Valentina's Point of View

I turned off my Ducati as I park inside our house. I grab my tote bag with me and fixes my clothes which I did currently wear on my dance practice.

"Seems like there is something wrong around the house," I whispered to myself.

As I walk towards the door and turn the doorknob, a cake greets me.

"Surprise!" they shouted in unison.

I managed to move my sight to the people around the house. There are my parents, holding a banner, saying "Another pageant to come! Godbless, our baby Val!" I almost puked when I read it. My brother, Eros, holding the cake which greeted my face. I gave him a sly smile but rolled my eyes afterward. The helpers in our house, the drivers, Aunt Agapi, Lola Beau, the Jonas Brothers which clearly who handles me in the pageant, Ms. Anais, the one who makes my outfits and Sire Mozart, my academic coach.

"What's all of this?" I hissed.

"We are going to celebrate, you, entering a pageant again honey." my mom walk towards me and hugged me.

"But mom, you don't need to held a party like this." my mom holds both of my shoulders and frowned at me.

"Of course we needed to, Valentina." she kissed my forehead that made me smile.

I saw the Jonas Brothers, Ms. Anais, and Sire Mozart walking towards our direction. I gave them a warm smile. My mom guides them into the seats in our dining table. All of us are seated and they are excited upon hearing the details of the pageant.

"So?" I rolled my eyes in the first question of my mom.

"Here it is, Mom. Stop being excited, it's not my first time after all." she smiled at me as I was giving them the papers about the guidelines of the pageant.

"I read it already. The outfits are the introduction number, we are going to wear jeans and a shirt for our college. Then the talent's portion, I don't have one in mind yet. Then the sports attire, followed by the career attire and lastly, two evening gowns for the preliminary interview and the question and answer." I leaned on the chair and sighed.

After I explained, there is a commotion about me joining the pageant. They started making a fuss and talking to each other about the ideas and stuff.

"We can talk about this later, let's eat." my dad gave me a wink and I pulled out a thumbs up for him.

We started eating the food that they've prepared for the so-called celebration. I glanced at my brother and the girl beside her. I raised my eyebrows and finished my meal.

"Who is she?" I asked him while pointing to the girl beside him.

The girl quietly bowed down her head and stopped eating.

"You're scaring her, Val. She's my girl. Stop scaring her, you're like a witch." I frowned when I heard it from him.

"Says who peed in the pants when he's already 13." I chuckled and he managed to glare at me. I saw the girl giggling beside him.

"The name's Val. Daughter of my parents and sibling of my brother." I continue chuckling.

"Stop it, Val." I saw Eros rolled his eyes at me.

"I'm Psyche. Glad to meet you." I nodded as she tells her name. I stretched my arms and stand from where I was seated and walk towards our living room.

When they already finished eating, the Jonas Brothers, Ms. Anais, and Sire Mozart bid a goodbye since it's getting late. They told me they'll be back tomorrow to start the meeting about my pageant details. I gave all of them a kiss on a cheek and muttered thanks. I walked to my room when they started to leave, crawled to my bed, and sleep.

The next morning, the rays of the sun wake me up. I stretched out a little and starts to work out. When I finished working out, I walk towards my parents' room to tell them that Nikki's going to be here.

"Mom? Dad?" I sneak a peek and found that they are hugging each other while giggling from each other's stories.

"Gross. By the way, mom, dad, my friend, Nikki will come over. Is that okay?" I asked.

"Sure honey. About what time?" my dad asked while my mom's clinging to him.

"I'm going to fetch her at their house today after I take a bath. Ciao." I leave their room and chuckled when heard my mom scream and stamp her feet off the bed and start calling on our intercom for the helpers to prepare. I shrugged and went to my room, to take a bath.

When I'm done fixing my hair, I grabbed my leather jacket with me to top up my black razorback and high-waist shorts. I quickly run down the stairs and grab my black converse and keys to my Porsche, drove down our subdivision.

I smiled as I reach Nikki's subdivision and stop at a house with big white gates but before I beep up my horn, Nikki immediately opens their gate and runs towards my Porsche. I opened the shotgun seat for her.

"What's the rush?" I asked her as soon as she entered my car.

"My mom and dad want us to take a picture, Val. It's my first time having a real friend, remember?" I laughed as I saw her frowning.

I remove my seatbelt and stormed out of my car. I saw Nikki uttering some words I can't her that's why I laughed. I entered their house since their gate is open. I walk up towards their door and knock.

"Val, let's go," Nikki shouted.

I just raised my hand and continued knocking. The door opens and I saw a figure of a woman smiling.

"Good morning ma'am. I'm Valentina. Valentina Amore, Nikki's friend." I smiled at her.

She was starstruck and managed to call her husband while shouting. Her husband walks towards our direction, wearing an apron. I felt Nikki's pinch at my side that made me chuckled.

"What are you doing?" she whispered and I just shake my head while giving her a smirk.

"It's NikNik's friend, Dad. Grab the Instax, now." her dad just nodded and runs back where he came from.

"I'm Georgie Storm, Nikkita's mom. It's nice to finally meet you. I heard a lot of fun stories about you." I gave my gaze to Nikki and tried to glare at her but she only chuckled.

"And I'm Fuego Storm, Nikkita's dad. We're so glad that our Nikki has her friend already." her Dad introduced himself and raised the Instax in his hand.

"Uhm, can we take a photo of you, before you go?" I nodded while Nikki's still pinching my side. I smiled when her dad was holding out the Instax and takes a photo of us.

"Can you take another photo of us? I'll put it in my room." I hugged Nikki on the side and smiled at the camera. She hugged me back which made her parents smile even more. When we are done taking pictures, we bid our goodbye. I opened the door to my driver seat and glance at Nikki before I start my car and drove off to my subdivision.

"We're home," I shouted from the outside.

Nikki poked me. I saw her mouth wide open that's why I pinched her.

"Is this even a house? This is a freakin' palace, Valentina." her mouth shut when one of our helpers opened our door. I grab her hand and pulled her inside the house.

"Wow." I glared at her.

"Ms. Val, the guests are in the dining hall." I nodded at the helper and take Nikki on our dining hall.

"Ms. Val," she whispered and laugh.

When I took her to the dining hall, all of my mentors and handlers are there including my parents, Eros, and his lover. I saw Nikki hide from my side that's why I looked at her.

"Heya! Here is my friend, best friend rather, Nikki. We're in the same college department because we have the same course." I looked at them and saw my parents smiled.

"Don't be shy, Nikki. Make this your home. I'm Erasmus Amore, Val's Father." my dad raised her hand and offer a salute to Nikki.

"I'm Imogen Amore, Val's mom." my mom smiled.

"And." I glared at Eros.

"Eros Valentin Amore. Brother of Val, nice to meet you." and he transfers his gaze to Psyche.

"You have a second name, too?" I just nodded at her whisper.

"What is it?" I sighed and look at her while I'm taking her to the seat.

"My name is Freya Valentin Amore. Now, stop asking Nikki." and guide her to sit.

As soon as she is seated, she smirked at me. I know that look of hers, she's going to call me Freya from now on.

"Nice to meet you too, Mr. and Mrs. Amore. I'm Nikkita Storm." she smiled that's why I laughed.

"Stop laughing, Freya." she laughed while teasing me.

"Let's eat so that we can plan out." as my dad heads up all of us for eating.

I saw how Nikki is enjoying our company. I thought it will bore her all out but she manages to socialize with the people around the house that made them love her too. I guess friends aren't gonna turn into your enemies if it reaches the point that they'll be insecure about you.

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