A Secret That No one Should Know.


"So that's why you were gone for awhile without even taking your phone and purse with you."

"Are you okay?"

What Jacob had said alarmed the her manager and the co-workers entirely. Sara grimaced at the sudden attention on her and narrowed her eyes at the blonde haired boy. He just shrugged nonchalantly as if saying it is what it is.

"I'm fine. There's nothing serious, he saved me-"

"You're dismiss. Go and change." The manager cut Sara off and pushed her gently to the staff room. Jacob smiled as the attention turned to him.

"So are you her boyfriend?"

"Ah, no."

"Did you just finish working? It's christmas."

"No, I was just having dinner-"

"Omg this mask! Only a few can join their building. You're an elite aren't you?"

"Ehh.." Jacob just continue to smile through the questions that they bombarded him until they heard the door opened with Sara stepping outside with her earlier clothes.

Wrapping the mufflers around her neck along with her now let down hair, she looked up to see how her co-workers had circled around her new friend. She raised her eyebrows briefly before walking to them.

"What's up?" She asked.

"Make this gentleman your boyfriend, Sara. Your problems will all be solved. With your good looks, no doubt you can-"

"Okay, we're going. Good work everyone, bye sir!" Sara immediately pulled the guy by the hand and left the shop, not wanting them to continue with their silliness any more further.

"Sorry about that, Jacob."

"It's fine but I'm not sorry for your dismissal though. I can see that you're in pain." Jacob said not realizing that he had still holding her hand until he felt her pulling away. Sara sighed.

"No.. it is starting to hurt so thanks..again."

"Sure thing."

The two acquaintance walked side by side in the streets as the snow starts falling down, covering the paths and patio around them. Faint jolly music could be heard in the background when they walked further from the lively attraction to the much more peaceful side of the city. The city isn't that entirely big but it had all the necessities that are needed for the town people. Hospital, fire department, police department are all located nearby.

One of the reasons why Sara chose to live there.

Looking to the side, the captain knew he had caught in her charm when his heart did a leap seeing her smiling softly while letting a snow drop on her palm. Clearing his throat, he looked back in front and calmly told himself to not mind it that much.


"The impact didn't fractured your ribs so you don't have to worry about the bruises. It will be gone in some time but make sure you eat the painkillers when the pain gets unbearable. Though I want to ask you a question." The doctor said pressing on the last part. He looked at Jacob then at Sara.

Though Sara had assured Jacob that she could get treatment by herself, he was stubborn enough to go through every treatment with her like he's some kind of her caretaker. After checking and treating the bruise, they sat inside the doctor's room to get an insight of her problem.

"That x-ray revealed a lot than just a kick. It seems that your bones had been fractured before and not to mention the amount of scars you have-"

"Ah, I got into an accident when I was younger. Awhile back." Sara immediately cut off the doctor's detailed report on her past wounds. The doctor hummed as he looked at his report and looked back at Sara, Jacob briefly before slowly nodding.

"I see."

Jacob could see the x-ray and he couldn't help but to grew suspicious. After a little more general health talks, the doctor dismiss them and Sara wasted no time to get out of the room. Before Jacob could leave, the doctor held him back.

"Yes?" He asked. The doctor contemplate for a brief moment and looked up to him.



Sara grew anxious when she realized that Jacob hasn't gone out from the doctor's room yet. She was about to get in when Jacob stepped out. He noticed her questioning look.

"Oh sorry, I was asking for a friend. Do you know Chris, swim club member?"

"Christopher Bang?" Sara asked recalling the guy that Jay had introduced her to. Jacob nodded while pulling her to walk with him, leaving the hospital.

"Yeah him. He said his right shoulder hurt when he swims so after I asked the doctor, he said it's better to bring Chris to check soon before it gets worse."

"I hope he recover soon." She hummed.

"I hope so too."

"Well, thanks for helping me Jacob." Sara said softly nudge his arm with her fist.

"Your welcome, Miss Santa." Jacob smiled in return.

"Sara." A male voice called out to her.

Sara turned her head towards the newcomer and nodded.

"See you whenever, Captain." She bid goodbye to Jacob and walked to the tall boy with black hair who was waiting with his motorbike at the entrance of the hospital.

"Hi Ky."

Jacob heard her greet the boy and he just gave her a helmet without saying anything. Soon the motorbike sped off leaving Jacob with her secret that she wanted to hide.


"Are you not going to ask me anything?"

"You would tell me by now if you want to."

"Gee, Kyle. Why are you so cool for?" Sara chuckled, giving back his helmet after hopping down his bike. She couldn't see his face as he still had his helmet on.

"I'll tell you tomorrow. I feel like dead zombie right now you know? Zombie is already dead but I feel like a really dead zombie-"

"I get it. Now go inside, it's late." Kyle said cutting her rambling. She just smiled sheepishly.

Holding his helmet on his head, Sara planted her lips on it briefly making a smooching sound.

"Thanks for the ride home, baby bro." She said and get into her front door. Kyle sighed already gotten used to her treating him like a child.


Sara woke up as the sun greets her in the morning. She groaned when she felt the bruise on her abdomen.

"I love you matt." She patted the bed and lazily went down from her bed in a very slow pace.

As she stretched carefully while looking outside at the view of her wide tall window, she heard her door beeped unlocked downstairs.

"Wake up heartbreaker, we got calculus in twenty!"

Sara chuckled at that and went into her bathroom. Upon getting ready for the day, she made sure to wear something comfortable for her so that she wont have to worry about her current situation.

Oversized plain white tee, her favorite beige wide legged jeans and a pair of white buffalo low rise sneakers.

"Wow heartbreaker. Today's outfit tells me that you would attract a good boy to break his heart. Or even the lesbians, I mean, I'm straight but I would totally down for you sis." Jenny said eyeing her up and down.

Sara chuckled putting down a cup of vanilla latte on the counter for her friend as they had breakfast at Sara's kitchen island. She ate her toast rather slowly, not really having the appetite to eat early in the morning but she knew she needed it so that she won't get a headache during class later.

"So did you get a photo with your beard?"

"I wish there was a beard to begin with. Apparently santa is now a woman." Sara pulled out her phone and opened the photo she has asked her manager to take yesterday after she put on the whole costume. Jenny broke into a hearty laugh.

"What? Bitch, you looked like Regina George in christmas dance."

"Now that you said it, I do fit the character."

"Except that you're actually nice and respect people."

"Okay Jen, what do you want?" Sara asked pointedly knowing her female friend well. The latter grinned.

"Let's ditch management class and eat Bingsu!"

"I kinda like-"

"You promised my dude." Jenny looked at her with wary eyes. Sara laughed, putting the dishes in the sink.

"Fine but you have to make an excuse for Prof Lee. I don't want to lose merit."

"Consider it done."


"Morning Jacob!"

As he got into the class, students especially girls immediately straightened up and fixed their hair. Girls batted their eyes at him giving flirty looks, trying to get his attention. He was clad in a basic plain white tee and a leather jacket over him paired with black jeans making him looked like a total boy crush.

Being a nice guy like him, he greeted them back and scanned for vacant seats in the class hall. His eyes immediately set on the girl who had her earbuds in and staring blankly at the chalkboard, leaning to her palms, elbow propped on the table. A small smile crept up his mouth when he saw how she was immediately pretending to sleep when a guy came up to her. Her friend, Jenny gave the poor boy a glare and he went back to his seat.

Jacob made his way to her making the students in the hall murmurs around them.

"No way."

"Maybe they're just friends?"

"She dumped Jay and went for the captain? Holy shit."

Sara felt the presence beside her and sighed.

"Morning Miss Santa. Jen."

Jenny raised her eyebrows when Sara chuckled lightly hearing that nickname and turned to the newcomer. She would have been lying if she said that seeing him in broad daylight, upfront didn't make her heart flutter. His fluffy blonde hair was messy yet having a neat look, certainly pleasant to look at.

"Morning my savior."

"Whoa, what did I miss?" Jenny said looking at them with an amused smile. Sara took off her earbuds and kept it away in her bag.

"A whole action movie featuring me being the woman in a santa dress needed saving and the hero of the movie, Captain with Mask."

Jacob laughed lightly at her short attempt to summarize the thing that happened yesterday. Jenny squinted her eyes, needing more explanation but Sara just waved it off.

"Judging by that look, it still hurt pretty bad huh?"

"A bit, yeah. Don't mind it." Sara said assuringly when Jacob asked her that.

The class hall door opened again with his usual group of friends coming in making the girls yet again fawning over them. Jacob nodded at one of the guys when they cocked up their eyebrow at him.

"Well, don't push yourself too hard."

Nodding, Sara and her friend watch the boy went to his friends at the front row seats. Sara could hear how Jenny hummed for a long time.

"So he's the good boy victim. I didn't expect that you could get him to talk to you. I mean Jacob? Jacob Bay? The flipping star boy in our University. Girls die to get his attention."

"What do you mean die? He's nice. He talks to everybody, Jen. Warm and fuzzy boy not next door."


"Bro he's the son of the country's ministry of finance."

"More of the reason you should get him while you can." Jenny said looking at her pointedly like thats the obvious thing she should do. Sara shook her head amused.

"He's out."

"What? Why?"

"He saved me without even being questioned by me." Sara said with a small smile. "Though I did thankful for that. Man I thought I was going for real, really die."

"See, it wasn't so bad being saved after all, right?"

"It will get bad in the long time."

"Geh I still don't understand and will never understand how your mind works. That's why I gave up questioning." Jenny groaned and faced in front when the lecturer came in.

"I guess I am Queen of broken hearts. Literally. My heart broke and disfunction."