Cruising The Country Club

"Seriously, did you hear about Lorraine Matthews? She was ditched and left penniless by the Matthews. They're ruthless, I tell you. They just move up to another state and live off with their other families and left her behind." A woman in a pink tennis skirt was gossiping over her ice tea while flirting with her tennis instructor.

"I've just bought off her horse actually. Lucy the keeper ground at the stable told me that I got a very good deal since she couldn't afford to keep her horse anymore." Another woman joined in on the conversation and smiled triumphantly at her little group.

I was listening in on them from my table just beside theirs while pretending to read a novel.

Mm... Lorraine Matthews.

Now, If I only knew where I could find Lorraine Matthews. My mind instantly went to the bar, she must be sad after selling her horse. These rich kids sometimes were too spoiled for their own good, but hey... I was not going to judge, as long as I could reel them in then I was good.

Then I found a beautiful looking young woman with puffy eyes. I knew it was her when I noticed that she was looking around. Her eyes pondered to those judgmental women that were whispering about her.

I'm just going to shoot for it.

"Do you have the time to talk? I might have a business proposal for you. We can change the venue if you'd like. I'm Adriana." She was looking at me, questioning me with her skeptical eyes.

"Ehm... What kind of business proposal?" She meekly said.

"Why don't we grab lunch, and talk more? How about I meet you at the bistro across the street? Fewer eyes there." I winked at her, as she looked at her surroundings few people were looking our way.

"Okay. I'll meet you in ten, I'm going to get my car."

I arrived before her, and order some food to loosen the conversation.

"Hi, I hope you didn't mind that I ordered for us. It's all on us of course. Company expenses." I smiled at her

She started to introduce herself.

See that was not that hard. 

"...Yes Lorraine, no we haven't met before. I'm a member of the club. I'm what you called a headhunter for a job available. But I specialized in a different kind of field of expertise. I've heard about your situation. Please don't leave, just listen and think about it. You don't have to answer or even get back to me if you're not interested."

She was about to get up. Sometimes they would feel embarrassed, subjected, objectify, and so on and so on. Then I gave her my card. there's no company name, just my name Adriana and my mobile number. There wasn't even a last name.

I drank more champagne and so did she, while she was trying to stay as still as possible.

"Good. Thank you, Lorraine. First of all, we are offering you a very exclusive contract. Our company handles the biggest named clients in the country. We are very proud of our listing." I hold her hand and looked straight into her eyes.

I know she was confused, this had always been my opening line. It was subtle, slowly but sure reeling them in, before finally going for the kill.

I did a quick background check on her name, and Garry was doing a more extensive one for me at the office.

"We know about your situation. We could help you. As we could also profit from you. It's a win-win. We have studied your background. As I say, we have the biggest named client. We don't let random people in. It's a very exclusive offer. We offer you to be our high paid escort. I assumed you know about sugar daddy? Well...I'm recruiting you to be our sugar baby." There, I went for the kill. She finally choked on her drink.

"What the hell? How could you? Why? What makes you think? Damn it? Is this a joke? Who put you up to this?" She blurted out questions after questions. But I calmly rubbed the top of her hand and smiled sincerely.

"Lorraine, I know it's a lot to take in. I need you to think about it. I'm not waiting for a fast response. This lifestyle is not for everyone. But this is a very exclusive proposal. I assure you that no one will know. We are very discreet, because of our client's names. That's why we only recruited a handful of ladies in a year."

"Just sleep on it, for a couple of days, weeks up to you. I will be waiting. I hope you do join us. At some stage, you will easily get your horse back. The money is very enticing. But I won't talk about that. I will need your commitment first. I will need your open mind for this lifestyle. Take the card. Call me when you have your answer."

We talked some more and finished our lunch. Then I left her at the bistro to give time for her to process everything.

Okay. Now it's time to get back to the office.

I was puffing another cigarette with my afternoon espresso that Garry had made me, just minutes before my arrival.

Then he was giving me the final report on Lorraine Matthews, her educational background, her previous boyfriend. Hmm...the senator's son, not too shabby. The list goes on and on to her parents and their new family. She has a clean record. No involvement with police, drugs, or any criminal activities.

She was good to go, just needed her to go with the idea. I was thinking it would take her, maybe about a week to make a decision.

I was focusing on McCain's issue now. "Hey Garry, did you get in touch with Jacqueline yet?" I got a text from Garry earlier saying that she was coming to meet me just after three.

"Yes, she's on her way here. There she is." He smiled widely at me.

Oh, such a pretty smile.

"Adriana, hi... sorry parking issues." She grinned at me. Then we continue our discussion, in my office. She was such a good sugar baby for us, an asset. She joined us when she was only eighteen, she came from an abusive relationship with her boyfriend.

Jacqueline was one of our top money makers. She finally agreed to meet with McCain for dinner and would accommodate his needs. She was very adventurous and a people pleaser, she just loves me too much to disappoint me.

"Adriana, you know I'd do anything for you after all that you've done for me. You know I won't survive if I didn't have you, now I'm going to college in fashion. Next, I will set up my own boutique and it's all because of you." She hugged me with her teary eyes.

"Oh Jacqueline, sometimes I take too much advantage out of you. But please tell me once you're not comfortable okay? I know you're very adventurous, but just in case okay?"

We finally laughed it off, and continue on discussing other things.

It was after dinner time when I got the call from McCain saying that he was smitten by Jacqueline, and will proceed with her. I was releasing my breath and finally hang up, after telling him that I would email further details via our usual line of communication.

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