

"I will sue you! Do you even know who I am?! I WILL SUE ALL OF YOU!" The man shouted like a lunatic, doing everything to cause a scene.

The police dragged him inside, not really caring about the words coming out of the man's mouth. This made Tristan's eyes roll in anger. Now, it would be even harder to get inside with all those people. He looked around the station, hoping to see other ways to get in.

The scent got stronger, and Tristan could no longer control himself. His eyes were turning back to red and his fangs were desperately wanting to come out.

Where is that smell coming from?

He stared at the door, trying his best to scan the station. He used his hearing ability to know what's going on. Tristan heard an officer shouting about getting a call from a citizen that a dead body was found in an alley. Policemen came rushing out, and he almost stopped from breathing when he finally saw a figure of a man with the strong scent that drove him wild.

There he stood, raven hair as dark as the night, eyes deep black almost charcoal like, lips as red as blood, making the vampire lick his lips in unexplained hunger that made his body tingle with mixed desire and lust.

Tristan inhaled once more, allowing himself to get drunk from the man's alluring scent. He smelled like vanilla and strawberry with a pinch of mint, a unique smell that the vampire had never had before. He stared at the man, feeling satisfied with the fact that he has a handsome face and a hot body to match with his scent.

Tristan watched as the guy instructed everyone before getting in one of the police cars. He stared at the man as the car sped away, all the while smirking evilly, feeling pumped up and excited.

"I'm coming for you, officer."

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