Arranging Mr. Celebrity

I was meeting my old friend Drew from college. He was in the movie business, I was trying to branch out my business to the rich and I mean filthy rich celebrities. They were making serious money, and businesses seem to be looking up right now for them. So, I wanted in obviously.

"Drew! Babe! You're still as handsome as in our college days." Drew and I was never a couple, just because I don't do boyfriends. But we had casual sex from time to time back then.

"So, I see you're married now? Life has been treating you well then?" I hugged him and he laughs at me and pats my back.

"Adriana... you're always such a treat for the eyes and still is, beautiful baby. Come sit, let's order lunch first before we discuss whatever it is you think you can get out of me." I laughed at him, as he noticed my not so hidden agenda for meeting him out of the blue.

"Am I that predictable Drew? Seriously? Can't a girl call on her ex just to have a lovely lunch? Mmm...yup no, sounds bogus when I said it." Then we both laughed.

"Darling Adriana, you're too much of a hard worker to want to waste your time for chitchat. Now, tell me what's good to eat here?" He opened the menu and started browsing the lists.

An hour later we finished our lunch and were drinking our espresso. "So, you know about my business right? Now, I'm thinking about branching out to celebrities." He almost choked on his coffee.

"Adriana, you know how I feel about your business. And about you running it. You're such a nice person. I have known you for the longest time. Isn't it a bit dangerous baby? Maybe you should stop while you're ahead?" He put his hand over mine.

He had feelings for me, but I never reciprocate. He knew I've been handling my business since college. I was filling in for my dad, that was cruelly shot by my own mother because she was an alcoholic drunk.

That's why I don't drink. I smoke. I know it's worse. I would drink one glass at a party, or just to be polite, or to get the people I'm with more relaxed.

"I have my people Drew, I'm good. And I always make sure that I'm safe, with the clauses and all. I'm making a better life for my girls, that's one of the things that kept me going here, Drew. Some of them were in a really bad situation, you should come to my office sometimes. I'm really proud of it, it looked like one of those posh law firms."

I showed him the pictures from my phone, he was quite taken aback. And I showed him some of the pictures that Francois took of the babies. "Wow Adriana these are really good, I know head-shots, and these worth so much more. You got one talented photographer there."

We talked more about the babies that I recruited, about how I handpicked them and selected our clients carefully, even the contract that binds us we have our own legal team that is on our monthly payroll.

"Wow... I never knew you did well for yourself Adriana I'm proud of you. And as a token of my appreciation towards you, I will have my oldest client to give you a call. He's wealthy and he needs a date for his next premier." I hugged him and he laughed at me.

"Just make sure you get your best one. He's a playboy within the industry and he had fucked around too damn much, and I need him to have a new image. Those babies that you showed me earlier they looked innocent, give him that. Hell, even you look too innocent I wouldn't guess that you have a connection with the industry looking at the way that you dressed. Well, maybe except for the shoes." We both laughed at that, he knows shoes are my weakness from the very early days.

"Seriously Adriana, you still looked innocently young and beautiful just like in college. You're lucky I'm married now." We both laughed. Later on, I gave him a couple of my name cards and promised to see each other again next month.


It was almost seven in the evening, I was enjoying some alone time with my beloved espresso, while lighting on my cigarette then puffing the smoke out. I walked to the balcony door and opened it a little, letting the air circulate. The chilled breeze slowly finds its way inside my office.

I was waiting for Francois to finish his work, then he would drive me home for our casual sex rendezvous.

My phone buzzed with an incoming call from an unknown number. "Yes, it's Adriana." I let my words hang, for the other person on the other line to continued the conversation.

"Sorry yes, this is Alexander Davis. I got your card from Drew. He said to call you and fix me with a date?"

Oh, his voice was smooth like butter. It's so rich, deep, and deliciously sexy.

No wonder he's a freaking playboy.

"Yes Mr. Davis, before all of that. I would need to meet up with you, and discuss things. Would you be willing to come to my office? or I could meet up with you at any place of your choosing."

He finally agreed to come to my office it was set for tomorrow evening, apparently, he would be busy that day. But he had an appointment nearby so it was more convenient for him, I quickly typed down my schedule for tomorrow so Gary can sync it with my calendar afterward.

"Alright then Mr. Davis, I will see you tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening." We said goodbye and at the same time, then Francois entered my office.  He looks handsomely disheveled after an all-day working taking pictures of half-naked beautiful people.

I know it's a hard work.

I was puffing my last drag of the cigarette, then putting it out and finish drinking my already room temperature espresso. He moved towards me and took my hand to his, pulling me up then giving me his deep sensual kisses, and made me moaned his name in no time.

"So, ready to go?" He asked while nibbling on my sensitive spot.

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