The officer awoke in the middle of the night, feeling an incredible pleasure building in his lower abdomen. He lazily opened his eyes, still sleepy from fucking the brunette hours ago. His sleepy eyes traveled down his body, almost immediately popping wide opened when he realized what the brunette was doing in his lower region.

The beauty was playing with his half aroused cock, pumping his hand up and down while licking the tip like a cat.

James groaned, feeling his cock twitch and harden. He felt the brunette suck him, letting his pretty mouth deep throat him expertly.

"F-fuck." He cussed, feeling the brunette bob his head in a rapid movement while sucking him like a lollipop.

"Y-you have such a way to wake up someone." James whispered, eyes settling on the brunette's beautiful face with his mouth enclosed on his cock. He looked so good sucking him like that, making him hard, his veins popping on his cock.

Tristan removed his mouth from the man's now hard cock with a popping sound. He looked satisfied at the fact that he made the officer hard in just a few minutes.

"I want you to fuck me again, officer." He seductively dragged his body on top of the officer, sitting on his toned abs, his ass just a little bit above his now saluting cock.

"I want to make you feel good." He quickly grabbed the chief's cock with his right hand, guiding it into his slutty hole.

"Let me ride you."

The brunette slowly sat down, eyes growing big from how big he is.

"Oh fucking big!" He moaned, sitting halfway the officer's cock, and he felt so full already.

His mouth opened wide, feeling himself getting stretched again. He closed his eyes in pure bliss, loving the feeling of the man's dick deep within him, hitting his prostate so good.

"Oh fuck! You're filling me so good!" Tristan moaned, eyes closed as he savored the incredible feeling of being connected. He clenched around the officer's hard dick, squeezing him tight. James moaned at the amazing feeling of the brunette's walls tightly enclosing him.

"You're so fucking good at this." He mumbled, holding the brunette's hips to steady his movement.

Tristan began riding James like a cowboy, letting him slide in and out of his hole, feeling too much pleasure. He leaned forward, settling both of his hands on his hard chest as he rapidly bounced his ass.

"So good!" He moaned, loving the stretch he felt every time the chief's cock rams inside of him. Skin slapping sounds and moans filled the room, adding fire to their already burning flesh.

Tristan continued to bounce up and down his length, the pleasure driving him crazy.

"Aaahh sooo big! Please fuck me more!" He begged, rapidly ramming himself in his shaft as James gripped his waist even more. The officer was feeling his high and he wanted to find his release. He bucked his hips up, meeting the brunette's ass with huge thrusts, fucking him upward.

"AAAHHH FUCK!" Tristan shouted in pleasure as James started drilling him, cock ramming in and out of him in a rapid pace. He stilled his hips, letting James thrust his cock upward. He felt so lost in pleasure as he screamed, finally releasing his cum all over the chief's stomach. He slumped his body against the officer as he still got fucked nonstop.

James thrusted harder, feeling the incredible heat forming in his lower abdomen. He slammed his cock more, feeling his cum finally gushing out, filling the brunette's already swollen hole. The two moaned in pleasure as they let their bodies stay connected. They stayed like that, Tristan on top of James with the latter's cock still deeply buried inside him.


James stirred on his sleep, hands automatically searching the other side of the bed. His eyes darted open, feeling the bed empty. He sat up, eyes scanning the room in search for a particular brunette, whom up to now he wasn't able to get the name.

The sun was shining brightly outside and James knew he overslept and was already late for work, thanks to a certain beauty who drained his energy as they fucked countless of times last night.

James smiled, remembering the best fuck of his life. He lazily went out of bed to check the brunette inside the bathroom. He slowly opened the door, only to see it empty. The officer sighed, realizing that the brunette has left him without even informing him. He felt a bit annoyed at the fact that he hadn't gotten his name and even his contact number again.

"I'm such an asshole." He murmured, realizing how he just fucked someone he didn't even know the name.

What would the brunette think of him? That he's just a bastard who cared about sex and nothing more.

He sighed as he walked inside the bathroom to have a quick shower. He stood in front of the mirror and saw small stubble on his chin. He checked himself in the mirror, deciding if he should shave or not. He was busy scanning his stubble when his eyes noticed a mark on his neck. He neared the mirror, wanting to see it clearly.

James felt his body turn cold, realizing the familiar mark on his neck. He's sure as hell that the mark was the same with the marks they have found in each previous case, decorating every victim's body. His heart beat so fast at the possibilities his mind started to think. He needed to make sure, but God knows how he badly wished his thoughts were wrong.

James immediately bathed, all the while thinking of the brunette and the way he bit him last night. His mind was clouded by the idea that he might have been fucking the killer he's been looking for a long time. Once done, he quickly went out to get dressed when his phone buzzed. He strode near the bedside table, grabbing the phone with quick hands.

"Chief Peterson speaking." He mumbled, taking his things.

"Chief, we found a new dead body." Officer David said in the other line.

"Fuck." James cursed, hurriedly walking out of the room. He took the stairs leading down to the pub. He neared the cashier with his phone near his ear as he listened to the full report of the officer.

"A nurse has seen the victim, Robert Henrix, lifeless this morning in his ward when she was about to give him meds. He has the same marks on the neck, just like the others." David reported, voice has a hint of worry.

James nodded his head as if David could see him. He quickly payed the bill before rushing out of the parking lot.

"Where's the location? I'm coming." He asked, opening his car door and slumping behind the wheel.

His actions were stopped when David said the hospital name. The same hospital where their witness, Dominic was currently admitted.

"Fuck! Secure the premises. I'll be there."


Tyler casually walked in the hallways, wearing a doctor's coat and a medical mask. He's finding his way out of the hospital without anyone knowing. He knew it's already morning outside, and he silently cursed himself for letting him get caught up. It was nearing sunrise when he felt a sudden hunger. He wasn't able to feed that night because he was so busy thinking about Tristan who went to hunt down the person whom he said has a blood that could satisfy him even from a single drop.

He decided to go out, thinking that he'll be able to get back at their coven before the sun actually showed up. However, he lost track of the time when he searched the area and found a good smelling blood in one of the hospitals. He knew the place was hard to penetrate but his hunger took all over other reasons. He mindlessly went inside, attacking one of the patients and killing him in an instant.

Getting inside was a bit of an easy task, but getting out was a different story.

Tyler found himself having a hard time going out, especially now that the hospital was in full alert when a nurse saw the dead body. There were cops already roaming inside the hospital, few of them rushing back and forth in the scene.

Tyler couldn't use his speed now. There were a lot of CCTV in the area, and he'll surely be fucked up. He took a right turn and almost retreated back when he saw an officer with a phone in hand, busy talking to someone. His nose suddenly smelled something unusual but his mind could not focus on it as he passed by the officer. He was able to hear some words that caught his attention.

"Yes chief. I already called for a sketch artist. He'll be here in a moment."

Tyler slowed down his walking to hear more.

"Yes. Dominic said he remembers the vampire's face clearly even though it was a bit dark in the alley where he got attacked. Yes chief." the officer said, making Tyler flinch.

He walked faster away from the officer and went inside one of the empty rooms there. Once inside, he angrily took off his mask and threw it on the bed.

"Fuck! Tristan! You fucked up little shit!"

He walked back and forth, mind thinking of things to avoid the catastrophe they were about to experience. He remembered Tristan telling him about letting go of a man in an alley because he wasn't able to drink other blood aside from the officer he's been talking about.

Now that mistake had come to haunt them down.

"I'm going to kill that bitch." Tristan mumbled, finally able to think of an idea to get to the victim first before the sketch artist arrived. He angrily picked up the mask and placed it back on his face as he walked casually out of the room. He needed to find that witness first without being suspicious. He scanned the area using his vampire vision. It only took him a minute or so to see a tall officer walking out of a patient's room with a mug in hand.


Tyler slowly approached the room with number 204 written by the door. The officer instantly looked at him, his eyes instantly turning soft realizing that he's a doctor.

"Hi officer... Jonathan Kim..." Tyler's skillful eyes were able to read the name on the officer's uniform. "I'm just going to check up on our patient."

The officer smiled, saluting before opening the door for the doctor and closing it behind. Tyler smirked behind his mask. He instantly saw a man sitting in the bed who has his eyes on a book he's reading.

The patient slowly lifted his face and smiled. "Oh doctor you're already here... Oh... A new doctor?" He said, realizing this one is not his previous doctor.

"Hello. I'll be in charge of you today." Tyler slowly walked near the bed, getting ready to kill the man.

Outside the hospital room, Jonathan saw David approaching with a man following behind, probably the sketch artist they are expecting.

"Hey. Can we go inside now?" David asked.

"Wait a while. The doctor is inside, checking him up."

David knotted his forehead at this. "What doctor? I just met his doctor on the way here to ask if it's okay to interview the patient again." He said in a serious tone.

The two officer stared at each other, their eyes growing wide, realizing what's going on.

"Fuck!" Jonathan cursed, rushing to the door only to find it locked up.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" He banged the door a couple of times, making the people inside flinch.

"What's that?" Dominic stared at the door, face full of worry. His questioning eyes gazed over the doctor who's eyes changed to red.


Jonathan's shouts stirred Dominic from his bed, eyes growing wide at the realization. He quickly got up from the bed, but Tyler was quick to grip him by his neck, choking him with his hands.

"You think you'll stay alive forever?" Tyler gripped him tighter, making him choke at the lack of air.

Dominic struggled to get away, his hands pushing the man's face, removing the face mask in the process. The mask fell on the ground, revealing the man's whole face, with fangs protruded. He stilled, unable to recognize the vampire. This was not the same vampire who attacked him.

Tyler grinned, seeing the confused look on the man's face. "Not the one you expected huh?" He said, tongue grazing over his fangs. He stretched the man's neck, showing the skin where Tristan's mark adorn.

"I'm going to make sure you'll die this time." Tyler sank his teeth on the flesh, making Dominic shout in pain. His painful shouts echoed in the room when the door suddenly bursts open.

"FREEZE!" David shouted but the vampire did not flinch.

Jonathan saw Dominic's eyes settle on his own, seeing the pain in them. Without another word, he took his gun and fired on the attacker, hitting his right leg.

Tyler hissed, retracting his fangs on Dominic who instantly fell on the ground, breathing ragged and vision blurring. The vampire glared at them, his fangs and mouth dripping with blood. He turned around to attack but Jonathan shoot him in his heart.

Tyler's back fell backward leaning on the window. His eyes look for a possible way out and realized there's only one way. He opened the curtain, forgetting what awaited him. He was greeted by the sunshine in the morning, making him hiss in pain. He felt his skin burn at the touch, his energy slowly draining. He backed away from the window but instantly halted when another bullet pierced through his heart, making him fall down on his knees.

Tyler felt so weak, his mind started going hazy and in one move, his body fell limping on the floor with his eyes closed.

David rushed over the attacker to check whether he's dead or not, while Jonathan rushed over Dominic's side who's face was as pale as the room's white walls. The doctors and nurses with the guards came rushing inside the room, alarmed by the multiple gunfire they heard. The doctors immediately went to attend to Dominic upon seeing his state. They carried him in the ER, realizing how much blood was lost of him. Jonathan made sure to come with them while David was left inside the room.

He called some backups, before calling his superior.

"Chief, we caught the vampire."

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