Sugar Daddy


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Adriana is a very successful business woman. She had powerful, successful, wealthy men and women on her grips.

Coming from a dark world of prostitution she knows how to make money. She's the daughter of a very dangerous and notorious business man. Everyone feared her father. He's no mob, but he killed like one.

She never had boyfriends, she had lovers, she enjoyed sex, one thing for sure, she would never commit. That's what her father taught her before he was brutally shot by her own mother, which then she killed, because she loved her father more.

She was daddy's little girl. She loved her father more than anything in the world.


Alexander is a very handsome playboy actor. He wasn't always this wealthy. But he was an inspiring actor, and he had fucked his way up the ladder.

He'd do anything for power, for money. He craved the envious looks of other people when they saw him bathed in luxury and beauty. He's your typical male specimen with ripples of muscles and face to kiss and licked. He's your



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