Love me like you do


Alice's P.O.

'' It was the day when I was haanding out some fliers for new cafe where I was working in after moving into this town. I knew no one here. I came here because the college I am going to is near this town so I won't have to travel so much ''. 

'' I just came here by train and managed to get the job from the recommendation of one my friends here. She is a cute girl. And now I am here handing out these to advertise our shop. No one is taking any of these from me. Maybe , I am not suitable for this job after all ''. 

It was around noon now , '' I wasn't able to give them to anyone passing by while standing at the main street where there are crowds of people. Here I am trying to be independant so that I won't have to rely on my mom and now this happens. Wish I can quite anytime soon. BUt I just got this job I can't quite it. After all , mom is trying her best for me. I need to support myself '. Have some faith '''. 

Then , when she was feeling depressed a man came up to her he seemed like the boy around my age. '' Young lady , do you need any kind of help? may I assist you ? '' asks the boy. 

He was quite handsome to say with his long hair which was falling onto his face and the long eyelashes and those pretty eyes and that mole on his chin and on the right eye. With the figure of a elegant man. He was quite long compared to her as , Alice was quite short in height. Her head was around his chest. 

'' No but you can take these this, this is a flyer advertisement for the new cafe opened recently and I am working here. Come visit if you like to '' she replies handing him it. 

'' Thank you I will go there. Bye then '' he left. '' Man he had such a cute smile on his face. I ws about to fall for him. NO no I need to get back to work ''. 

After that , it was around evening now. She went back to the cafe. The master was an woman who was quite older than her after all she was only nineteen year old. 

'' Master I am back '' she said with a deep sigh after opening the door.

'' Welcome back , how was it the experience ? ''' asks the master while standing at the counter. ''Not good maybe I am up for this job after all , still I need to lift my spirits or else I can't do this job '' she sighs. 

'' Anyway come in I will brew some coffe for you , it will make you feel better '' said the master with a bright smile. '' Thank you I am greatful about it '' repied Alice. 

Alice went in with a sigh. She went to the counter and sat quietly in front of master. '' Why sigh? if you sigh so much all of your happiness will go away you know?'' the master chuckled.

ALice rests her face on her palm. '' And who told you about this ? I have never heard about it before '' she asserts. '' A certain someone said this ''. '' And who is this certain someone? your boyfriend?'' ALice asked back with a grin on her face. 

'' Nah, you know that I am single and all. A young boy around your age had told me that some time ago. It was when I was lost about what to do in future. I was sitting by the side of the water fountain and sighing looking at my faace in the reflection of the water. Then a boy around your age said from behind '' if you sigh so much your happiness will all go away why are you sighing ?''. 

'' I was so surprised then I told him the reason and the he listened to my concern and gave me an advise to do what I wanted to. As a result I decided to open this cafe I stil don't regret about it though. I went against my parents regarding this and now I am here as the master. But I have to say when I first opened it I was broke as hell you know? '' she chuckled.

'' Now that sounds like a really good story, who was that guy? did he introduced himself ?''. '' No I forgot to ask him his name. Stupid isn't it ?''. ''You were done with your work but you should have asked for his contact address so you could thank him, did you thanked him yet?'' Alice asks with curious eyes. 

'' No as I had no clue about how to reach him '' replied the master. She poured in the milk then addded some honey in it. '' What a disappointment '' ALice remarked. 

'' Here you go '' said the master giveing her the cup of coffe. Alice took in the aroma and she felt delighted. After taking one sip, her face glowed up. ' I feel like I am in heaven, how do you make such a good coffe? I am in love with this '' Alice said with a happy face. 

'' I feel confident in the coffe I brew it's handmade after all and the seeds are picked by me personally '' said the master boasting. '' No wonder, but ...some snacks will go well along with this excellent coffe '' ALice complained. 

'' But you can't make them yourself caan you? ''. The master's face went pale. '' Alice, you are my trump card, you know the reason I decided to hire you right? that is so you can make some snacks and foods for the customers. I hope you didn't forgot that '' the master said holding onto her shoulders. 

' I know that very well, anyway I will cook as I am hired here. But there isn't a single customer here just like always '' ALice comments '' how will you run this business?''. 

'' That,,,,...I don't know I thought leaflets will do the job but I guess it didn't. No choice we hve to stay like this '' said the master. '' You did gave the leaflets to others right ?''. 

'' Ah, yes '' . '' I can't tell her that only one of them took the pamphlets '' Alice thoughts in her mind. At this time they waited inside the cafe so that the customers will come. 

It was around evening now and no customer came by then. They were watching staring at the window. '' Hey , newbie don't you have any boyfriend ? I mean are you also single like me ? '' asked the master while leaning back her body onto the chair.

'' wWell yeah after all , I have college to attend and my studies also. After all I am the best girl of the class. I need to manage my grades along with work. I can't rely on my mom also. I need to help her so I guess it's alright. I am doing well alone '' when she said that her eyes went blank. 

'' But you need to enjoy youth right? or you will waste your life away. There are so many things that you haven't seen or experienced in life. Untill you enjoy them your life is not fulfilled yet. I wish to be young again ''. 

'' Are you an old woman or what?'' chuckled Alice. '' No I am only twenty two I am not an aunty yet ''she retorts back. '' I know I know ''. It was starting to get daark now.

'' No one\s coming '' sighs the master. Alice was cleaning the floor. At this time someone opened the door. When they had lost all types of hope someone came. 

'' Excuse me, are you closing the shop? '' asked a man opening the door. Alice who was cleaning looked up to see whos voice it was. The broom in her hand fell down when she saw the same boy she saw in the morning. 

'' Finally a customer, come in please '' said the master. Alice just stood there watching him. '' There you are, i came because of the pamphlets '' said the boy with a smile.

'' The strategy worked, comee in please don't stand at the door '' said the master. '' ALice show him the seat ''. But she was in a daze back then '' Miss?'' called the boy in front of him.

'' Ah yes '' she stuttered. '' The pretty woman there is calling you '''. '' He called me pretty? come in sit here '' saying this the master grbbed his hand and took him to the seat.

Alice returned to her senses then. '' WHat are you doing ALice? finish cleaning and come here by my side '' commands the master with an angry face.

'' A-all right ''. '' He's the same boy from back then, he came here because I told him to. I need to ask him what his name is '' she thought. She went behind him to put the brushes away. 

'' So, what would you like ?'' asks the master smiling happily at the boy. '' Um, aa coffe not too strong and can I order something to eat also? I am pretty hungry? will that be too much to ask ?'' pleads the boy.

'' No, no it;s alright '' said the master '' what do you want to eat?''. '' I would like scrambled eggs and a cake strawberry one with the coffe '' he replied smiling. 

'' Alright, then it won't be too much trouble '' she asserts but when she looks back at the menu again she noticed something. '' This combination i think I saw this again somewhere before. But who?'' she thought.

'' You still don't remember anything yet? how can you be so clumsy and forgetful? '' retorts the boy. '' Could it be?'' she asked with a surprised face. 

'' Do you finally rememeber me?'' asks the boy. '' Yes you are,,,wait you haven't told me your name yet. How can I remember who you are ?'' she retorts back.

'' Oh right I hadn't told you back then, I forgot sorry ''. '' And who's this weird person who tells people that insteead of my name I will tell you my favourite dishes? it's your fault that I don't remember you accept it '' said the master. 

'' I am sorry about it now alright ? now give me some food '' he said with a sigh. '' ALice , come here and make the food he wants to eat them '' shouts the master.

'' Coming '' she comes hurrying to them. The master hands her the menu. '' Can I have some time to make this? '' Alice asks staring at the boy. '' Oh yes as you like '' said the master. 

'' I have time, for the time being I will just talk with the woman here '' replied the boy smiling. '' I will be back '' saying this she went to the kitchen. '' Give me a cup of coffe for now and with extra sugar and milk '' pleads the boy.

'' Coming right away ' the master started making the coffe. '' So, how's your life now? haven't seen you after that day.You know I had wanted to thank you for that day. helping me to make my own decision. I don't regret my choice at all ''. 

'' I am glad about it , I was able to help someone that's enough for me. By the way who's this girl though? saw her giving the leaflets to others back then. That's how I had found about your shop '' replied the boy.

'' She is my new worker here. A diligent girl doing her work properly. As long as she is here I don'y have to worry about anything '' the master said while making the coffe. 

'' But she's bad with people. She's not suited for the job '' replied the boy. '' I know that, but still I decided to keep her. I believe customers will come to enjoy food prepared by her. So I will keep her here '' her words had strong determination and firm resolution. 

'' You have grown up a lot OLivia '' he replied with a smile but this was the most genuine out of all. '' Of course I have grown up and changed. I am the master now after all. Here's the coffe have a taste '' . 

'' Thank you ''. He took in the aroma and stared at the cup to see his reflection on it. '' By the way how did you know that the cafe was mine? I mean it's not after my name then?''. 

'' I had an intuition that;s all, joke who would name the cafe Raven cafe other than you? that's how I found you ''. 

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