Tristan arrived back in their home just before the dawn breaks. He looked around only to see the place empty, Tyler nowhere to be found. He saw the sun almost rising, which made the brunette worry. Usually, Tyler will be back before dawn. He doesn't usually get caught up outside during the days, unlike Tristan who sometimes does so.

Where could he be?

Tristan slumped on the sofa, deciding to wait for the older there. His body was fully energized as he could still taste the officer's delicious blood in his mouth. The vampire felt his body heat up just from the mere thought of the handsome young man. He remembered the passion they shared together over and over again, as they fuck a couple of times.

Tristan grinned, realizing that the officer might be so tired right now.

How can a human like him keep up with a vampire?

He giggled like a sixteen year old who happened to get fucked so good by his crush. He let himself fantasize over the officer as his eyes slowly drifted to sleep, totally forgetting about Tyler.


James stared at the man inside a tightly closed and sealed room with glass windows, allowing the people outside to see the inside. The man has his hands and legs tied up with silver chains, preventing him from moving. His head hung low, skin pale with blotches of burns and his lips as red as blood. He has blood oozing out of his chest and leg, which was caused by the gunshots Jonathan had to fire earlier.

From the outside, the man looked like a normal person, however, the officers know better. Just by observing the wound in his chest, anyone can tell that he's far from being a human. No normal person will be able to live after being shot twice in the heart. The man may be powerless now, but he's still breathing, eyes red with fangs protruded as he hissed at the people outside the room who were observing him. He struggled to get out of the chains, which was not a wise move. The more he struggles to get away, the tighter the chains get around his wrists and legs, grazing his flesh.

James had somehow felt relieved upon seeing the man for the first time. He heaved a deep sigh, seeing that he's not the man he was expecting. David suddenly walked over him and tapped him by the shoulders. He noticed how the vampire's eyes get a bit darker in shade as he stared at the smaller officer by his side.

"Chief, Jonathan called to report that Dominic has survived. He's currently being monitored as he gets blood transfusion."

James nodded his head, relieved that the guy is such a lucky man to have survived another attack.

"Monitor him, David. If he'll be good to interview, validate if this man is the same man who attacked him the first time." James ordered, wanting to make sure there is no other vampire aside from the one they have in their hands right now.

David nodded his head. "By the way chief, the media already got a hold of this information and reporters start to bombard our station with calls wanting to have an interview and an official statement about the vampire thing. Should we accept?"

The chief was silent for a while, not wanting to decide rashly. He wanted to do what's best at the moment and revealing this information to the world right now is not the perfect thing to do.

"We're not going to comment now. We still don't have enough information regarding this vampire. We need to make sure whatever we'll say is true and factual." James walked away from the vampire's cell with David following behind.

"Reject all offers and tell the others to shut their mouth about this." He added before going inside his office where he contemplated for their next move.

David went back to the cell where he saw the vampire continue struggling. His body was already designed with bruises and wounds but the vampire didn't seem to mind as he glared angrily at him, eyes red and sharp. The officer cannot believe that there is a real vampire. His eyes couldn't seem to accept that creatures like him exist in this world. He felt a bit pitiful towards the vampire at his current state. However, when he thought about the number of people he killed to quench his thirst for blood, David couldn't help but feel relieved that he's now chained and caged from the world. He shook his head, finally turning his back away from the vampire as he walked toward the conference room where the other officers await his updates.


Tristan awakened after a deep sleep. He immediately stood, noticing that it's already dark outside.

"Tyler." He called out, checking if the older is finally back. However nobody answered.

"The hell." the brunette mumbled, allowing himself to go out of the house. He used his speed to go up the huge buildings, his eyes scanning the whole town to see what's happening. He was standing on a building's rooftop, when a news flashed in one of the LED screens in the town circle.

"This morning, the news about a vampire being caught by the police has circulated the social media. Up to now, the police are not confirming nor denying this issue. However, just moments ago, a video shot inside a hospital by a concerned citizen has leaked. The informant claimed that he witnessed how the police captured the vampire after attacking a patient who luckily survived. Here is the video."

The screen was filled with chaotic scene where a man is lying on the ground with blood oozing from his body. Tristan shivered in utter shock as he stared at the man, his hands started to sweat. When the officer lifted the man, he gasped as tears formed in his eyes, seeing the man's familiar face.


His hands trembled as another man was caught in the video with blood oozing out of his neck, face pale. Tristan fell on his knees as he stared at the human. He remembered him as the man he wasn't able to kill last time. He felt his body shiver, realizing what Tyler might have done for him. He cried, wanting to hurt himself for being so careless and letting his brother be hurt because of him.

"OH NO! PLEASE BE SAFE... PLEASE!" He mourned, feeling so bad for Tyler. He felt his anger rise towards the police who hurt him, his inner demon slowly waking up. He stood, face still tear-stained but this time, he had a determined look to save his brother even if it meant he has to expose himself.

"Wait for me, Ty. I'll get you out of there."


James closed the door of his house, body tired from all the things that has happened. He threw his things on the table, his tired body limping on the sofa. He groaned, feeling the softness of the material against his back. He hasn't even closed his eyes when his phone rang, which made him groan in frustration.

"The hell.." He mumbled, his lazy hands getting the phone out of his pocket.

"Yeah?" He tiredly muttered on the other line.

"Chief, sorry to disturb but I don't think I can sleep tonight without reporting to you." Jonathan said from the other line, voice laced with worry. This has gotten James to sit straight, his tired eyes now fully alert.

"What is it?"

There's a sudden sound on the other line, as if Jonathan is passing the phone to someone.


James knotted his head. "Dominic?"

The man on the other line weakly chuckled. "Yes chief." His voice sounds so weak ans strained.

"Don't force yourself to speak now. You can tell us everything when you're fully recovered." James suggested.

"No.. This is important. Y-you see chief, the one who attacked me earlier is not the man who attacked me last time. They are... two different vampires chief. I'm afraid that the other one will come to avenge." Dominic was able to complete what he has to say even though his voice is cracking.

James stiffened at this, his eyes almost popping out of his sockets.

"Oh shit." He cursed, his body started panicking, realizing that the police he asked to watch over their captured vampire might be in danger. He quickly ended the call before dialing the line of their station, but nobody answered. He rushed outside his house and into the car as he continues to dial the line. His heart beat fast as the second call was once again disconnected.

"What the fuck!"

He drove his car in a speed that almost has him flying. He dialed David's personal number, but the man is not answering as well.

"Shit!" He angrily hit the steering wheel as he stepped on the pedal. He made the usual 30 minutes drive into 10, as he parked his car in front of the station, the car tires screeching from the sudden stop. He rushed out of the car and barged in the station. His steps are huge as he turned the corner.

James felt his heart fell as he saw his men's body on the ground, blood decorating the walls and floor.

"Oh my god!"

He went near one of his officers and saw that he's still alive. He went to the other one to check his pulse and was relieved that he's also still breathing. He quickly contacted Jonathan to call for an ambulance which the latter did.

James slowly walked near the vampire's cell, his gun on point as he goes nearer. He neared and stiffened when he saw the vampire holding David by his shoulders as he sinks his fangs on his neck. The chief also saw another man standing near them, blood dripping from his hands with his back facing him.

He aimed his gun. "Let go of him!" He shouted, aiming the gun on the captured vampire.

The two vampires turned their heads and James might have felt his breath get knocked out from his chest when he saw the man's face. He felt his heart clench, as their eyes meet, brown ones staring at black ones.

In front of him is the beauty that has him going crazy from passion and want. The brunette that made him feel the pain he's feeling now.

"Y-YOU..." James mumbled, his body suddenly losing energy. He felt so frustrated and mad at himself for letting himself get fooled by the brunette. He was so hooked by him that he almost thought he has fallen in love with him.

But now, James would die than admit that.

He raised his gun, aiming on the brunette who has a soft painful look on his face.

"Let him go or I won't hesitate to shoot." He warned, face void of any emotion.

Tristan felt like crying as he stared at the anger in the man's eyes. He felt suffocated, like something is squeezing his heart and piercing it with knives.

"I'm sorry... James." He said before holding Tyler by his hand and waist. Using his speed, he dashed past James faster than a speed of light. The officer fired, missing the target by a hair as he felt the strong gush of wind past him, and in a blink of an eye, the vampires were gone.

James stood there frozen, unable to let the reality sink in. He heard a groan coming inside the cell which caught his attention. He quickly went near David, who's eyes were a bit hazy.

"W-what happened?" He groaned, feeling a pain on his neck. He touched it and was shocked to see blood staining his hand.

James removed his hand to look at his wound. He has the mark of the vampire, which means he was sucked by him. However, just like James, he was able to live.

"Are you okay?" James asked, wanting to make sure.

David nodded his head. "Where's the vampire?"

James sighed, finally standing up to check on the others. David came following him and was shocked to see the bloodbath.

"What happened here?!" He asked in a panicked tone as he approached the wounded officers.

"They got attacked by another vampire."

David gasped. "W-we have one more? Where are they?"

James wasn't able to answer as they hear the sound of a siren coming. He quickly went out and saw Jonathan getting out of an ambulance with the rescuers.

"Where are they?" Jonathan worriedly asked.

"Inside." James guided them in a hurried movement. They quickly put the wounded officers on the stretcher before they ride the ambulance, all have worried faces for their colleagues.


Three weeks have passed and everything went back to normal. The officers who got badly wounded were discharged and were rewarded with merits. James and the others were also given credits for their fast action and help toward their colleagues. The higher officials had given them a month long leave from work so they could focus on making themselves healthy physically and emotionally. They were given this privilege for securing the city's safety with lessened crime rate for the past few weeks.

James didn't really leave his house. For a whole month, he just stayed inside his home, going out from time to time to buy food and drinks. Just like tonight, he shortly went to a convenience store near his pad to buy his dinner. He quickly went back to his house to enjoy the food for himself. He placed the plastic on the table as he nears the refrigerator to drink some water.

James went back to the table when suddenly, from his peripheral vision, he saw a movement on his right side, where the balcony is located. He stiffened, mind going alert for possible intruder. He bent down, opening the drawer below the sink, where a gun is secretly placed. He has a lot of guns around the house in times of need just like tonight.

James hid the gun behind his back as he carefully neared the balcony, the glass door wide opened. He cautiously walked out and immediately pointed the gun on the figure of a man on the dark part of the balcony.

"Who are you?" James gritted his teeth. He saw the man move forward, the moonlight now illuminating his figure, and James held his breath when he saw his face.

"I'd rather have your hard thing hiding inside your pants point at me than that gun." the man grinned, his beauty being highlighted by the glow coming from the moon.

James stiffened at this, face void of any emotion.

"What are you doing here?" He asked in a stern voice, gun still pointed towards the brunette.

"I'm just here to say my proper goodbye, James." Tristan walked nearer to the man, stopping only when the gun touched his heart.

James is now standing face to face with the man he wants to forget so bad. He stiffened, feeling the brunette's hand caress the side of his face.

"I'm sorry." He said, voice full of sorrow. His brown eyes show loneliness and longing for the raven.

Tristan slowly neared, not minding the gun deeply pressed on his chest. He closed the gap, and slowly claimed the officer's soft lips. The two kissed passionately, pouring all their emotions in their intertwined lips. They savored the moment as their lips danced together in a slow movement, not wanting to break away from the spell.

They held each other close as they let themselves speak through the kiss, saying the words they cannot say. It felt like forever, when Tristan pulled away, eyes gleaming with tears. He slowly stepped back, his smile not reaching his sad eyes.

"Goodbye." He whispered as he stepped back into the darkness of the night.

The vampire is long gone but James still stared in nothingness. His heart is aching as he lifted his head in the night sky.

James stared at the moon, the only witness of a human and a vampire's heartache and their unspoken love for each other.